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Ristorexpo – Author dinners in Como – Outside the salon Ristorexpo

Training, good food, local marketing of food products linked to the short chain and the entire declination food and wine; This will be discussed during the many events planned to XIV edition of Ristorexpo which will involve Gualtiero Marchesi, MC, and great chefs such as Massimo Bottura, Mauro Uliassi, David Scabin, Ettore Bocchia, or Luigi Ointment, Stefano Masanti, Matthew and Daniel Vigotti Facen.

The relationship between food and Mind will be the leitmotif of many of the initiatives this year. The food is not just a food but a tool to start your brain and all our senses; we discuss this, After months of research and study during the conference on Sunday 20 February from 10.30, promoted in collaboration with Besta Neurological Institute in Milan "Food and Mind. The Pleasure of Health ": why and how the mind affects nutrition? What's new for the research on the topic of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia? Participants Joseph De Leo, General Besta Neurological Institute Milan; Franco Berrino, Department of Preventive and Predictive,Istituto Nazionale Tumori Milan; Ferdinando Cornelio, Scientific Director Besta Neurological Institute Milan. Following a Round Table, during the debates, with Gualtiero Marchesi.

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by 12 to the 20 February 2011 the Ligurian town, known for the famous Italian Song Festival, will host the event again signed Eurochocolate

Not only the Italian Song Festival! To make it even more “sweet” notes of the songs protagonists of the 61 th edition of the Sanremo Festival, by 12 to the 20 February 2011 Here CIOCK’N'ROLL, the new event weblog Eurochocolate.

In the Ligurian city, Temple of Music, will arrive Disk Chockey with records of chocolate to eat and all working perfectly. The German artist Peter Lardong will produce and play live his very special 45 laps from the delicious taste.

A chance to listen to good music and then… eat!

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12 ° 10 ° FAIR AND GOATS donkey ARDESIO - BERGAMO 6 February 2011

the appointment 6 February 2011 for the twelfth edition of the popular Fair Goats Ardesio that gathers every year an increasing number of breeders and enthusiasts from all over the area of Bergamo.

For years, become a benchmark for the entire Val Seriana, tip today to become more and more appreciated and recognized as an important showcase sheep and goat sector, with its more exciting events that otherwise distinguish, not to mention the nature of peasant, being entirely organized in the center of the beautiful country orobico.

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"IMPROVVISARTE" artistic expressions illuminate the historical center Sixth race – 30 January 2011

 Cultural Association "Trulli" 1a trav. Via N. Sauro 18d 70017 Putignano (BA) 

"IMPROVVISARTE" artistic expressions illuminate the historical center
Sixth race – 30 January 2011

Putignano (via S. Lorenzo, 1) – HOURS 19,00 – 24,00

Free admission

The adventure of IMPROVVISARTE, initiative promoted by TRULLO, since last September is now in its sixth meeting to be held Sunday 30 January.

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Cioccolentino 2011, An event that you care ...

Dall'11 the 14 February 2011 Terni is hosting the eighth Cioccolentino, the event dedicated to chocolate lovers and all, in the city of San Valentino 

Even in 2011 renews the partnership between Promoeventi and Eurochocolate for the realization of Cioccolentino, event dedicated to chocolate confectionery and high craft with which the city celebrates the Holy umbra, patron saint of the city itself and lovers around the world.

Just Him&She designed many of the activities are planned.

THE Dinner for two with chocolate, romantic moments by candlelight with lots of master chocolatier who teaches the fine art of chocolate and a tempting menu with cocoa and chocolate, but also the ability to capture the sweetness of a day of love with ScatTiAmo a real photo set available for every lover will want to ask the hand of her in her original and unforgettable.

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Salone del Mobile di Parma 2011: focus on individual well-being, ecology and energy consumption

Preparations are underway for the design and organization of ninth edition of the Salone del Mobile di Parma to be held from 29 January to 6 February 2011 most modern in the halls of the fairgrounds Fiere di Parma.

