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Fool Showcolate | Traveling Easy
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Fool Showcolate | Traveling Easy

Everyone talks about it. a Naples spreading the chocolate-mania. From day to day is keenly awaiting the second edition of Showcolate, in program by 4 8 December 2010. And while the whole city is already preparing to welcome the professionals and the public to gourmands from all over Italy, the artisans are working to develop products to be exhibited in the fair.

The most skilled chocolatiers, ice cream and pastry fill, Indeed, the exhibition halls of Mostra d'Oltremare with their best creations. And if all their chocolate is the material to be, for adults and children who visit the fair will be a pleasure to enjoy with all senses. Walking through the booths will be easy to get intoxicated by the scent of cocoa, and even easier to be tempted from the tasting of the latest news chocolaty.

Chocolates, tablets, nocciolati, Filled chocolates, truffles, eggs and gianduiotti. And yet, cups and ice cream cones, for who knows how to give up even in winter, cool creamy taste of chocolate.
Numerous fun and tasty appointments will take place throughout the five-day fair. A theoretical and practical course, with video and in-depth, reveal all the mysteries to the most curious of cocoa. Aspiring chocolatiers will, instead, know L’abc of chocolate attend classes on the techniques of processing and tempering of chocolate. Tips on Sweet Christmas gifts will be provided by pastry, that will demonstrate how to make live creations in chocolate and marzipan and how decorate the Christmas classic Panettone.

And yet for the more adventurous you can learn the secrets of preparation of chocolate naked, Truffles, of chocolate cake and its icing black or white, closely following the delicate stages of processing performed live by master craftsmen. The lasagna and chocolate pasta with wild boar sauce will, instead, the tasty snack for those who will want to experiment with new flavors and serving suggestions. Showcolate later this year will be a big party for all children.

Nell’area Chocogiochi, Indeed, facilitators involve children in fun games like the caricature, e la la painting facciale chocotombola. Even the greatest can enjoy the Body Painting, with Chocolate massage and the design workshops. For all the sculptures will not fail to admire, real works of art made with cocoa powder by artists and designers of chocolate. Attraction highlight of the second edition of Showcolate will Final qualifying for the world cup of chocolate, where nine chocolatiers will compete in three spectacular evidence from the exoticism inspired theme "Il Cocoa, a gift from God Quetzalcoatl ". Napoli is ready to welcome everyone for a long weekend full of good chocolate. The appointment is at the Mostra d'Oltremare Pad 1, From Saturday 4 Wednesday 8 December pm 10.00 all 22.00. The entrance from Piazzale Tecchio is open to the public upon payment of the ticket 5 €. Free admission for children up to 10 years.

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