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are open for the 6th edition of the Circuito del Tricolore,historical re-enactment of the Automotive Provincial Championship which took place in the province of Reggio Emilia in the second half of the '30s.

race, valid for the IV Championship Regularity Towers & Motors, will be held in the city that gave birth to the national flag, Saturday 18 June 2011

Participation is limited to cars constructed by 31 December 1991, badged, insured and in compliance with the rules of the road.

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The 17 March throughout Italy will celebrate a unique anniversary: In 150 years of national unity! To make this time special and instructive,, leader in online hotel reservations, invites you to discover cities that have shaped the history of the unification of our country. from North to South, stages in the journey toward the unification of Italy are so many: of Bedroom E Marsala, departure and arrival of the Expedition of the Thousand, a Tean, home to the historic meeting between Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II, through Torino, the first Italian capital Reggio Emilia, birthplace of the tricolor. The 17 March take some 'time to find out more about the history of our country! 

FOURTH AND MARSALA - The Expedition of the Thousand

If you want to revisit the milestones of the Unification of Italy, do not miss a visit to two locations: Bedroom, Liguria, and Marsala, Sicily. Quarto dei Mille, district east of Genoa, is certainly one of the fundamental steps of unification: from here, Indeed, The 5 May 1860 started one of the most famous expeditions in history, that of Garibaldi and the Thousand. during the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, was opened a memorial, exposed on the waterfront, which will include the names of 1089 volunteers who set sail for Sicily, in addition to the restored Monument to the Thousand Fourth Eugenio Baroni. also Marsala, in the province of Trapani, did not forget to land the redcoats 11 May 1860: in fact the city you can visit the Garibaldi Museum, with memorabilia and an extensive photo archive.

Where to Stay

Genova Quarto, Iris Hotel – 3 point (From 96 euro per room per night)

Marsala, Best Western Hotel Stella d'Italy – 4 point (From 79 euro per room per night)

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Yesterday the three bridges Santiago Calatrava Overhanging the Highway of the sun and the roads leading to the A1 motorway to Reggio Emilia have been illuminated White, red E Green. The play of light (that will’ repeated tonight ) has created a truly unique show for those who traveled the highway, forming a huge Italian flag light, segneto and the start of celebrations 214/anniversary of the birth of the Tricolor, thus opening’ the celebration of the 150/mo dell'Unita’ of Italy

Today we will alsoPresident of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, who will open the year of celebration with the traditional ceremony of homage to the flag, first of the celebratory events planned in Reggio Emilia.

The anniversary of the birth of Tricolor is celebrated with cultural events the presence of senior state. This year will see over the participation of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, Mayors of the capital of a united: Sergio Chiamparino (Torino), Matteo Renzi (Florence) and Gianni Alemanno (Rome).

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The event this year involves 28 European countries and 62 Italian cities


Who are the Jews? What are their traditions and their customs? How is a synagogue? In this and many other questions can be answered Sunday 5 September 2010, The 26 Elul 5770 Hebrew calendar, at European Day of Jewish Culture, which this year comes at the eleventh edition.

The festival 'opens doors' of the Jewish world is celebrating twenty-eight countries in the continent and sees the involvement of well sixty-two locations in Italy. from North to South, East-West, Judaism gives Italian life and guided tours, concerts and shows, exhibitions and conferences, Food and wine tours, meetings and discussions, characterized by knowledge of a great culture, even old deeply immersed in modernity.

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The nights of the provinces of Emilia are colored notes, and host – from June to September -, more 260 including concerts and shows, ranging from classical to jazz, from pop to rock, in a not “Estate di NoTtE”, present in all the provinces of Emilia-Romagna.

After the great success of the last edition, which raised the extraordinary sum of over 70.000 admissions, the back concert season “Estate di NoTtE“, an issue even more rich and varied that, beyond the boundaries the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena, Parma, Piacenza and Bologna, will be expanded to the entire region, configuration as well as one of the most impressive exhibitions at national level. Founded initially in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma and Modena, the prestigious music festival created by Andrea Malagoli, the constantly growing number of concerts and spectators, this year reached a very wide area: the whole of our region.

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