The expected annual event, organized by Fiere di Parma and Orgacom, will be proposed to furnish all the latest news and live your house in the best:furniture and furnishings and modern classics, decorative lighting for indoor and outdoor, Solutions for Small Spaces, ecology and energy saving, green architecture and Wellness. A genuine “temporary shop”about 25.000 square meters available for those who wish to renew your home with creativity, without excluding their psychological well-being.

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Castiglione Olona Sunday 23 January 2011 Flavors of food and wine village market

Sunday 23 January 2011 back in old town of Castiglione Olona The Borgo dei Sapori, enogastronomy the market and of local traditional products and other regions of Italy.

This first event of the year are added new exhibitors with proposals for the tastings of the most diverse and special food, not always available in supermarkets. …continue l'Articolo »

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All the taste of chocolate in Monsummano Terme with "Cioccolosità '", 11- 12-13 March 2011

Chocolate purity and everything to enjoy and meditate. To get to know well what is considered the "food of the gods" you must go in Chocolate Valley which is located in Val di Nievole, in the heart of Tuscany. Here there is a strong concentration of chocolatiers, artisans of the highest quality, all firmly established in the world.

It is precisely for these reasons that, each 2 years, Monsummano Terme organizes a very sweet call three days:  “CIOCCOLOSITÀ – The quality of homemade chocolate " This year will be held on 11, The 12 and 13 March. An event - an event organized by the Municipality directly from 2000 together with the Slow Food Valley Nievole in coordination with Slow Food Tuscany.

Since its inception has always been characterized by its "diversity" than similar events, too often connected only with "fair markets". In fact, the objectives of the event are to enhance the high quality chocolate produced by small craft from different regions of Italy that combines tradition and originality, rigorous production and quality of raw materials used. The large space is devoted to information / education with exhibits and documentation on the history of cocoa, cultivation and processing systems, its use food and education, taste workshops with the direct participation of the artisans chocolatiers, specific initiatives for schools.

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Alberona (FG), The Fire and the PIG

Each district of a bonfire, ogni phallus a theme and a different form: the feast of St. Anthony of Fires, Monday 17 January, will test the skill and creativity of alberonesi. The large bundles of firewood, at 16, will be judged by a jury who will decide what will be the 'fanoja' better-designed. all 17 the shingles light up the country and will launch the official festival, Quest’anno, also provides a path of tastings.

You will be able savor pancotto, rind, fried bacon, the rind and any dish based on pork. In addition to the taste of tradition and typicality, the event will also spectacle of jugglers, Musicians, waders, jesters and fire eaters passing through the village streets.

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The 30 E 31 January, the Fair of Saint Orso in Aosta

A unique event not to be missed!

The celebration of the ability of a mountain people, proud safeguarding the values of their culture agropastoral showing the ability to combine with a great tradition of artistic innovation.

The event, dedicated to the saint's favorite and most "enigmatic" of Valle d'Aosta and probably related to the distribution of sabot (Typical wooden footwear), offered by the canonical Sant'Orso the poor, millennium is an event surrounded by an atmosphere difficult to describe, imbued with perceptions, feelings, Unique gestures and emotions. Being there is a tradition! When the first light of dawn illuminate the streets of the historic center of Aosta, artisans are preparing, busy, with care to expose their items on the counter and greet old friends, with which to remember past experiences and share those present. The smell in the air we breathe, both sacred and profane, inebriates heat the same event that occurs every year and subject to Artists, to the organizers and visitors unique and authentic emotions.
At center stage, one certainty: are artisans, with their simple spontaneity, the real stars of this big party, in importance in the Valle d'Aosta, which has now been repeated over a thousand years, The 30 E 31 January, as a meeting point, aggregation and sharing of real experiences and deep. Over a thousand years of history, thousand artists and a thousand emotions: this is Sant'Orso!
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