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The Party at the museum. The 25 December and 1 January we still face major state museums and archaeological areas in Italy

The 25 December and 1 January citizens and foreign tourists can visit the many museums and archaeological sites that remain open state in extraordinary.
In traditional days of rest for most of the Italians, MiBAC offers everyone a chance to view to enhance cultural development and increase the enjoyment of our priceless heritage. From north to south of the country, many proposals to spend a Christmas and New Year filled with culture.

For more information, Contact information service MiBAC toll 800.991199, free for calls from fixed telephone from Italy.

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A street in Seveso Redipuglia 50 an ice-skating rink

Back again this year to Seveso in the province of Monza and Brianza an ice-skating. The track is located in via Redipuglia and is open seven days a week with these times:
weekdays:dalle 10.00 alle 12.30 — dalle 14.30 alle 19.30 — by 20.30 all 23.00
holidays: the continued opening 10.00 all 23.00.

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The 26 back in December "Santa Claus loves Riccione"

Also back this year "Santa Claus loves Riccione”, a parade-show invades the streets of the city of Romagna 26 December. During last year's event was attended by over 6000 people in costume Christmas This year the Committee Riccione Xmas – event organizer -, Hopefully they come more to make the record and thus enterThe Guinness Book of Records.

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Continue until 9 January 2001 “Christmas among the olive trees”
Continue, Until 9 January, the magical Christmas atmosphere absolute protagonist in Garda, pearl of the east coast of our Lake, where the spotlight on the issue 2010 of “Christmas among the olive trees”, the important international event, sponsored by the Consortium “Lake Garda E”, by the Veneto Region and the City and the Pro Loco di Garda. Wine and typical houses Garda days, Garda, and extra-regional foreign. The German city of curiosity Beilngries propose the city museum “Technology Museum”, artwork on Altmühltal Nature Park and typical Bavarian folk music. …continue l'Articolo »
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Vesuvian archaeological sites should not be on holiday at Christmas

The 25 December and 1 January Vesuvian archaeological sites will be regularly open the public with special opening of certain sectors and didactic exhibitions.
The cost of the ticket and visiting hours will be the usual : 8,30 -17,00 (15,30).

In Pompeii, the monumental complex of the Suburban Baths, visitabile normally only his prenotazione on-line, will be freely accessible. The building at the entrance of Porta Marina and once in position over the sea is famous for its lavish decoration, even erotic.

AD Ercolano, you can enjoy the view from the top of the excavation of the escarpment north of the catwalk, in a panoramic view alternative. will, also accessible, the pavilion of the Boat, where they are exposed over the boat found on the ancient beach, also exhibits several sailors, and the Suburban Baths.

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Great Christmas Padova, a city slap

Great Christmas Padova collects the different events, initiatives, events organized and promoted by the Municipality of Padua and the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Ascom and Confesercenti, in a single, comprehensive program.

Great Christmas Padova also sees the participation of: Appe, UPA, CNA, the Consortium for promoting tourism in Padova, the Special Turismo Padova Terme Euganee and support of Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto. Involved as a sponsor also: Pam, Libreria Mondadori, Hills Regional Park Hills and Alìper. MEDIA PARTNER Il Mattino di Padova.

Great Christmas Padova is designed, in its various declensions graphics, from the Galileo Science and Technology Park and the Italian School of Design, who have worked months to the new Christmas project, realizing the concept of the Great Christmas Padova… a city slap!

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Now ski in Tonale-Adamello Ski Pontedilegno becomes even easier

Ski in Adamello Ski Pontedilegno-Tonale becomes even easier. by 23 December will be able to buy it Ski Pass online thus bypassing the queues at the ticket. Skifast is the only service that allows you to immediately be on the ski slopes thanks to a simple registration from home or from your mobile phone.

Enough 3 moves:
1. Sign Skifast: go up
skifast.itvia web or mobile, Enter the code of the ticket in your possession or have materials directly to an online, and create your account.
2. Upload online Skifast. Decide the type of pass to be loaded onto the card or authorize the debit of the daily credit card.
3. Skip the queues and you're on track. From this moment you are recognized the turnstiles of the lifts and you can go directly to ski without going through the ticket office.

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Rome City Christmas 2010 Until 9 January 2011

The first Christmas in Rome Capital lights in the light of culture, Solidarity, art and entertainment. by 20 December 2010 to the 9 January 2011, Administration Capitolina offers to citizens and visitors ROME CITY CHRISTMAS. ONE DAY ONLY TO THE WORLD ", the set of public and private initiatives, united under a single institutional framework, to navigate and enjoy the best the city during the holiday season.

ROME CITY CHRISTMAS. ONE DAY ONLY TO THE WORLD " is a project sponsored by Capital Rome in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and Acea, with the support of Finmeccanica, and coordination of organizational Zètema Culture Project.

by 20 December 2010 to the 9 January 2011 the whole city will be animated by port, trees, cribs, music, theater, Dance, traditional hymns and gospel, art, Exhibitions, literature and poetry, in parallel with 42 projects specially made and selected through public notice "Rome City Christmas 2010”, not to mention practical support to people in need.
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Known throughout the world for the quality, variety and fun guaranteed by its Christmas and New Year cruises, MSC Cruises has done its best to ensure an even better during the cruise the winter holiday season.

Hot Destinations

You can choose between eleven fabulous cruise in five different regions of the world on board ships of the elegant MSC. The cruise of the dreams you can live aboard MSC Armonia, MSC Lirica, MSC Musica, MSC Opera E MSC Orchestra along the coasts of South America, His MSC Poesia Caribbean, His MSC Melody E MSC Sinfonia in sunny South Africa, while MSC Magnifica, MSC Fantasia E MSC Splendida will be placed in the splendor of the Mediterranean. …continue l'Articolo »

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In Turin until 23 December “The Christmas Market”

Until 23 December Borgo Dora is more festive, colorful and glittering than ever! Back to the traditional Christmas market with lots of gift suggestions.

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