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The Alpin Bob Meran, the thrill of speed

If you use during the winter sledging, d’estate (and not only) there l’alpin bob. But what is it? To find out - and obviously if you want to try - just visit the ski areaMerano 2000host the only site of bobsled in South Tyrol and furthermore, with its 1100 meter path, is also the longest in Italy.

Going down the slide firmly anchored to the rail of this plant is also called "The roller coaster mountain"And throws a valley along a route full of curves that rise up to height 12 meters above the ground, really try thrill of speed. In winter as a frame there will be a wonderful snowy landscape, through fine while the summer there will be walkers and cows grazing on lush plateau amazed to follow your daring descents.

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flying angel

Above the Dolomites Lucane, In the heart of Basilicata, a steel cable suspended between the peaks of two countries, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa allows you to experience and a unique experience: the Angel Flight. Securely tied with by a special harness and hooked to a steel cable visitors can try for a few minutes the thrill of flight and will be left to slip into a fantastic adventure, only in Italy but also in the World for beauty of the landscape and the maximum height of overflight.

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YouTube launches its new channel "vacationer"

Summer's over, but the desire to go on holiday there and knows no season ever. Precisely for this reason YouTube has launched its new channel 'vacationer'Entirely devoted to travel. As explained on the official blog by Mark Day, responsible for sales and development for YouTube,”The channel collects in one box the best video production in terms of trips made by some partners of the platform"IncludingLonely Planet a National Geographic, da Travel Channel a HowCast.

The channel was launched in collaboration with the Norvegian Cruise Line It contains videos copyright to inspire holiday ideas, but also to learn more on goals more exotic practical advice to enjoy their holidays.

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The beach Tuerredda

the Beach Tuerreddais located in a beautiful cove between Cape and Cape Malfatano Spartivento,and is considered one of most beautiful beaches of Sardinia for its fine sand and clear and transparent color of the sea, reminiscent of a real Caribbean Landscape.All'arenile extends around the bush Mediterranean, while opposite is found the island of the same name that is just a short swim a few minutes.

For those who want this beach is really possible spend some time lying on the sand or on hot rocks and smooth.

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The beaches of Torre Lapillo

TORRELAPILLO or St. Thomas is a of the municipality of Porto Cesareo, located on the Ionian Sea. This site is one of the marine areas most popular Ionian Sea. is five kilometers from the center of Porto Cesareo and is an incomparable beauty, the pride of not only Porto Cesareo but also around the northern Salento.

Here the sea is crystal clearand beauty that seduces the sandy shores are lost visibly doing so become TORRELAPILLO a corner of paradise,   il ideal place to spend in the absolute peace summer holidays.

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Biking holiday in South Tyrol

Rosengarten-Latemar provides experiences Mountain Bike unforgettable scene where the, routes and trails make your holiday a dream for both beginners and experts.

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Grotta Azzurra Palinuro

Palinuro is one of the main tourist resort Campaign. Its unspoilt coastline offers the visitor beautiful stretches of beach and many small creeks, hidden coves and sea caves. Thanks to the beautiful sea caves, representing a major attraction for many tourists, Fano Palinuro that many people come every summer to visit. Among the many cavesToday I speak of Blue Grotto.

the Blue Grotto cavity represents the best known Capo Palinuro and is flooded with light blue iridescent,Doing all that is reflected in the cave itself by creating flashes and lights that fascinate and amaze the visitor.

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the Feast of St. John of 24 June is important from the point of view civil religion. Civilian remembers'fire and destruction of all buildings on the island Comacina Barbarossa to work in 1169 to punish the islanders of their alliance with Milan, Como enemy instead was loyal to the emperor. The origins are however remote village festival in honor of John the Baptist to propitiate the summer harvest.

The festival culminates with the island crackle of fireworks that light up with lights and barrels around the middle of Lake Como.  la night festival of St. John once provided the oil lamp posts in the shells of snails lake, called lumaghitt; now with candles placed in boats, on the balconies of houses in districts. The idea of lumaghitt derives from the habit of cooking snails with polenta on the eve of St. John.

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Tellaro a fishing village, among the most’ beautiful and picturesque in Italy

Tellaro is a village of Lerici very characteristic: narrow undulating, narrow alleys paved with stone, wherever rocks and reefs which are clinging to old houses some of them connected by small scales, climbs, times, squares and cellars, many viewpoints overlooking the sea, balconies lush, some garden, steps everywhere. There are also great beaches such “spiaggioni “, wild and pristine are accessed from the sea with special services.

Mario Soldati, who died after having lived here for so long, write about Terral: “Turn to these alleys that emerge at sea and then sit in a corner between the stones of the shore“.

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Discover together Monteriggioni

On the way from Siena leads to Florence, a few kilometers from Siena is Monteriggioni a rare instance of medieval military architecture which still preserves the ancient walls and its fourteen towers quadrangular.

the Most famous tourist Monteriggioni was definitely Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy in which he extolled the praises already.

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