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Explore a prehistoric forest walking between huge dinosaurs on the move, relax on a tropical beach, take a ride on the new rollercoaster or explore the animal world with the new Cinema 4D. And 'what's new offer 2011 of Zoomarine, Amusement Park in Rome. The Age of Dinosaurs and dramatic reconstruction of a prehistoric forest, when the public goes back more than 100 Millions of years and comes into contact with these inhabitants of planet earth.

30 animatronics dinosaurs on the move, in size and react the passage of the park guests, with sizes ranging from 2 to 12 meters (a building 4 plans) and up to 18 length. The route leads For over 3000 m2 indoor, trees, fumi, lightning and special effects, and also includes the step inside of a volcano erupting.

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Partner for the second consecutive year, the Giffoni Film Festival, FILA – Lapis Italian factory and Related This year also stimulates the creativity of judges and visitors with workshops and activities designed for audiences of all ages!

This year's theme of the festival Link - legame, link, relationship between the world of cinema and the boys. FILA has created a number of Link with young people to animate their days Giffoni. Indeed, by 13 the 21 July starting from the activities organized for the 41st edition of the festival dedicated to the world of children's films.


FILA listen to the opinion of the smallest directly involving the awarding of this prestigious award. la jury ”piccoli cinefili”, children 3 to 5 years, is invited to judge the short films selected by the artistic director of the festival, and to reward the most beautiful, what made them laugh more or simply enjoyed the most.

The award ceremony is the 19 July, un'importante during ceremony, FILA where the winner will deliver to the director Super Special Prize Giotto Be-be: Pencil Giotto be a maxi-be custom Giffoni, with a holder that recalls the film of a film.

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appointment The 28 E 29 May 2011 for the second edition of the fantastic and overwhelming Festival of street artists of Ardesio, event with a strong and recognized tourist attraction, already addressed in this second edition, to become an important showcase for the art scene of the Val Seriana.

Sponsored by the local Pro Loco, under the artistic direction of the theater company slate "Theater Minimum", host 12 events strong impact visual, playful, emotional and powerful entertainment, including magic shows, clowneria, acrobatics, Music, Juggling, theater and funamboleria, Ardesio leading to some of the best of street theater companies nationally and internationally.

I really do not miss a second edition and enjoy the show from first to last!!!!

Here is the presentation of artists who will perform at Slate for a fantastic weekend ....

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- 140 Banks and shops themed Fantasy and Medieval - Hundreds of fantastic characters, werewolves, vampires and witches - Educational workshops - Schools of magic - Make-up artists to transform children and men in ogres and monsters - Music and dance - Hawks and Raptors - Investiture (of all children) Straddle (a horse) - Mounted combat between good and evil - Musicians - Elf dances and ballads - Dances and great games - Game tables and play area of ​​over 300 m. - Inns and taverns with food and wine - Side show dedicated to Film “The Lord of the Rings”

- Show reaction “witches, Witchcraft and the Inquisition”

On Saturday 30 April (dalle ore 14.00 alle ore 20.00) and Sunday 1 May (dalpm.00 allat.00), the Castle Belgaum, will be held the second largest event dedicated to the world of Fantasy and Medieval Fantastic.

As well as attending the many events planned, all children can participate in the Exhibition: will be made up and dressed to the theme and will, even for one day, be “catapulted” in this wonderful journey back in time.

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Great expectations for the manifestation of “San Venanzo Festival”, to be held at the Green St. Equipped Venanzo , by 16 the 25 June 2011. This year the program provides a rich set of events of obvious relevance that will attract large amount of specialized public, now loyal.

among many, pointed to the event on the organization, concerns a “format” now tested on the national networks. In the wake of “Leaving Song” E “IO CANTO” was born “SONG TOO”, who wants to offer children the Umbro area and not only, opportunity to raise awareness their interpretive skills and qualities of boys ranging from singing 6 to 14 years.

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For the feast of Easter to Villa Gregoriana you can make a outdoor picnic, with the possibility of buy at the cafeteria for lunch baskets – containing tasty dishes of the Easter tradition, including the “pizza Giulia”, typical sweet Tiburtine – the price of 8 E ( for baskets early booking is recommended to the numbers 0774-318296 or 392-3256162 ).

