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The Fair Obejo Obejo and the Village of Wonder in Milan | Traveling Easy
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The Fair Obejo Obejo and the Village of Wonder in Milan | Traveling Easy

In the days Immaculate the city of Milan becomes…What's more beautiful then spend some time in an ancient and fascinating Christmas Market?

the Fair Obejo Obejo is in fact the most characteristic of the markets in Milan. The historical origins of the market back to Obejo Obejo 1288 when the party in honor of patron St. Ambrose of Milan,took place in the Santa Maria Maggiore, better known as Duomo, in the square. The name dates back to the famous fair 1510 when the city welcomed Giannetto Castiglione, first Grand Master of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus, who had been commissioned by Pope Pius IV to come to Milan in an attempt to rekindle the faith and devotion to the saints by the Milanese. As the population of Milan, at that time, showed no particular sympathy for the Pope Giannetto thought it well to get into town with a large number of packages filled with candy and toys. Entered in Milan began to distribute to children who gathered around the parade along with a large crowd of citizens.

The children cried at the sight of gifts "Oh Bej Oh Bej” ( Or that beautiful!). Since then the market at the time of St. Ambrose was named Fair Obejo Obejo. In the stalls selling clothes, especially old toys and food products. Among the local products as well as mustard and chestnut were the Boron smoked chestnuts in the oven, bathed in white wine and strung on long strings. Sources at the fair, as mentioned, took place in Piazza dei Mercanti, vicinisima the Cathedral, by 1886 the fair will be moved all around the superb Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, Romanesque masterpiece of Italian and European, where it remained until 2006. Today we celebrate around Obejo Obejo Castello Sforzesco. Over the years the exhibition has been divided into different sections(Italy, EUROPE, Countries outside Europe) so you can find both the Italian and Crafts artisan products from other countries. the Fair Obejo Obejo has already began to do yesterday and will continue until to Friday 10 December.

To the delight of all children in Milan, by 4 December 9 January you enter a magical world with the Village of Wonder, and designed by Horizon, Supported by the Events. The Village of Wonderis set up at the Giardini di Porta Venezia. Inside the village is one of the most eagerly awaited attractions skating rink. The price for adults is 6 € per hour including rental skates. Children are charged one hour of skating and rental skates 4 €. Among the most eagerly awaited by the children there are of course those with Father Christmas and the Epiphany That, by 6 January onwards, fill the stockings of candy or coal.

Then you can find the Crystal Castle is a transparent structure inside of which is lined with activities and entertainment for children of all ages. Among the most popular activities is Circus School that will provide opportunities for children and adults to engage in the most extraordinary performance, to indulge themselves in makeup and in many other games to study and customize. Then at night, the Crystal Castle is transformed into the ideal venue for theme parties and group dinners, and will host ', on its stage, a special guest, Geronimo Stilton. Of course, there is a cinema 4D, Santa's sleigh and Market Elf: many small wooden chalets,with lots of decorations and Christmas lights inside which you can buy delicacies and a thousand curious. Inside the village there is also a Equipped Area within which will be held on New Year's Eve Gala Dinner 2011.

There will be meetings with Martina Colombari e Andrea Pellizzari, Rava Foundation's testimonial, present the Village with a stand to raise money for children in Haiti affected by earthquake. and the Prickly Pear, special events that accompany, as the charity lottery.