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At the start “The spotlight” | Traveling Easy
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At the start “The spotlight” | Traveling Easy

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The 16 October is expected to show "We want the spotlight," sponsored by the delegations FAI in the area under the national campaign "Defend your heart of Italy”.

The project provides that each delegation to choose a good local representative of the collective, abandoned or in a state of decay, but worth recover the original dignity, and take steps to raise the necessary funds to restore it and return it to the local community.

The Delegazionedi Foggia decided to "spotlight" on Masseria Pantano, a rural farm of 700 important historical / architectural, currently included in the urban expansion.

L’evento, organized by the Delegation of Foggia, provides cultural walk entitled "Meet Me in Masseria Pantano," that (weather permitting) will begin at 10.30 Piazza Purgatorio 5, where is located the headquarters of the Delegation Make Foggia. We will move then to add the Colonial through the city and stopping off in some points determined in such a way that those wishing to participate to join the group.

In 5 staging points stationed in which the representatives of the Civil Defence are: 

1-Piazza Purgatorio2-Pinacoteca Comunale (Marquis de Rosa Street corner Via Ferrante Aporti)3-Piazza della Libertà (Parking near INAM)4-Scalinata della Chiesa del Carmine Nuovo5-Inizio del tratturo Ordona-Lavello  

Once you arrive at the venue, experts in the FAI illustrate the fascinating and glorious history of the land on which he insists the Colonial; then, those who want to try a photographic documentation will be delivered to the FAI delegation to a subsequent exhibition of the work more interesting.

That same day is expected to 18.30, Province of Foggia in the Auditorium of the Library The Magna Capitana, a conference on "Masseria Pantano: yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ". Historical, Archaeologists, architects, entrepreneurs and public administrators, the light of history and of research conducted on site, will engage in a comparison the possibility of starting a process for the recovery of the testimony of local history, with the intent to bring it back to city life.

The contributions collected during the event will be the basis symbolic of the necessary funds to restore and give back to the local community FARM DIRECTOR PANTANO.  

Source: FAI