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Patrimonio Artistico | Traveling Easy

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notte-tricolore3-5803398It 's true that Italy is recognized throughout Europe for its gastronomy, to the rich artistic and cultural heritage and its fascinating "sweet life", but there are discrepancies between the opinion that we have of our country and what they have instead of the other Europeans., leader in online hotel reservations, investigated, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, which are hallmarks of our country and cities are the most, according to the Italians is that according to European tourists and ... some surprises!!

Let's start with food. What dishes Italian cuisine are renowned throughout the world is well known, but what is clear from research is that does not charge a unanimous vote! The 46% European travelers did not doubt that the home cooking is the best, but the French and Spanish, eg, much prefer their own to our.

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