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April events | Traveling Easy

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Third edition in a big way to discover the world of sports ring: Thai boxing and kickboxing matches – male and female – with the best athletes at national and international. The whole interspersed with various entertainment. In collaboration with City of Milan, Province of Milan and Lombardy 

Godmother and presenter of the evening: LA PINA (RADIO DEEJAY) 

Goodfellas ASD. – the association of former Thai boxing champion Stefano Stradella – with the assistance of the City of Milan, Province of Milan and Lombardy – organizes, Saturday 30 April, Ring Rules: The third edition of an event somewhere between sport and entertainment, to know the world of ring sports and have fun the music selected by DJ, breakdance performances and other surprises. An unmissable event and a landmark, for years, for devotees of disciplines from the blue square.

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ponte-dei-sapori-2198054From February to April for a weekend a month, Ponte dei Sapori, a long cultural festival of food and wine that combines the common Trecasali, Fontevivo Parma and San Secondo in the area of ​​the river Taro, promote, valorizzerà, present, and cook the local produce. In the three countries, during the party weekend, There will be wine tasting, price, demonstrations of working outdoors products, fairs and markets biological, Crafts, historical re-enactments in costume, Theme exhibitions, concerts and events. In table.

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RUN FOR SPORT. DONATE FOR CHOICE! 10 April 2011 – Milano City Marathon


The 10 April, Milan, will be held on 'XI edition of the Milano City Marathon. Choose to run with Pangea to help girls and women with disabilities Calcutta. The 50% the registration fee will serve to support girls and women with physical or mental disabilities who live in the slums of Calcutta, to help them out of exclusion and to undertake a rehabilitation and integration into the social fabric.

For the girls, In particular, Pangea makes, side of medical care, literacy programs and support for primary education, to prevent poverty and cultural traditions obsolete condemn these girls, once grown, all’isolamento, violence, discrimination in society and therefore poverty.

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a Castle of a thousand secrets and Crossed Destinies to discover. a intrigue by solving with the acumen and insight of the detective dell'indovino. a Special tour one of the most mysterious castles of Parma - the Rocca dei Rossi di San Secondo where legend midnight roams the ghost of a girl with long hair - with a guide from room to room, art, arcana, literature and history. a Price sitting at the table, with buffet menu, where to meet new friends, fun with friends and Party with Murder Murder to play, having fun together.

Here's the formula for spending an evening of original, in an exclusive location,by 20 midnight the chimes will ring when the fatal hour for the murderess: able to unmask and bring to justice? Or let it continue to work undisturbed in your midst?

Party with Murder Murder takes place Saturday 2 April by 20 Castello di San Secondo Parmense. It is titled "Post Mortem"Inspired by and between secret behind an old brooch. Think of a child born in 1769 that in the future would conquer and dominate Europe: Napoleon Bonaparte. Step into a Castle, The castle at San Secondo Parmense, seven kilometers from the Fortress of Sanvitale Fontanellato, where he lived instead Albertina, morganatic marriage of his daughter Marie Louise of Austria (who was the wife of Napoleon) and Count Adam von Neipperg.

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Space! The contest that sends you into space.

Durante il Salone del Mobile and the Design Week to be held in Milan from 12 the 18 April 2011, STREETSTUDIO e UNCONVENTIONALL GENS, in the context of UNFURNITURE DESIGN – The other faces of Design, want to give space and visibility to those who have ideas on new frontiers in design, UNFURNITURE ie those not directly related to furnishings.


Aimed at anyone with an idea of ​​his own design of non-conventional (ad is. in the areas of food design, erotic design, ecologic design, etc.…) to expose.

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Overnight Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April in a room overlooking the park in the historic residence of the Counts Sanvitale Charming Villa In, opposite the Rock of Fontanellato with complimentary a bottle of wine “Poison Woman

All the world loves lovers, goes the old adage. The heart of generations has beaten in listening to stories Scarlett and Rhett, Jane Eyre e Mister Rochester, Catherine ed Heathcliff in “Cime Tempestose”, Elizabeth and Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice". So here in Castle Fontanellato (19 km from Parma) go on stage Saturday 9 April 20.30 a special guided tour of the manor and told stories of women who - in their novels, poems and odes, diaries - love. That experienced the most beautiful pages of the characters just hatched so finely as to be true and that embedded in the heart of the writers, a long lifetime.

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Saturday 19 March and Sunday 3 Brescia April to the trade show dedicated to the nursery and the old dress in green for a taste of Spring.

Welcome Spring"Is the slogan of the first edition of 2011 diBrixia Florum, event organized by 'Association nurserymen Brescianiin collaboration with theMunicipality of Brescia, and that every year coincides with the beginning of summer.
This is the first event of the year horticultural and after a long cold winter is ready to paint with flowers,boccioli, bulbs and seasonal, Garibaldi (19 March) and Zanardelli (3 April).

Saranno18 the manufacturersof our province will set up a greenhouse for two days in the open along a historic street in the center,per esporreflowers and plants of different species and varieties for sale to fans.
Among the most vulnerablePelargoium Grandiflorum, noto anche comeImperial geranium, that has large white or pink flowers with purple veins. Are also several varieties of citrus fruit of Sicily, the inevitable succulents, orchids and more.

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will be held on 12 E 13 March 2011 Viareggio Piazza Mazzini in the National Final of the event "Miss Carnivals in Italy", organized by the "Baptist Ceragioli Management”.

The festival, Now in its seventeenth edition, and is sponsored by the Foundation's Carnival of Viareggio, Province of Lucca, Municipality of Viareggio,of’ A.P.T Versilia, Carnival is combined with the most important and prestigious in Italy.

The first edition was held at the legendary "Seahorse" Lido di Camaiore, in January 1995, with the victory of Jade Ribani da Carrara.

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by 2 the 25 April 2011 Una series of exclusive and unique events to celebrate culture, traditions and places which created the excellence of the wine Valle dei Laghi(TN)  

A show dedicated to the cultural and natural heritage of one of the most beautiful parts of Trentino, The Valley Lakes, starting from wonderful wine here produced and appreciated throughout the world.

This is DiVinNosiola, the event that the protagonist Nosiola Trentino and Vino Santo Trentino Doc, scene From Saturday 2 to Monday 25 April 2011 at various locations in the Valley.

Now in its successful year, l’edition 2011 returns with a full calendar of events ranging from cultural activities all spiritual traditions the place, by food and wine tastings the depth of reality agro-local wine, by artistic moments – music all trekking immersed in Nature Valley of the Lakes. …continue l'Articolo »

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