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Wellness and spa in the Bavarian Alps | Traveling Easy
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Wellness and spa in the Bavarian Alps | Traveling Easy

As in the best way to address the recent cold winter days, take a relaxing break from everyday stress, enjoy moments of quiet and prevent physical problems? The Bavarian Alps are responding to these questions with a wide range of spa and wellness centers, 360 ° for well-being. Among the proposals in this region include traditional therapies and treatments, including treatments based on mud and straw to relax, cure or simply improve their physical appearance. 

Wellness and spa in the Bavarian Alps: welfare and wellbeing of science

The Bavarian Alps offer a full range of treatments, from classical, under the traditional regional (mud packs or peat, thermal baths and mineral water treatments, Kneipp methods and Schroth), all modern relaxation techniques and training, through the most innovative therapies international.

In cinque centri termali delle Alpi Bavaresi will exploit the beneficial properties of iodine, sulfur and salt water, true gifts of nature. Se si mira a una vacanza all’insegna delle coccole, just to relax a bit 'and get back in shape, there are “WellVital-Hotel” and "Wellness Hotel", a selection of hotels ideal to forget the stress and indulge in rejuvenating treatments.

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Special care of the traditional Bavarian Alps: mud and hay

In the field of wellness and health is seen a steady increase in natural therapeutic methods and elements. They increase the targeted use of herbs, essential oils and other natural products, with proven results for some time regarding massage, wraps, applications and baths. Many hotels offer spa treatments in Bavaria prevention in therapy, which are based almost exclusively on the use of natural remedies. 

The mud: black gold for beauty, Wellness and Health

Natural element on Earth by 10.000 years, The mud has long been known therapeutic properties. Already in 1874 mud baths were prescribed for cures and spa towns of Bavaria continues to work every day and remove the mud of mountain pine high moor.

Effect of baths and massages based mud

The mud-based treatments, whether you are new Sauna-world ritual baths or, offrono una vasta gamma di vantaggi. One of the areas of employment and the aesthetic: friction-based mud in fact make the skin soft and silky, effect due to the action of humic acids. To these are added the peeling effect due to the presence of clay, sand, ash and ground, per non parlare del benefico influsso che il calore naturale di questo elemento produce su corpo e spirito. Among the most popular therapeutic effects include those related to the treatment of many diseases, tra cui alcuni tipicamente femminili, rheumatism, arthrosis, sciatalgia, gotta, circulation problems and injuries to the meniscus. Grazie alle sue naturali virtù curative il fango accumula calore e agisce con le sue proprietà antinfiammatorie, analgesic and muscle stimulating activity. 

What's a ritual the Sauna-based mud

The head of the Sauna ritual down the procedure for carrying and distributing the sludge to be applied uniformly. At this point you are ready to steam bath scented with herbs (15 minutes at a temperature of 40 ° C, in an environment with 100% Humidity). After an invigorating shower to remove any residual mud, The ritual ends with 30 minutes of total relaxation. 

Special offer: "Treatments based mud in Bad Aibling Bad and Feilnbach"

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A timeless classic Bavarian: bagni e impacchi ai fiori di fieno

Among the most popular treatments of the moment to be counted and treatment baths based on hay. Known and used for some time in Bavaria, this kind of bathroom is one of the current proposals of the best spa in the region.

For hay means small seedlings and flower buds that grow naturally from the hay harvest and aged. Particularly rich in seeds and herbs, the hay is collected, cleaned and stored in dry, creating a natural blend of highly diverse and extraordinary properties.

The hay bath

The hay bath is a treatment that uses the heat produced from this mixture, dried and heated, in which to immerse the whole body. You may also be proposed as partial bathroom or steam bath. In the field of wellness properties are highly appreciated particularly relaxing and soothing bath hayflowers. In addition to stimulating the circulation and metabolism, a scented bath hay provides a positive effect on the skin: pores start with cleansing action that stimulates cell renewal. The result is a soft and smooth skin. The health effects are especially popular for ailments such as rheumatism, gotta, arthritis and muscle tension. The usefulness of the baths of hay was also demonstrated for the treatment and prevention of colds.

Pleasant and healthy: hay flower wrap

The use of hay is already known for centuries as an effective remedy for the elimination of toxins. The treatment is particularly recommended for the treatment of rheumatism and muscular, inflammation of the respiratory and digestive. How it works: a bag full of hay is heated to steam for about 15-20 minutes. It is then allowed to cool until it reaches a temperature of 40 ° C before being applied on the affected. 

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