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“Crusher Open” XIII edition (Umbria, by 30 October to 8 December 2010) | Traveling Easy
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“Crusher Open” XIII edition (Umbria, by 30 October to 8 December 2010) | Traveling Easy

Back in Umbria, the thirteenth edition, “Frantoi Aperti”, event that the 30 October December 8 will 6 beautiful weekend to find things to do the "flavor" of the discovery of a unique product. Many initiatives that will unfold in Umbria along the Road of during the long edition of "Open Crusher" dedicated extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria and organizations in common and participating in mills with side shows and cultural activities 

A tasty little oil for what is new 6 unmissable weekend will lead to mill mill, from country to country, from village to village, through festivals, Exhibitions, concerts, shows. And then a lot of tasting squares, mainly in the buildings and mills, open for the duration of the event.

Long, promises to be rich and evocative in Umbria Thirteenth edition of “Frantoi Aperti”. More than a month is the time to spend dedicated to olive, of its outstanding product and its special territories.

The period by 30 October to 8 December be characterized as the long "season" dedicated to olives and olive oil, with many initiatives that will be organized by the municipalities of Umbria high vocation olive.

It starts on 30 October, when again first will Umbria and Oil Road to become the capital of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dop. It starts this weekend in between October and November, "Open Crushers", an event organized by the Road Oil DOP Umbria and Mountain Community Martani Serano and Subasio, in collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Umbria and the Oil City.

L’iniziativa, that winds through the territories of Umbria to the discovery of his most representative product, is a path in which taste, art and culture come together with the aim of promoting and enhancing the Protected Designation of Origin “Umbria”.

Many mills are open that in 9 Community members all’iniziativa (Trevi, Spoleto, Giano dell 'Umbria, Castel Ritaldi, Valtopina, Gualdo Cattaneo, Spello, Montecchio, Campello sul Clitunno) organize tastings and moments of the show dedicated to the promotion of Umbria Dop.

In 6 weekend program will mainly mills Umbria open to welcome the many visitors and squares of the municipalities participating at the event there will be many activities related to oil, culture and cuisine of Umbria.

It will be possiblepick olives, attend to the pressing and participate in individual cultural, do trekking among the olive trees, visits to museums, educational initiatives to learn to use the oil in the kitchen, as well as those dedicated to children. Suggestive, In addition, will be walking for pleasure With tastings mills and visits to the olive trees.

The event also will join Guest accommodation (hotel, farm, country house, B&B) selected for the quality and acceptance. The tourists will now have a discount on accommodation during the event and receive a complimentary bottle of the precious "green gold" of Umbria. For the occasion, expected benefits and attractive travel packages (Info: Try Travel – 0742 356784 –

Through 6 intense weekend you can then discover the whole region through five routes designed to meet the many Sub Oil DOP Umbria: Colli del Trasimeno, Colli Orvieto, Colli Amerini, Colli Assisi-Spoleto, Colli Martani.

In addition to geographic routes, will be very interesting too "Routes" artistic provided (music, taste, theater, Arts and Culture, Nature, Wellness, Folklore, museums open), which flank the knowledge and tasting of Umbria, moments of culture and entertainment that engages a diverse audience lovers of good food, but also art and beauty.

Wide range of cultural activities will be, especially in the theaters and concert halls of cities, will allow for a wide range of events. With the support of Umbria Region, like last year in all municipalities participating for the duration of Crusher Open there will be dancing, concerts of classical music and opera.

With the representation of issues related to wine, so that will elevate the typical products, particularly oil, Events will be held theatrical performances and original contemporary experimental theater to stage live as the spaces that normally are not. The artistic director of the theater festival in places of Crusher Open is the responsibility of Theatre Major Source, shows that it will propose to the theme of food-related innovation.

In the cities there are also striking members urban hiking made guided tours of historic centers and museums. Even popular music concerts, in the streets and theaters, try to cheer the visitors.

Here are some of events taking place in some municipalities with high vocation olive participating in "Open Crushers":

1 ° weekend

- 30 October / 1 November - Trevi proposes “Festivol – Trevi between oil, art, music and taste "

- 30 October / 1 November - A Spoleto takes place “Spoleto Tipica”

- 30 October / 1 November - Giano dell 'Umbria presents “La Mangiaunta”

- 30 October / 1 November - All’Isola Polvese Autumn products meet the new oil

2 ° weekend

- 5 / 6 / 7 November - A Castel Ritaldi c’è “Frantotipico”

- 6 / 7 November - A Spoleto takes place “Spoleto Tipica”

3 ° weekend

- 13 / 14 November - A Spoleto takes place “Spoleto Tipica”

4 ° weekend

- 20 / 21 November - Valtopina and its "National Exhibition of the Truffle" will feature tastings of oil

- 20 / 21 November - A Gualdo Cattaneo takes place "Knowledge of bread, taste of oil, white and green of the Castles " tasting in the village of Rock Sound

- 20 / 21 November - A Spoleto takes place “Spoleto Tipica”


- 27 / 28 November - Giano dell 'Umbria With "The ways of Oil" presents the re-enactment of the "Feast of fraser"

- 27 / 28 November - Valtopina and its "National Exhibition of the Truffle" will feature tastings of oil

- 27 / 28 November - A Spoleto takes place “Spoleto Tipica”


- 3 / 8 December - Spello home to the new edition of "L'Oro di Spello"

- 3 / 8 December - A Montecchio back to the 35th "Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

- 3 / 8 December - Campello sul Clitunno proposes "Feast of Crusher"

- 3 / 8 December - A Spoleto takes place “Spoleto Tipica” 

More details and complete program