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apt-trento-monte-bondone-valle-dei-laghi_foto_g-_perini-16-bassa-320x240-9640080concerts and shows, in residence and music workshops, Nature and science, Sports and Recreation: a totally original summer camp for young who want to experiment with creativity, have fun in nature and make new friends. 

It is for those who appreciate the music together, pop-rock music and improvisation creative, new technologies and information technology. It is for those who want to get close to nature and science, for those who want to play sports and have fun in a huge open-air gym.

It is for those who like to experiment with fantasy, make friends, keen to learn from professionals, confronted with new friends in times of concerts and shows.

To dive in one of the most exciting experiences and the original 'Estate 2011 and live a real ... Mountain Experience.   

It is in fact the name of the innovative summer camp Children about 11 that by 3 the 17 July 2011 (in two shifts a week each) will be held on Monte Bondone, the charming natural terrace overlooking Trento.  

A proposal which is more than just a holiday: alongside musicians and computer, guide alpine e tutor, experts in astronomy and botany, Mountain experience is in fact a draft informal learning To know, discuss and express their creativity in the context of issues experience and share music which sound ecology and improvisation to the computer, exploration of sound and music together, Pop-rock e Digital Mountains for new explorers. 

An experiment that through activities and workshops bring the boys to the development of new knowledge and awareness, starting from its own interests and passions.

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Certainly no one had ever really thought of a night because on an expanse of white snow! all’Alpe di Siusi è possibile vivere innumerevoli avventure ai piedi delle beautiful peaks Sciliar, Sasso Lungo and Sasso Piatto non solo alla luce del sole, but also under the reflection of the moon. L’eco del silenzio, the intensity of the blue starry sky above the snow-white, il fruscio della neve non battuta: quando cede the sole way to luna, con lei sembra scendere sulle vette un velo di magia. Until the end of March 2011 also live in the mountains at night between tracks with sledge, dinners in shelters, snowshoeing and horse-drawn carriage rides: only advice, bring a torch!The lovers of racing sled can get in the car Rifugio Alpe di Siusi Tirler, da qui in circa un’ora di passeggiata si giunge allo Zallinger, dove ad accogliere gli ospiti temerari sarà una cena in vetta a base di prodotti tipici. After all ready to go! Stessa cosa è possibile dalla Baita Bullaccia,  il monte celebre per la presenza delle “panche delle streghe”, dove si arriva dopo una splendida passeggiata a piedi di circa mezzora da Compatsch, l’ingresso dell’Alpe di Siusi. This proposal is only possible on Saturday and Sunday and with a minimum of 10 participants, toboggan rental is free. The ski sled ride also leave the shelters Mahlknecht / Molignon and Rosa Alpine Hut, by Bullaccia, Spitzbühl, Panorama, Icarus / Monte Piz.

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The original bid, call Fresh Tracks (Fresh footprints), allow a privileged group of enthusiasts to open the tracks of four of the most exciting plants in Europe with access to a full hour before the opening to the public.

Who needs a bit’ practice before embarking on the descent, can 'benefit from all the days of free lessons offered by Nissan and kept his team of professional instructors.

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Now for those who want to reachthe Olympic village in the Val di Susa may do so through the extra trains in the snow. Indeed,took away two extra trains between Turin and Bardonecchia and vice versa.

The service is offered by Trenitalia, with the contribution of transport to the Piedmont Region and will be active until 26 Next February Every Saturday and Sunday.

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COURMAYEUR,gennaio 2011The Grand Hotel & Residence Courmaison Courmayeur proposed to all couples who love the mountains, a romantic getaway to experience nature and think of the welfare. Valentine's Day in high altitude to wake up admiring the breathtaking panorama of snow-capped peaks and the magic of the colors of winter Valle d'Aosta.

For the occasion, Dall'11 the 15 February, The elegant hotel Pallesieux (Pre Saint Didier) offers the opportunity to spend two days beautiful and relaxing: in a double room with breakfast and half board, a welcome pack with champagne and chocolates, a romantic dinner for two at the restaurant La Baita, late check out and request the opportunity to take advantage of free transport to and from the center of Courmayeur.

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hike Brentonico Plateau, in the company of an expert, for discover, at night, paths and new landscapes! Snowshoe at the foot, to immerse yourself in a mountain environment and the best taste silence, rhythms, views ... and dishes!

We look forward to a fascinating walk beneath the stars that will end with a dinner, on the evenings of 5, 12, 19 E 26 February 2011. The price is 28€ e comprende l’accompagnamento e la cena (the possible rental of snowshoes is 2 € – to be paid by bank, together with the fee) 

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Sunday 6 February 10a edizione della CIASPOLERA, race and not racing snowshoes. For enthusiasts young and old the fun of a walk surrounded by the unusual charm of the forest-covered. 

Deadline for entries: Wednesday 2 February. 

A day open air between sport and white emotions, surrounded by splendid natural terrace overlooking the capital.

This is the appointment with the Ciaspolera, race walk with snowshoes to be held Sunday 6 February - Departure Hours 10.30 – in area Viote, Monte Bondone (TN)

Now in its 10th edition, the competition will be an unmissable opportunity for both practitioners of the discipline at a competitive level both for those who enjoy walking in nature.

The event is approved by the Italian Federation Snowshoes, and reward the top three categories for male and female of each race.

But not only: adrenaline the next sporting challenge excitement and fun also for all those who wish to address the path for the sheer pleasure of relaxing and enjoying a little 'of healthy physical activity and breathtaking views of Trento Dolomites.

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Bit, LaInternational ExchangeTourismdepicts the31a edizioneexposure and leads the fieldbest of international touristItalians like that.

What do Italians like? What are the most popular travel destinations? We could talk element 'blue', the color of the sea and ocean, which symbolically represents the common denominator of the choices of the Italians who preferbeach holiday motto 'Relax, beach & sun”. According to 'National Observatory of Tourism, in the first half of the year, Indeed, Italians continue to appreciate and preferred destinations by the sea(The 30,1% of Italians who choose a destination abroad): clean seas, long coastal, sunny beaches, if possible accompanied by cultural moments, continue to be discriminating elements for the Italians in the choice of half of its moments of escape.

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After the onset of the last winter, E’ now available to the public the new version of Ski Trentino iPhone and iPad.

Ski In Trentino you can control the weather forecast, The Web cam images of ski resorts, map of the ski slopes open and updated bulletins. Plus you can share the experience of snow in Trentino with their friends on Facebook.

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They took away the freeride courses in the Adamello Ski. Passo Tonale every Monday at 21.00 Carousel at the salon is the introductory meeting on safety and technique, with the opportunity to enroll in the course organized by the group guide that takes the Tonale Freeride Tuesday (9.00-12.00), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (9.00-13.00). Stakeholders also include a fixed beacon field, under the diagonal from the track leading to Valena chairlift Valbiolo, who wants to become a reference point for beginners and professionals freeride, before venturing along the beautiful backcountry that are within the Adamello Ski. For more info: Ski School Tonale-Presena, TEL. 0364.903991.
The course offered by the School of freeride skiing Pontedilegno-Tonale INTERESTS every Saturday in February: two will be devoted to teaching and two outputs. for info: TEL. 0364.91301-903943. 

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