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Italian Queen of Europe – reveals that the kitchen, the artistic and enjoyment of the beautiful country are the best in Europe | Traveling Easy
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Italian Queen of Europe – reveals that the kitchen, the artistic and enjoyment of the beautiful country are the best in Europe | Traveling Easy

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notte-tricolore3-1037383It 's true that Italy is recognized throughout Europe for its gastronomy, to the rich artistic and cultural heritage and its fascinating "sweet life", but there are discrepancies between the opinion that we have of our country and what they have instead of the other Europeans., leader in online hotel reservations, investigated, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, which are hallmarks of our country and cities are the most, according to the Italians is that according to European tourists and ... some surprises!!

Let's start with food. What dishes Italian cuisine are renowned throughout the world is well known, but what is clear from research is that does not charge a unanimous vote! The 46% European travelers did not doubt that the home cooking is the best, but the French and Spanish, eg, much prefer their own to our.

l’85% of Italians gives top priority to the home kitchen, unparalleled variety and quality of raw materials, while among Europeans who particularly love the tricolor are distinguished Swedish delicacies (85%), Danish (80%) and Dutch (73%). The silver medal instead it is to French cooking, voted best in Europe, as well as cousins ​​north of the Alps, also from 65% the Irish and 54% Norse.

But what is the city that can be considered the true bastion of Italian cooking? The answer is almost unanimous, for our countrymen for the rest of Europe: Naples, best known as the cradle of the beloved pizza. The 52% In fact, the Italians chose as a symbol of "cooking" of Italy, same opinion of most Europeans, among which Norwegian and English. In these two countries almost 40% of respondents think when Italy, think of the "pizza"! But it is not for everyone. Finnish and Irish, eg, consider Italian lasagne dish par excellence: il 34% Finns and 25% of the Irish people choose them as a "national dish" of Italy. Gli TheDutch instead stand out from other Europeans most of all for love bucatini all'amatriciana (The 27% of respondents).

The research highlights another point which fills us with pride: The 61% of respondents across Europe Italy considers the Richest country in terms of artistic and cultural. Now even the French could not help but tag along for evaluation by the rest of Europe. Italy is often defined as a fact "open-air museum"And recognized as home to a large number of centers of excellence and world-renowned artists. The 73% of Italians consider their country a bulwark of art and culture, but also recognizes the value of French heritage (17%).

Thanks to its unbeatable series of testimonies of the glorious history of Italy, Rome as the city that best represents the cultural richness, as confirmed by 62% of Italian and 33% of Europe, especially from Spanish (49%) and Norwegian (48%). Among the many foreigners collecting preferences also Florence, especially by the Irish (44%) and German (50%), while the Italians ranked second with 26% Preferences.

And if the Europeans had to choose a destination for a holiday fun? while the 71% of Italians prefer the nightlife in Madrid and Barcelona to our own leisure, nearly half of Spaniards would give you a pleasant stay in our country

l’Italy remains the favorite destination Europeans looking for fun. Italians have no doubts about city who prefer the nightlife: the local trendy MILAN (36%), the sweet life Roman (32%) and clubs of the Adriatic Riviera (19%) are the best options to spend a nice evening. a Europe, instead, the scepter of half Italian with the best nightlife in Rome holds the (49%).

But which city is considered the true symbol of Italy? Both the Italians (65%) that for Europeans (55%) is undoubtedly Rome and its Colosseum. There is disagreement on the second step of the podium goes right for the Italians in Milan (15%), while Europeans the reserve in Venice (16%). All agree on the third place: Florence and its classical architecture represent the beautiful country for the 9% the Italians and the 10% Europeans.

But not everyone can think of the Milan Cathedral or the Sistine Chapel when you think of Italy. Some people, such as an English user, believes that the city that best symbolizes our country is Bergamo, or a traveler Swedish, probably by analogy with the climate of their country, immediately think to Aosta. And what about combining the Dutch tricolor Livigno? The Italian excellence is really everywhere.