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January events | Traveling Easy

"Virtual Museum Garibaldi" in Aspromonte

Today, January 27 2011, Hours 11.30, in the home of the Museum, Piazza Leuzzi, a Delianuova (RC), will host the opening ceremony of the "Virtual Museum Garibaldi" in Aspromonte. The Cutting the ribbon, by Unicity Spa Spa Space in Rome and Prato, with the projection of Multivision "Aspromonte 1862" introduced by the author, Aldo Russo, will be preceded by the introduction of the President of South Mountain Community-Tyrrhenian, Bruno Barillaro. Follow the wishes of the Prefect of Reggio Calabria, Luigi Varratta; President of the Calabria Region, Giuseppe Scopelliti; President of the Province, Giuseppe Morabito; Coordinator of the Technical Mission for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy Giancarlo Bravi; Domenico Naccari, Rome Council; President Alvaro Antonio GAL Vate, former President of the mountain community and the Mayor of Delianuova,Rocco Corigliano.

The work of the Scientific board attended by Patricia Nardi, Scientific Advisor and designer of the Museum, interventions that will introduce Paul Peluffo, Adviser to the Prime Ministers for the 150th anniversary of Italy; Mark Pizzo, Deputy Director of the Central Museum of the Risorgimento in Rome; Cosimo Ceccati, President of the Foundation Spadolini New Anthology; Fabio De Chirico, Superintendent of History, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Calabria; Mirella Marra, Director of the State of Reggio Calabria; of

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"IMPROVVISARTE" artistic expressions illuminate the historical center Sixth race – 30 January 2011

 Cultural Association "Trulli" 1a trav. Via N. Sauro 18d 70017 Putignano (BA) 

"IMPROVVISARTE" artistic expressions illuminate the historical center
Sixth race – 30 January 2011

Putignano (via S. Lorenzo, 1) – HOURS 19,00 – 24,00

Free admission

The adventure of IMPROVVISARTE, initiative promoted by TRULLO, since last September is now in its sixth meeting to be held Sunday 30 January.

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A Milano Matt Lanter per la ‘Mordimi Fans Night’!


L'attore U.S. Matt Lanter, protagonist of the film Mordimi’ will a Milan to meet the fans 28 January.

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Montenovo in Festa

The festival is held in center of the country. Are reopened, For the occasion, the ancient wine cellars and taverns. In the streets and squares are held shows and concerts. For information, contact the Office of Culture and Tourism of the City.

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"CANTINONE FOOD SHOW" 3 rd meeting

TANGO AND CHOCOLATE - Exhibitions, music, Entertainment, Argentine menu.

28 January 2011 - Via S. Lorenzo, Putignano (BA)

The Cantinone, Friday evening 28 January, propose an elegant atmosphere and Argentina.

Guests will attend to Art exhibition Tango proposal by expert dancers, will be amazed by the voice of Elisa Osella who will play some songs of the legendary Mercedes Sosa and other artists porteno, enjoying a wide menu in full compliance with recipes overseas, all in a setting typical of the scenic "Milonga "Tango and for all ....

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“Zenerù de Ardés” Ardesio 29-30-31 January 2011

Back to the famous "Scase of Zenerù" of Slate in the province of Bergamo.

The Pro Loco of slate in collaboration with "Friends of Zenerù", once again the important manifestazione well-established in the folk tradition of the country.

Even this year focuses on one of the most anticipated by all the inhabitants Alta Val Seriana and not only, that 31 Come together at the Slate for January “scacciare” l’inverno, Baccano doing great with CAMPANACCI, pans, trumpets and all that it can be to make noise, in a procession through the streets of the country which follows the famous puppet, which, every year with different appearance, is the cold season, that will be symbolically driven fires burning through a wonderful.

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by 29 to the 30 January Brescia Exporally 2011

EXPORALLY 2011: the program takes shape 

A week after the event, The program of events has taken shape. Already confirmed for the official presentations of the awards and Renault, Suzuki e IRS. 

roundtables, presentations and awards are the elements that, together with the exhibition, ExpoRally have allowed to apply for accreditation in the field of road racing as the starting point for the incoming season. 

for editing 2011, scheduled for Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 January, have been identified three different themes for the roundtables. With regard to modern cars, will be addressed first the issue of young people and their career opportunities – with a discussion which also will compare the Italian system with the French and Finnish - while the other will be discussed in the increasingly complex web of passion and professionalism on the front drivers, TEAM, organizers and security. As for historic vehicles, we will try to bring out through anecdotes and testimonials ingredients that gave the rally a time to have such a strong following in the public interest and.

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Program Carnival Agropoli 2011

The city of Agropoli, Department of Tourism and The Association "The Chariot", present the 40th edition of the Carnival of Agropoli 2011.    

For many years it has successfully organized by’ The Carriage Association, in collaboration with the municipal administration, Tourism Department, making it a party lively and unique, that lively hues and patterns of the City of Agropoli, peacefully invaded, during parades, by a jubilant people who are estimated at around eighty thousand units. The paper pulp in September start their brisk, patient and skilful work, and all their versatile creativity we find in the floats that will liven up the long-awaited fashion show. The more free time, extrovert, ironic and dynamic year, celebrated with a varied program and articulated, ago Carnival Agropoli, The most spectacular of Campania. Please do not miss the Carnival of Agropoli, Travel will be an opportunity to rediscover, culture and folklore of this charming and friendly town of Cilento.


Tell us your Carnival by sending your photos, also made by mobile phone, all'e-mail The photos will be published on the website of the Carnival of Agropoli :www.carnevalediagropoli.itAnd in the end, the election of the best pictures.

Saturday 29 January 2011

Hours 18.30. Hall of the French, Castello di Agropoli. Second Edition "MASK, IDENTITA’,METAMORFOSI“. "Manifesta" The Carnival, National Competition for the implementation of the manifesto of the Carnival of Agropoli 2011 with exhibition of posters created by artists. Presentation of the designs of the floats taking part in the carnival parades of floats 2011. During the evening the voice of Valentino Montone. In collaboration with the association "Centro Studi Hemera Agropoli.

Presents Antonella Nigro 

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Castiglione Olona Sunday 23 January 2011 Flavors of food and wine village market

Sunday 23 January 2011 back in old town of Castiglione Olona The Borgo dei Sapori, enogastronomy the market and of local traditional products and other regions of Italy.

This first event of the year are added new exhibitors with proposals for the tastings of the most diverse and special food, not always available in supermarkets. …continue l'Articolo »

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28 th edition of the Bonfire of the Palio di San Sebastiano to happen

Thursday 20 January, to happen, renews one of the most characteristic events of the province

Also this year the tradition is renewed and the captains are preparing to host an event more characteristic of the province, call identity and opportunity to strengthen community spirit ". So Pasquale Murgante, Mayor Accadia, announces the 28th edition of the Bonfire of the Palio di San Sebastiano, on Thursday 20 January in the small town in Province of Foggia.

a event has become one of the most significant representations of the ideal path in the traditions of the territory, in the Festival of Accadia is one of the obligatory. "The length of this event - the mayor Murgante - for our community is a source of pride. Thanks to our people and those who work each year for the Palio, we were able to guard jealously the religious meaning of this holiday, but also turn it into a great opportunity to promote our cultural heritage, folklore, food and wine ".

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