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camp in the province of Trento | Traveling Easy

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apt-trento-monte-bondone-valle-dei-laghi_foto_g-_perini-16-bassa-320x240-4815108concerts and shows, in residence and music workshops, Nature and science, Sports and Recreation: a totally original summer camp for young who want to experiment with creativity, have fun in nature and make new friends. 

It is for those who appreciate the music together, pop-rock music and improvisation creative, new technologies and information technology. It is for those who want to get close to nature and science, for those who want to play sports and have fun in a huge open-air gym.

It is for those who like to experiment with fantasy, make friends, keen to learn from professionals, confronted with new friends in times of concerts and shows.

To dive in one of the most exciting experiences and the original 'Estate 2011 and live a real ... Mountain Experience.   

It is in fact the name of the innovative summer camp Children about 11 that by 3 the 17 July 2011 (in two shifts a week each) will be held on Monte Bondone, the charming natural terrace overlooking Trento.  

A proposal which is more than just a holiday: alongside musicians and computer, guide alpine e tutor, experts in astronomy and botany, Mountain experience is in fact a draft informal learning To know, discuss and express their creativity in the context of issues experience and share music which sound ecology and improvisation to the computer, exploration of sound and music together, Pop-rock e Digital Mountains for new explorers. 

An experiment that through activities and workshops bring the boys to the development of new knowledge and awareness, starting from its own interests and passions.

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From Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 February an exciting weekend with the Ski in its more imaginative. Rich program of sport, of fun and entertainment. 

A weekend of adrenaline in style more fun, between emotion and sport for the first year on the slopes of the fantastic World Snowpark Bondone.

Here is the NORDICA FREESKI CAMP, Nordica Freesky stage of Tour, that dto Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 February animate It SNOWPARK of Monte Bondone (TN). l’opening of the village and Hours 9:00 with training in the snow park Monte Bondone.

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