For children will be organized a special edition of Sunday of the Small: on the way the children can learn about animals such as the Tales of the Enchanted Forest, participate in the botanical laboratory Of course Villa and have fun with the tricks of the colored Magic Box Ponte Lupo. Finally at the end of the course some games will approach the knowledge of our constitution in’ Corner of Constitution. In addition, all day, will be carried out guided tours Park.

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Monday’ 25 April 2011 (Monday’ Easter), pm 10 at 20, in the splendid setting of the grand Rocca di Soncino, will be held the fourth largest event dedicated to Medieval fantasy Fantasy. As well as attending the many events planned, all children will participate in the Exhibition: will be made up and dressed to theme and may, even for one day, be “catapulted” in this wonderful journey back in time between mezz'uomini, elves, Wizards, orcs and many other fantastic characters.

The ticket, for all children (of 5 Up to 12/13 years) is included dressing (full dress), armament (latex or rubber swords and wooden shields), recruitment, training and registration (in different age groups) for L’avventura with the leaders, in addition to participation in all areas of animation.

The event, however, not only for children but also adults: In fact all the performances and locations will be designed so that they too are at ease in an environment also thought to them as if it were a real event for adults. In fact, unlike the previous edition the new edition 2011 will undergo a slight change of plan: children will be available to various areas of animation and the great battle takes place and towards the close of the Exhibition (In this way the child will get tired and have less opportunity to participate in more’ shows and entertainment).

The section on to exhibition stands and the market will be structured and divided into several distinct areas, dedicated to Fantasy and Medieval Fantastic.

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The Park is an educational Giocabosco suitable to host school tours for children of kindergarten and first two classes of primary school and family outings organized for them on days such as Easter.

The message might take for 10:00 – 10:30.

all 11 will begin the treasure hunt all children x exi parents if they wish. The tests are fun and suitable for children from 4 to 10 years, even the youngest children can participate, helped by their parents.

All proposed activities are not mandatory, If the children prefer to play in the woods or being with animals, can do. The forest is completely fenced so children are free to turn anywhere without danger of being lost or losing!

In the forest are the charming home of the Gnomes trees, that arouse curiosity and interest in children at every sighting reinforce the conviction of being in a magical forest. In an area of ​​live oak Pony, rabbits, hens and doves Let the children can watch during the day. Most of the rabbits, chickens and pigeons are free but not dangerous for children. Those who wish to bring a dog will necessarily bind him not to frighten children and animals (and collect his bisognini!!!) And 'The use of the ball.

Lunch is scheduled for 12:00-12:30, Lunches, brought by visitors and consumers in the picnic tables with, benches, fire (fire is available with free firewood, grids and all necessary x cooking on the grill).

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The tenth international edition of the Trofeo Montegrappa Expo and is ready to welcome the 21 the 25 April, the best drivers in the world of hang gliding and paragliding, the first, and thousands of visitors over 1000 square meters of indoor exhibition, the other.

In the event of last year well 142 paragliding 96 deltaplani, representing 18 nations, grieved in the foothills of the Venetian sky flying up to 102 km and shares around 2200 m, a unique followed by thousands of people.

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In second half of April the Museum offers a rich calendar of daytime and evening classes to children and adults. at Easter week the Egyptian Museum of Turin enriches its range of initiatives for families and adults, extending the opening hours of salt during the festive days.

between The 23 and 25 April the public will appreciate the rich collection on display thanks to special visiting hours: Saturday 23 April extended opening will be observed in the evening, with Hours 8:30 – 23:00 (entry will be allowed up to one hour before closing). The Easter Sunday will be the opening of the Museum 8:30-19:30; the same time will be repeated the next day, Monday 25 April, during the opening special on the occasion of Easter celebrations, and dual Liberation Day.

In addition to long hours, The Museum will provide its vast and devoted audience a rich and engaging Calendar of events, both in daytime and in the evening, to engage and intrigue adults and families. On weekends, all Hours 10:30, the Museum of families with children waiting to tell their, during several visits to measure, the more curious aspects of Egyptian civilization: it from the gods, through the paths through the mythology "A hunger from beyond the grave ", "Forces and divine spells" and "animals or?”.

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