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The 19 March is around the corner and Father's Day approaches. One day awaited by many, but what to give? To avoid the "usual" tie, portal that offers the "Free time at the best price", offers a wide range of proposed rates to make the holiday special. experts have selected the best ways to enjoy a feast of fun: for sports and adventure-loving father 'sQuad trips Valtellina can be the ideal solution, as well as assume the role of a pilot and driving on the track on a custom-built with discounts up to 22%. Who loves theater You can give a package of 4 performances at the Teatro Franco Parenti with discount 50%. Dads will be fascinated by more relaxation-oriented treatment "Ecstasy Chakra”, a package that combines a relaxing massage to a route Spa Chakra with discount 40%. For those who love good food, a tasting wine and cured meats with discounts of up to 50% will be a gourmet gift.

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A week to devote to the welfare, to form, movement (and just relax a little) Seven days I think the male, Four strengths: diet rich, but also healthy and enjoyable dietary, daily physical activity fun and assisted, treatment of a methodology for advanced wellness center and products, the fresh air of spring in the sea of Riccione.

In March, starts a quarter of challenges: the male desire to regain tone and physical humor is combined with the special offer that the Hotel Belvedere addresses men (alone or accompanied icon_wink-6782574


What is it? Of an integrated program to restore tone and sprint, starting it from. We provide a food strategy that can gratify the palate without increasing the weight (rather, allowing a moderate weight loss). Suitable flat, accompanied by, among other things continue to recipes from home.

The second step is physical activity. Under the watchful eye of our trainers, Riccione Riviera and becomes a cozy open-air. Not to mention the strong shock “back into the saddle” : there are several bike tour accompanied by our cycling guides. We expect well- 5 Daily tour, for those who only now is approaching such a wonderful sport and for those already experienced.

Then it's time to rely. For example, the capable hands of professional masseurs and masseuses: handling wise (dall'ayurveda techniques westernmost) is crucial for the awakening of the body. From hair to eyes, the face and chest, from the body to the buttocks, from the column to the quadriceps, is given special attention to the male body.

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The MSC Aurea Spa are the first to offer massage Tian Di Bamboo

Naples, November 2010 - The Tian Di Bamboo represents a new and unique style in the care of the body and includes many aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment, performed with the heated bamboo, takes about 45 minutes and is based on a number of healing techniques, typical of the Pacific Basin and Tibet.

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al upper floor of the elegant Salon Sensory Wellness Center has been designed to combine modern technology to get back in shape and the psycho-physical relaxation with the aesthetics and techniques derived from classical wisdom of the East, by naturopathic and holistic medicine.

Backstage, some with huge windows overlooking the Park, some with jetted tubs and all with changing lights based on the principles of chromo you can start weight loss programs with customized diets, receive massages or treatments for blemishes or to recover a state of calm and general equilibrium.

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The wellness Riccione proposes the Day elopement, a moment not to be missed for a couple!

The formula Day Spa - Escape Love You & Me

• WELLNESS CENTRE DAY SPA "BELVEDERE SPA & BEAUTY”: small indoor pool with whirlpool, bio-sauna, turkish bath with Thalassotherapy, Kneipp, blue grotto pool with Dead Sea water, the emotional shower Maracuja, Cave of the cold, Relaxation Room “5 meaning”, Health Bar with tea purifying and relaxing.

• SET COURTESY OF THE CENTER: bathrobe and towel in sauna use, Complimentary slippers

• Flute of champagne and strawberries served in a tub

• massage for two "deep relaxation"(duration 50 min.): the essence of sweet honey for you, and white musk for him

THE COST OF HEALTH DAY EURO 119,00 Per person on booking

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The Sensory Motor Show, done within the spa park Water St., is an elegant, unique in Italy based on the criteria of Naturopathy. A company that combines the chakras with modern architectural solutions. Suggestive routes sensory, to balance the human energy field through the harmonization of the five elements - Water, fire, land, air, Ether – that make up the man and the cosmos. all Terme sensory guests in three hours and a half,has the opportunity to enter the pyramid energy that respects the proportions of that of Cheops, access to a completely sound-proofed room and manipulate in melmarium different types of mud (here is the concept of "land" expressed declined in the most suggestive).

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SPIGA 8 SPA, at Carlton Hotel Baglioni Milan, is pleased to present the NEW HOLISTIC MASSAGE rejuvenating to back, face, décolleté and hands the result of the synergy of the method Laura Elos, creator of Cosmetics Line Mediterranean Thermal E Cosetta Giorgetti, make-up artist of international renown.

A treatment created with the aim of allowing the person to regain possession of your time and your balance, key elements to rejuvenate the whole. Hence the adjective “holistic”, from the greek olos, “all“,in terms of global and constant inter-,where everything is happening simultaneously and interact in a single harmonic; philosophy has always been adopted by Rowena Giorgetti and applied daily in his career.

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There is a place in the heart of Italy where history, nature, combining health and creating a wonderful balance for a natural privilege.

A unique history and millennial

by Etruscan village of Surrena, Today's Viterbo, the Cathedral on the hill, branched a way that pointed towards the Piano dei Bagni, where thermal waters were already widely used for therapeutic purposes. The Roman army destroyed the Etruscan towns, but made the extraordinary Etruscan treasure she had left the mark of a sophisticated spa culture, For this reason the bathrooms kept the Spa Etruscan name, until the time of the Empire.


Twelve km fracture of the earth's crust from which emerge spontaneously, driven by the strength of sulphurous gases and carbon, many waters mostly hyper (40°-58° C) and high salt content of sulfur and calcium carbonate, magnesium, and others. Of all, by a white limestone hill flows the most important and famous: Bullicame the source.

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The speleotherapy in the gallery of mine Predoi

For over two centuries speleoterapia part, especially in Eastern Europe, folk medicine. In Western Europe is successfully applied, mainly in Germany and Austria, since World War II more long abandoned mines. In Italy Center for Climate Predoi is the only of this character.

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For the first timeKursaal Meranospitera’ il9 Octoberil primoFestival te’ of herbs and spices. You should know that most of the meadows and woods Alto Adige is a real pharmacy where you can find many herbs for health, the health and beauty. A real asset to which the peasants of the mountain farms are very proud, many of whom specialize in herbal medicine.

The day will be officially opened at 10.00 with greetings Hans Berger, Councillor for Agriculture, Schools and representatives of the organizers of the event.

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