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Friday 9 July 2010 White night in Udine | Traveling Easy
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Friday 9 July 2010 White night in Udine | Traveling Easy

Friday 9 July 2010 Udine until 2 by night, The old town is full of music, culture and typical products; dancing in the yard of the Castle and St. James Square; tastings in Freedom Square; Gardens reopen Torso; shopping until 23.30 and parking structure free all night.

Friday 9 July Udinethe night will be white. Back to the traditional appointment until two at night fill the capital of Friuli music, culture and entertainment for all ages. Also this year the council has succeeded in ensuring a evening appointments 360 building, with the collaboration Ersa, Confcommercio, Confartigianato, Consorzio Friuli Flavours and with support from private sponsors (Unipol Ugf Insurance, Bardelli Gallery Inc., Prontoauto and Tecnoauto) and with the participation of free associations which Legambiente Riviera Danze.

L’evento,one concentrate in the center and will range from music, in this Piazza Matteotti, Freedom and the square of the Castle, culture, with museums and exhibitions open to visitors, up to fun for kids, which will have games and toy library via Mercatovecchio room in Ajax.

Another highlight of the evening, La Gardens reopen Torso, which are finally returned to the city after the closure of three years due to a construction site. shops, with the summer sales season just started, will remain open until late and will be free parking in structure. The detailed program of all places of Udine Notte Bianca will be available in the coming days and downloaded from the website of the

Music for all tastes in three squares.The squares will host three music. Forecourt of the Castle DJs will offer music from dance to house music to dance under the stars younger, on stage in Piazza Matteotti DJs and live bands will present the rhythm of the great successes of all time with the music of the 70s-80s for all fans of the genre, Freedom Square and will have several proposals to entertain families. For lovers of classical music, instead, in the church of St. Peter the Martyr 21.30 Orchestra will play the Central European Foundation Louis Bon.

All the white square in Liberty.In particular in the Freedom Square, ERSA will stage "The white agriculture" where there is space for ten products of the region that stand to be the "typical white goods representing agribusiness nostrano: milk ricotta, from ice wine, only a few examples. In the square will also present the Wine Tourism Movement presenting some companies in wine region, with their best expressions of Friulian wine plus one white of their choice.

Museums and exhibitions open.To enhance the cultural treasures of the city, also, during the Notte Bianca will be open and also visited the museums and exhibitions Udinese: in particular we will pay visits to the Civic Museum with the exhibition "Giambattista Tiepolo between joke and whim. Drawings and engravings of humorous and tasty flavor "with tasting of the new Amaro Nonino and will also open the photo gallery Tina Modotti in the former Fish Market, which will inaugurate the exhibition on this occasion" to the Atelier Factory. Photographs of industrialization in Friuli 1905-1960 ".

Children and families.Guaranteed fun for families in places specifically for children. Via Mercato Vecchio, with the support of Confcommercio, animations and games to start already 18.30 and will continue until 23 to the delight of young and old. In the hall of building Ajax Aronco, also, by 20 until midnight, Playmobile the toy library will set up the board games for all ages. In the courtyard of Palazzo Morpurgo Consorzio Friuli go flavors "organize cooking classes involving pay some chefs in the region. Through the exhibition space to dance and choreography by Dance Riviera.

Shops are open and free parking in structure.Also open shops in the center to 23.30 and parking structure in free all night. by 21 at seven the next morning you may park for free in the parking Magrini, Andreuzzi and off Old Hospital. Legambiente and Net, finally, promote the collection in a specific information.

Sponsors.The White Night is produced with the assistance of sponsors. Besides, who shall prepare all'Ersa Freedom Square and offer tastings, Confcommercio will take care of the animation being Mercatovecchio, Confartigianato co-fund certain expenses for entertainment in the streets, Unipol insurance while Ugf, Bardelli Prontoauto Gallery Ltd. and will support the event financially.