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Celtic New Year Castello Sforzesco – Duomo- From Milan 29 the 31 October 2010 | Traveling Easy
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Celtic New Year Castello Sforzesco – Duomo- From Milan 29 the 31 October 2010 | Traveling Easy

The 29, 30 E 31 October will be held in Milan at the Castello Sforzesco (Piazza del Cannone) the 11th edition of "Samain – Celtic New Year ", event now fully entered the circuit of major Celtic festivals in Europe and has recorded edition 2009 well 100.000 admissions. 

The program "SamainCeltic New Year " provides a full calendar of cultural events including performances of ancient battles (sabato 30 ottobre, ore 15.00), parades of historical re-enactment groups that cross the streets of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan Piazza Duomo (sabato 30 and Sunday 31 ottSaturdayore 14.00), stage Octoberh Hourscing by the group Gens d'Ys (Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October, Hours 17.00) and then workshops for children and adults with crafts of the past and craft displays Celtic.

To close each day of the event in Piazza del Cannone (Castle Sfrorzesco) there will be concerts by some of the most important groups of national and international folk scene:

Friday 29 Ottobre program in concert ANDREA Capezzuoli AND COMPANY E DOM DUFF (French).

Saturday 30 October program in concert GENERAL (Spain) E Kepa Junquera (Spain).

Sunday 31 October will perform CISALPIPERS (Italy), LUNASA (Ireland) and to follow HOLY SHIRE E F.B.A. 

In addition, during the three-day event, you can enter the competition "Win a trip to Ireland!”: win a weekend for two in Dublin worth 800 euro offered by the "Tourism Ireland" (for info on how to participate in the competition:

The opening ceremony of the exhibition stands and historical fields is scheduled for Friday 29 October at 18.00. All activities are free admission and you can enjoy a meal services to covered pay.

“SAMAIN – Celtic New Year " and done under the sponsorship and contribution of 'Tourism Department, Local Marketing, Identity of the City of Milan E Province of Milan. 

Milan returns to celebrate its ancient history - said L’Head of Tourism, Local Marketing, Identity of the City of Milan, Alessandro Morelliwith a three-day festival focused on culture, music, folk dancing, aromas and flavors of the Celtic lands. A journey back in time looking to the future of our city and its relations with other European countries that have pillars as their Celtic roots. Milan, which for decades has forgotten these bases, the rediscovered and given them new life because the deep roots do not freeze ever“.

"The deep roots do not freeze: the words of JRR. Tolkien are the ones that best suit edition 2010 Celtic New Year, – said Vice President and Head of Culture, Cultural Heritage, Political and cultural events for the integration of the Province of Milan, New Umberto Maerna - A cultural event, the vibrant notes of folk music, guides visitors on a fascinating journey back in time to discover our cultural identity. The deep roots are the same, history, Tradition of a people who resist the passage of time. Ancient settlements and small craft forges testify as forms and motifs of ancient arts and crafts unchanged through the centuries have remained an indispensable wealth of our territories, like music and written testimonies that reflect the thinking of our Origins. The Province of Milan is therefore pleased to sponsor this event considered an appointment with the history of Milan and Lombardy ".

SamainCeltic New Year " wants to celebrate "THREE NIGHTS Samain”, the most important holiday among the Celts, which sanctioned the end and the beginning of the Celtic year and the moment you open the communication between the underworld of the dead and that of the living. The "THREE NIGHTS Samain"Represented a particularly propitious, ideal way to start any business, so much so that some historical reconstructions date the foundation of the core of the Gallic city of Milan (then known asMedhelanon”) the sixth century BC. in correspondence of this feast. – - Infoline: 02 66234443