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14th edition of the Christmas market in Prato Sesia”TASTE IN PRATO”.

Sunday 12 December from 9,00 all 18,00 , The Tourism Association Pro Loco di Prato Sesia, As is the custom, organizes fourteenth edition of the Christmas Market “TASTE IN PRATO” in Piazzale Marconi and stylish street Among Dolcino. (The event will take place in all weather conditions) More information about this site http:/ /

The event takes the form of an exhibition in the historical and cultural background that will discover the culinary traditions and handicrafts as well as the creativity and intellectual property of the person. Thus in his area will be allowed to promote food and wine and exposure to produced the result of a lavorazioneartigianale raw material, the crude product or an intellectual, done manually and directly by the Exhibitor.

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The Fair Obejo Obejo and the Village of Wonder in Milan

In the days Immaculate the city of Milan becomes…What's more beautiful then spend some time in an ancient and fascinating Christmas Market?

The Fair Obejo Obejo is in fact the most characteristic of the markets in Milan. The historical origins of the market back to Obejo Obejo 1288 when the party in honor of patron St. Ambrose of Milan,took place in the Santa Maria Maggiore, better known as Duomo, in the square. The name dates back to the famous fair 1510 when the city welcomed Giannetto Castiglione, first Grand Master of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus, who had been commissioned by Pope Pius IV to come to Milan in an attempt to rekindle the faith and devotion to the saints by the Milanese. As the population of Milan, at that time, showed no particular sympathy for the Pope Giannetto thought it well to get into town with a large number of packages filled with candy and toys. Entered in Milan began to distribute to children who gathered around the parade along with a large crowd of citizens.

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Christmas markets 2010 between tradition and innovation in Verbania.

A Verbania Christmas comes early this year.

From Saturday 4 Wednesday 8 December 2010 Intra in downtown will take place the traditional "Christmas markets”.

To animate the main squares Intres there will be about 100 stand that will offer Christmas decorations, gift ideas, Leisure, crafts quality and typical products of’Food and wine local to the large audience that every year at this time crowding our streets. The edition of 2009 it has counted well 30.000 admissions, between Verbanese, local residents, tourists and holiday-makers who have chosen to spend the bridge in our area of the Immaculate, In a very suggestive of lights, decorations and music. …l’articolo continua »

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Piazza Portello dresses up. by 26 November 24 December 2010 presents, in collaboration with the Consortium of arts and crafts and quality in Trentino, In Christmas markets. Monday to Saturday from 8.30 all 21 with Free admission, under sail and away Peverelli 15, delicatessen and craft products, green games, Christmas decorations, will be on sale in 20 wooden houses.

In the heart of Milan, in the center of one of the most renovated and transformation of the city, Piazza Portello dresses up. The city's shopping, where hypermarket, shops, bars and restaurants overlook harmoniously on airy squares and elegant arcades, welcomes 20 wooden houses, snowy trees, light and color that transport us from the gray city of peace, the scents of wild places.

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The Christmas markets of Arc

by 19 November 23 December from 10.00 all 19.00 November: Friday, Saturday and Sunday – December: by 3 al 12 and 17 althe3

Tuesday 7 December open until the 21.30

45 wooden houses to the best of local and national crafts, where to find original gift ideas: Candles, addobbi, Local Products, games and much more. To make the contour Christmas carols and entertainment, farm animals and the camel Ali, In trains and Christmas Advent Calendar projected on buildings in the center.
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CHRISTMAS MARKET OF THE CASTLE VISCONTI Somma Lombardo (Go) Sunday 19 December 2010

In the picturesque setting of the Visconti Castle in Somma Lombardo, The 19 December 2010 we will be in a stand for our initiatives to bring the 2011: markets, Trade Shows, crafts and natural food cooking classes. 

We are present in products handmade decoupage paintings, cardboard and wood; books of poems and essays; patchwork and delicious Christmas items; nice henna tattoo. 

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The 4, 5 and 8 December to Sauris (UD), will be held’ the advent Market

In a tiny village called Sauris,the 4, 5 and 8 December 2010 will be the picturesque setting for a very special Christmas Market, characterized by simple things made with heart and passion of local artisans. In this paper mountain resort of Friuli Venezia Giulia will be held on typical and traditional Christmas market, an appointment with the authentic charm to live the most anticipated holidays by children in a fairytale atmosphere between folklore, typical handmade products, gastronomy and entertainment.

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…TRENTO Saturday to begin the most fabulous Christmas market!!!

With the market Trento is the city of Christmas

Start Saturday 20 November The Christmas fair most picturesque in the Dolomites: works by local artisans, Food and wine, culture and traditions for a month of charm and atmosphere of other times for young and old. 

Events news: Stars and Stable, live animals in the crib and Bubbles on Trent 

also: historic train Special at a time of Trento, Packages tourism ad hoc and appointments Christmas in the whole. 

Nativity scenes carved in wood and stone cherubs forged by, blown glass ornaments in, gnomes and fairies of the woods, hand-painted resin, puppets made from pine branches ...

And the air of the inviting aroma of freshly baked strudel and spaetzle hot, zelten and mulled wine.

The Wonderland? In, this is a place even more magical and enchanted ...

and Christmas Market in Trento, one of the most famous and popular in the Alps, now in its 18th edition. A wealth of treasures From Saturday 20 November to Thursday 23 December (with hours from 10:00 all 19:30) Square Fair become the capital of Trentino in a fairy village where the wait Christmas in the most evocative of the atmosphere.

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by 4 the 12 December in Milan Fair’ Crafts

Handicrafts Fair in Milan from 4 the 12 December 2010 They approach the Christmas holidays each year and as a fixture in Milan and 'the Craft Fair, a very important event for both Milan but also for all the thousands of people who every year crowd the halls of the exhibition center in Milan.

The exhibitors come from all over the world, thousands of booths displaying the best products in each country and many gift ideas, for Christmas, a wide range of Handicrafts Handmade for the home or the person.

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Christmas Markets in Rovereto from 27 November 2010 the 2 January 2011

At Christmas 2010 roads, squares, Courts, the palaces of Rovereto fill of Christmas in Central Europe that meets and mixes with that of Salento, vivid expression of the world mediterraneo.Nell 'charming frame Corso Rosmini, Piazza Erbe, Piazza S. Marco, Piazza Malfatti, Piazza Loreto Via Garibaldi and the Christmas market with its Rovereto 56 houses offers gourmet cuisine and the best production of local and national, to find original gift ideas including candles, addobbi, typical products and much, much more. From Sunday to Thursday at 10:00-19:00 Friday and Saturday 10:00-20:00 Early closing at 17:00 The 24 and 31 December

The market remains closed 25 December …l’articolo continua »

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