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Eventi A Scicli | Traveling Easy
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Eventi A Scicli | Traveling Easy

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Like every year, in March aims to Scicli, in Ragusa, a traditional festival, whose origins are lost in the mists of time: The Ride of St. Joseph, in carrying out the Saturday before the next one or the 19 March, St. Joseph's day just, as well as Father's Day.

For the ride,horses, are decorated with coats made of flowers, all over the body of the animal is therefore covered by a sort of light coat, on which many flowers are set, mostly in white and purple, in all its nuances. This wonderful fresco floral design elements of religious symbols but also the coat of arms. In addition, horses are also equipped with bells and are accompanied by horsemen in traditional costume, many of which do not rise to the rump but walking along the road of the Cavalcade of St. Joseph in the streets of Scicli.
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