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Christmas Village in Brugherio

The cultural association art hobby craft show & organized life The Christmas Village in Brugherio -December 11-12 18-19 December. Meet at 8.00 Piazza Roma.

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The second part of the Taste Trail

It began the tenth edition of "The Path of Taste", wine and food festival organized by the Val Grande National Park with the aim of encouraging producers and restaurants to re-evaluate old recipes while offering visitors an excellent opportunity to know and enjoy the culinary excellence of the territories of the Park: ham typical Vigezzo, honey, Prunent wine and goat cheese.

Just the goat has been identified as the main theme of the show for appointments 2010. The choice is dictated by the participation the Park Project Interreg Italy Switzerland 2007-2013 “PROALPI – Showcase some traditional sectors and their typical products Verbano Cusio Ossola and the Canton Ticino ".

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Festival del Prosciutto di Parma from 10 the 19 September 2010

From now until September 19 Parma celebrates its most famous ham, with a food festival embracing 10 municipalities in the surrounding hills, sole custodians of the secrets of an exquisite all-natural ham, branded by the PDO.

the the party begins 10 September in Piazza Garibaldi in Parma and as a gesture of welcome will be offered to all participants a slice of ham. There will also be the chance to see how does the king of meats, starting from the work of salting it with their skilled hands massage the legs of pork, which then become hams. Producers open the doors of companies to show the cycle of work and offer free tastings.

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Il 18 and 19 September 2010 Pietra Ligure Sweet Stone

Sweetest Stoneis an event, now in its sixth edition, to be held in Pietra Ligure, in the province of Savona, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September 2010. During the festival you can taste and buy specialty confectionery, as well as wines and spirits from all over Italy. Besides the exposure of many products, will be also organized tastings, workshops and live demonstrations on how to prepare some sweet dishes.
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Mangialonga Sunday 29 August

The Mangialonga is a non-competitive walk to discover the gourmet food and wine specialties of the area of La Morra on a path surrounded by vineyards with beautiful views.

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The old Fair Sommacampagna is traditionally held on the Monday following the last Sunday in August. The event starts from the previous Friday and closes the following Tuesday with the fireworks. In 2010 events take early Friday 27 August and they end Tuesday 31 August.

The ancient Fair is Sommacampagnaborn as a market exhibition dedicated to local activities, Agriculture and livestock,and over the years has become an important trade fair and a rich folkloric event.

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The cheese in the sky with Asiago Asiago (we), by: 28-08-2010 the 29-08-2010

The Asiago cheese in the sky 
The mountain cheeses in the competition and on display!

Asiago (we), by: 28-09-2010 the 29-08-2010

The event, Now in its 10th edition, will be held in the splendid Piazza Carli.

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by 27 the 29 August back to Paupisi, in the province of Benevento “This festival-festival Cecatiello” its thirty-seventh edition: gastronomic tours wind through the most picturesque transforming the country for three days in an authentic outdoor restaurant.

The real stars are the cecatielli, typical hand made dough and topped with meat sauce choices. the popular culture combined local resources according to a simple formula: durum wheat grown in the sun, pure water source and the ability to choose when climate more suitable for hanging out the sheets and dry outdoor cecatiello. It should be great skill, especially during the dry and delicate passes are always entrusted to the care of women. After this main dish in the festival you can enjoy other delicacies prepared according to tradition paupisana: padellaccia, stew, stuffed peppers, tripe, various roasts, Sweets, cobs…

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Arnad celebrates the delicious Lard dop, the way the ‘I FEHT home’

It starts tonight at Arnad the I FEHT home " , a tradition that has been repeated for almost thirty years and draws thousands of tourists. the “Lard Festival”, is an ideal opportunity to taste the famous "Valle d'Aosta Lard Arnad PDO , together with the dishes to it tied. The festival takes place at the Keya, in a clearing that houses small wooden chalets, decorated for the event with flowers and embroidered cloths of hemp.

During the festival, local producers offer tastings to visitors not only the precious bacon, but also other typical products like wine, cheeses and sweets. For several years he also held the taste workshops that allow visitors to learn more about the products and savor them in their ideal pairing.

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Thursday 23 September, for lovers of two wheels, a fascinating journey to discover the romantic night itineraries between the lake jewel of the Valley of Lakes

Soft slopes covered with vineyards and fruit trees that come down to lap the waters of glacial origin Lake with. Massenza; the wild beauty of the basin Cavedine set among the shining marocche, huge expanse of boulders from the above Monte Brento and Monte Casale; the treasure of the ancient castle Toblino overlooking the waters of the homonymous stretch of water.

A spectacle of unparalleled beauty made even more unique by the blue night sky and the shine of the stars that light the Valley of the Lakes on a cool late summer night.

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