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THE BLUE ROOM OF THE YEAR celebrates with Italy | Traveling Easy
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THE BLUE ROOM OF THE YEAR celebrates with Italy | Traveling Easy

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Big party with cake and cameras at Puerto Libre de Capua (EC) deserved to win the competition "THE RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR”. The competition, organized by I LOVE edizionin collaboration with the portal, recognition has become an area of ​​great importance and territorial, but even more is an index of satisfaction and professionalism for the approximately 10.000 Moving a matter for the local club circuit Italy. I Titolari the Free Port, Lucia and Iolanda, received the coveted label "Local Year 2010" by the hands ofPasqualina Del Monaco, journalist Blu Italy, presenter of Cover Girl and Miss Muretto 2009.

"We are delighted and honored to receive this award" - Yolanda said - "is the just reward for us and for our clients who wanted to give that satisfaction." The Puerto Libre was awarded the title, collecting a total 13,015 voti, ranked second in the Agriturismo Fontana Madonna Frigento (AV) con 9.824 and third place votes to pass the Aeclanum Mirabella Eclano (AV) con By77withspan class ="tr_" id="tr_1" data-token="dm90aQ,," data-source="">voti.  

"It 's been a thrilling competition at times, sometimes exciting "- said Dr. Michele Ciliento, Product Manager I Love editions - "For many months the 3 local summit took turns leading the standings, then the Puerto Libre has distanced by a large margin to win the title of the year 2010 Local ". In April, the votes will be reopened for the next local election year and as always will be declared the 26 December 2011. They can vote only subscribers to the portal and Card holders Votaillocale. The card can be requested at the all the local circuit Moving, or directly on the site by filling out the form on request. "The event was recorded and you will see a short circuit on the national broadcasters BLU Italy.