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Castiglione Olona Sunday 23 January 2011 Flavors of food and wine village market

Sunday 23 January 2011 back in old town of Castiglione Olona The Borgo dei Sapori, enogastronomy the market and of local traditional products and other regions of Italy.

This first event of the year are added new exhibitors with proposals for the tastings of the most diverse and special food, not always available in supermarkets. …continue l'Articolo »

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The 30 E 31 January, the Fair of Saint Orso in Aosta

A unique event not to be missed!

The celebration of the ability of a mountain people, proud safeguarding the values of their culture agropastoral showing the ability to combine with a great tradition of artistic innovation.

The event, dedicated to the saint's favorite and most "enigmatic" of Valle d'Aosta and probably related to the distribution of sabot (Typical wooden footwear), offered by the canonical Sant'Orso the poor, millennium is an event surrounded by an atmosphere difficult to describe, imbued with perceptions, feelings, Unique gestures and emotions. Being there is a tradition! When the first light of dawn illuminate the streets of the historic center of Aosta, artisans are preparing, busy, with care to expose their items on the counter and greet old friends, with which to remember past experiences and share those present. The smell in the air we breathe, both sacred and profane, inebriates heat the same event that occurs every year and subject to Artists, to the organizers and visitors unique and authentic emotions.
At center stage, one certainty: are artisans, with their simple spontaneity, the real stars of this big party, in importance in the Valle d'Aosta, which has now been repeated over a thousand years, The 30 E 31 January, as a meeting point, aggregation and sharing of real experiences and deep. Over a thousand years of history, thousand artists and a thousand emotions: this is Sant'Orso!
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cribs, bonfire, …

a Cerzeto, characteristic center of Cosenza of Albanian origin, there was a competition on cribs some great suggestions and initiatives always linked to the Christmas traditions: a bonfire, The tasting of typical music and poetry and folk songs performed with the bagpipe arbëreshë.

The jury Simona Feraud, Conservator; Flavia Santoro; Leah Turano, responsible AMI.BE.C. (Associazione Culturale Amici Cultural Heritage) Calabria and by the writer, assessed the "work" as follows: quality work, project's originality and relevance to the topic.

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Continue until 9 January 2001 “Christmas among the olive trees”
Continue, Until 9 January, the magical Christmas atmosphere absolute protagonist in Garda, pearl of the east coast of our Lake, where the spotlight on the issue 2010 of “Christmas among the olive trees”, the important international event, sponsored by the Consortium “Lake Garda E”, by the Veneto Region and the City and the Pro Loco di Garda. Wine and typical houses Garda days, Garda, and extra-regional foreign. The German city of curiosity Beilngries propose the city museum “Technology Museum”, artwork on Altmühltal Nature Park and typical Bavarian folk music. …continue l'Articolo »
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by 2 to the 6 National Day of the Epiphany in January

by 2 to the 6 January, when almost all the holidays are gone,La Befana arrives,aboard his broom and transformed for five days of the festival already beautiful town of Urbania, involving everyone in its magical atmosphere. In the meantime you can follow it up  and learn how to receive your letter!

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14th edition of the Christmas market in Prato Sesia”TASTE IN PRATO”.

Sunday 12 December from 9,00 all 18,00 , The Tourism Association Pro Loco di Prato Sesia, As is the custom, organizes fourteenth edition of the Christmas Market “TASTE IN PRATO” in Piazzale Marconi and stylish street Among Dolcino. (The event will take place in all weather conditions) More information about this site http:/ /

The event takes the form of an exhibition in the historical and cultural background that will discover the culinary traditions and handicrafts as well as the creativity and intellectual property of the person. Thus in his area will be allowed to promote food and wine and exposure to produced the result of a lavorazioneartigianale raw material, the crude product or an intellectual, done manually and directly by the Exhibitor.

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Christmas markets 2010 between tradition and innovation in Verbania.

A Verbania Christmas comes early this year.

From Saturday 4 Wednesday 8 December 2010 Intra in downtown will take place the traditional "Christmas markets”.

To animate the main squares Intres there will be about 100 stand that will offer Christmas decorations, gift ideas, Leisure, crafts quality and typical products of’Food and wine local to the large audience that every year at this time crowding our streets. The edition of 2009 it has counted well 30.000 admissions, between Verbanese, local residents, tourists and holiday-makers who have chosen to spend the bridge in our area of the Immaculate, In a very suggestive of lights, decorations and music. …continue l'Articolo »

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by 4 to the 19 San Marco in December of nougat and Cavoti Day Croccantino

by 4 to the 19 December, San Marco dei Cavoti (BN), will be held’ the feast of nougat and dl croccantino.Il Croccantino: a rectangle of goodness.
No coincidence that San Marco dei Cavoti is one of the most popular among these sites, also for the variety of initiatives that distinguish. First of all the decennial Festa del Torrone and Croccantino, pride and joy of citizenship. This is an excellent product to taste and value among the specialties of high quality confectionery, identifying symbol of this geographical.

CHRISTMAS MARKETS ERICE 2010 4 December 2010/ 6 January 2011 Erice (Sicily)

by 4 December 2010 to the 6 January 2011 Aerial officially Piazzale Erice – Santa House and the old town of Erice, Sicily will host the event "Christmas Markets": many exhibitors will offer traditional decorations as gifts in the banner of the most genuine tradition of craftsmanship, and food and wine.

A particularly striking with a magic lighting, numerous fashion events, wine, cultural and musical and downstream, both the old town of Erice. you can walk among the many stands and stop to enjoy a good glass of sweet wine and a Genoese Erice. music, Sweets, kitchen Trapani, appetizers and full of surprises.

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Suggestions of other times in the Village and the Fort of Bard, between old toys, Many traditional nativity scenes and markets initiatives for the holiday season, by 5 December 2010

Will taste and the special atmosphere Christmas in the Village and the Fort of Bard. a Competition exhibition of cribs made by master craftsmen Valle d'Aosta, traditional markets and an exhibition dedicated to toys a time related to the mountain, are the proposals that characterize winter in the resort town on the outskirts of Valle d'Aosta.

He comes to the fourth edition Christmas Village, The exhibition promoted by the Bard to life with a number of initiatives that the township at the foot of the imposing medieval fortress. it begins Sunday 5 December with the characteristic Christmas Market: dozens of exhibitors will offer their original creations and gift ideas, accompanied by children's activities and the ability to take souvenir photo with Santa and his reindeer. The streets of the village and the exhibition hall on the ground floor of City Hall, will once again host the wooden crib, thirty, made by artisans in the Val d'Aosta rated Contest Crib exhibition. The exhibition opens on 5 December and will be open to the public every day until 6 January 2011 (HOURS: Weekday midday 17.00 alle 21.00, Saturdays and Sundays from the hours all0 alle 21.00).

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