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A festival of squid from the Capraia 30 to the 31 October 2010

in’Capraia Island, Saturday 30 October and Sunday 31 October 2010 will be held Feast of the Spotted Capraia.

The largest Festival of World Spotted, will this year as the protagonist new docking of the Vessel which will host the Festival (where you eat…) and Fishing Competition Land category (finally with a larger venue).

There will be t-shirts, In gadget, the fishing competition with motor boats and sailing boats and the Awards exclusive!

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by 28 October to 1 November Fasulin de l'Occitan cun to the cudeghe Pizzighettone (CR)

The 'Casemates' for Fasulin de l'Occitan cun the cudeghe - once the dish was served in the inns of the country 2 November, farms in that period coincided with the killing of the pig that you do not throw anything, including pork rinds – will return to become a great tavern of the past, with benches and wooden tables where you eat "Fasulin" (but also other products of autumn) served in their steaming bowls as a time and accompanied by freshly baked bread and wine.

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Opuntia ficus-indica FEST XI ^ SACRED Ficodindia 15-16-17 October 2010

Friday 15 October 2010

Hours 16,00 Opening Opuntia ficus-indica FEST 2010

Prickly Pear Festival XI 2010  

Hours 16,00 Opening of exhibition stands, Exhibitions, tourist and recreational Municipal Planetarium F. Nicosia pm 16,00 all 22,00 c / o Community Center C.E.S.A.R .- Observatory, Eliografo, Elioplanetografo pm 16,00 all 19.00 Evening hours by observing 20,00 all 24,00 c / o Fraz. Regalgioffoli Hydraulic mill c / wear out the hours 15,00 all 17,00 c / wear out

Visit Churches pm 15,00 all 21,00

Personal exhibition of paintings by John Salam ore16.00 to 23.00 c / o Community Center

Hours 16,00 Traveling exhibition of the Band "Vincenzo Bellini" Roccapalumba

Tasting of prickly pear

Hours 17,00/24,00 by the Consortium and its flavors Roccapalumba "c / o 'wine tasting area Azzurra Via Regina Elena

Hours 21,00 CABARET Opuntia with ... "should keep the scarrozza”  c / o Stage Via Umberto I

Hours 22,00 Spettacolo offered by the Sicilian Region Tourism Sports Entertainment c / o Stage Via Umberto I

Hours 22,30 “Roccacasalese”

Free tasting of agnolotti by the City of Casale Monferrato dell'Associazionec and / or area tasting 'Green' Via L. Avellone

Hours 23,00 Free tasting "La grande bouffe of prickly pear" c / o 'Area Azzurra Via Regina Elena

Hours 24,00 Stand closure

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by 8 to the 10 October festival in Arezzo polenta

 Sagra della Polenta from Friday 8 Sunday 10 in October 2010 Location Rigutino (Arezzo) During the Festival dinner, tastings, children's entertainment, shows and much more .

program Sagra della Polenta 2010

Friday 8 October
Hours 19,00 Opening Day; Hours 20,00 Dinner in the room and stand in the covered;

Hours 21,15 Circle Theatre presents a Rigutino: Preview 2010 ” Gigi Crezia and thermal treatments ” metamorphosis of two tight-fisted rich dialect comedy ...

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by 9 October to 14 November on Saturday and Sunday at Alba (Sun) Fiera del Tartufo Bianco

He is eighty years old but still in great shape the international fair of the white Alba truffle, the tuber's most popular and expensive in the world.

In fact, the World market for truffles meets From 9 October to 14 November , a series of weekend all dedicated to the precious tuber autumn. For the occasion, will’ can sample dishes accompanied by the Reds in the Monferrato and Langhe, but also carefully selected to purchase truffles.

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Day to Comacchio eel

For all lovers dell’anguilla, Queen of the Valleys of Comacchio, for well two weekends of October (2-3 and 9-10 October 2010) there is an event not to be missed, considering that the autumn and winter is the better to enjoy this fish downstream.

In fact, in October, along the streets of Comacchio and specially prepared food stand in the courtyard of Palazzo Bellini, you can taste the delicious eel in all its preparations: Grilled, in broth, marinated in vinegar. All thanks Italian Sailors Association, section of Comacchio.

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by 24 to the 26 September Muro Lucano (PZ) ,Potato Festival's highest mountain

by 24 to the 26 September , a Muro Lucano (PZ) , be held’ the “Potato Festival's highest mountain“ . Muro Lucano is a town of nearly 6.000 inhabitants of the province of Potenza. The country is located between 600 and 660 m slm. and extends to steps on a steep slope overlooking a ravine. It overlooks a Castle, of high-medieval origins. Muro Lucano is home to the National Archaeological Museum of the North-West Basilicata.

Program of the festival:


- 19:00 Official opening of exhibition "Traditional Potato Festival" with opening / presentation by the Pro Loco and the Presidents of associations and the municipal and provincial administrations;

- 19:30 free distribution to all participants, Visitors to the baked potato in the ashes;

- 19:30 Opening Information stands, promotion, Culinary, representative, popular event and early play (Typical potato products, white bean, caciocavallo cheese, honey, Crafts);

- 21:00 Projections related videos potato cultivation;

- 21:30 Top entertainment shows and a rate of ½ – 1 hours away (music, proof of descent with ropes, street games, etc.. etc..);

- 22:00 Smooth opening show / dance evening, Quadriglie;

- 22:45 opening evening of dance music young in the Cloister Hall;

- 01,00 closing Entertainment.

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The potato festival 23 to the 26 September 2010 Share on wikio5-3114643
The Rite of the Tellina 17 to the 19 September 2010

Back again this year to Borghetto dei Pescatori Ostia, for his edition 2010 The Rite of Tellina.In this edition, will also present a stand of the Italian Celiac-Sydney. You can then enjoy “gluten-free spaghetti with clams” and information directly on the particularities of celiac disease.

This year is a special year for The festival. The Regolamento Community Mediterraneo has introduced new rules by June 1 for the coastal fishery: the new rules, dictated by environmental reasons, probably in fact prevent harvesting cockles. And so the annual festival, as well as a friendly note at, also becomes an appointment with a delicacy that is becoming “refinement“because of its rarity.

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September in Motta Visconti

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