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Carnival in Tuscany | Traveling Easy
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Carnival in Tuscany | Traveling Easy

The show's unique Carnival of Viareggio renewed in 2011 by 20 February 13 March.

Five parades of large floats 20- 27 February 6-8-13 March and a special opening celebrations scheduled for 19 February Celebrations devoted to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy.

Viareggio, beautiful seaside town of Versilia, Tuscany is as fun, color and music to welcome the festive audience of Carnival

11 First category float 6 WAGONS second-class

11 MASK group

Protagonists of the biting satire of the magicians of Viareggio papier-mache many familiar faces of politics, but on the papier-mache floats of the Carnival of Viareggio space to the imagination, a phenomenon and why not? invocations of solidarity to save threatened continents.

The Carnival of Viareggio as a rite marks the lives of Viareggio that are prepared and anxiously await the transformation of the city, invaded by music and color masks. For over a month Viareggio offers, along with the spectacle of masked, a host of cultural events, Sports. The whole city is celebrating, color and design of masks and streamers and ready to offer attractions and fun for all ages. And as through the old techniques, which claim to be the city's maritime tradition, perpetuated the tradition; through continuous research aimed at the realization of events, The Carnival of Viareggio becomes, adapting to the expectations of the public. Not a show, not a historical, not a party ephemeral. The Carnival of Viareggio Viareggio, its history, its culture, an important part of their cultural heritage.

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