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Monte Bondone: with “mountain of experience” technology at high altitude | Traveling Easy
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Monte Bondone: with “mountain of experience” technology at high altitude | Traveling Easy

Also new this year, the innovative summer camp there is a laboratory for new explorers Digital Mountains " where kids will learn to create a digital map of the area making it accessible to the world. and yet: ecology and sound exploration, performance, nature and fun experience by creativity and meeting training.

A sort of Wikipedia geography, where to find pictures, news, curiosity about every corner of the planet and where we can constantly update information on roads, squares, viable paths and nature trails passing on their experiences and information. This is OpenStreetMap, international project to map the world based on free assistance from the users, that should be handled in one of the proposals "Mountain Experience”, the summer camp Children About 11 that FROM 27 June 18 July 2010 will be held on Monte Bondone, the natural terrace overlooking Trento.

Prestigious initiative made possible by the laboratory "Digital Mountains for new explorers"Edited by FBK Trento - center for scientific research and technological, / IT - in the many activities organized for the young participants to the campus. Guided and assisted by researchers at the FBK boys mapping the territory surrounding the novel just as explorers, learning content and tools behind OpenStreetMap, real global geographical encyclopedia "Written" by the common people and accessible to anyone.

Will explain the concepts of’open content (content available to all in full compliance with the requirements of the authors), of Creative Commons licenses (basic legal instrument for promoting growth of open content) and Free Software. You can also test the application of new technologies for automatic recognition of evidence landscape.

A week straddling the close contact with nature, learning the latest technology and approach with the network 'sOpen Source, global network is constantly growing and passionate lovers. Final party with a hunting where “treasures” Discover places and quizzes will be prepared by the participants with the skills acquired in the laboratory. A proposal that is much more than a holiday: Mountain Experience is in fact a draft Informal learning played alongside musicians and computer, guide alpine e tutor, experts in astronomy and botany, to know, discuss and express their creativity in three areas:

  1. sound ecology and improvisation to the computer (by the Conservatory of Music "FA Bonporti" Trent).

A laboratory where you can listen and record the sounds of Monte Bondone and achieve a diverse and varied repertoire used on a track created on a computer. Topic: exploration 4 elements (land, air, fire, water) their embodiment in sound.

Objective: allow computer music experience thanks to encounters and interaction between the instrument and music directly to the build processing sounds previously recorded.

  1. Exploration of sound and music together (by the Conservatory of Music "FA Bonporti" Trent).

The workshop will involve children in activities of invention, musical exploration and design, creating a real site of the ensemble.

A space that will further develop listening, creativity , imagination and ability to work in groups in a context, the nature, already rich in its "soundscapes". Creative music courses will be developed around 4 basic elements of nature entwined with the paths of electronic music.

  1. Digital Mountains for new explorers (by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento).

Through experimentation activities and workshops bring the boys to the development of new knowledge and awareness from their passions and interests.

But the experience of the campus will be much more: in collaboration with researchers, guides and resources of the sports village, the learning will in fact be interspersed with diving nature and physical activities (tour in mountain bike, rock climbing, Desk) environment designed to combine, sport, art and science in original ways and challenging.

Finally, a concert program, shows and entertainment rich and entertaining ranging from moments dedicated to the mountain by the SAT (whole day with the guides from the Commission Mountaineering Juvenile CAI. – Society of Mountain Tridentini, section of Trento) in outdoor locations with Guide as rock climbing and Adventure Park, from group games and guided tours of the city-laboratory activities that combine sports and nature – by the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences – and go dall'orienteering astronomical, to hunt for treasures of the Alpine Botanical Garden Viote, and even comments to the Terrace of the Stars and adventures of all kinds of woods and meadows!

Organized in cycles weekly (everyday, morning and afternoon learning activities alternate proposals open-air games and sporting and nature, the evening entertainment and shows) and held at certified residential hotels, The project is managed and coordinated by 'APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valley Lakes and is promoted by major research institutions and higher education Trentino, which Conservatory of Music "FA Bonporti" Trento, the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences is FBK.


PERIOD: 3 shifts 7 days each – Sunday to Sunday

Dal 27 June 4 luglio; dal 4FROM July; dall'11 the 18 luglioJuly

Single stake: 490,00 €

- 10% discount for registration within two weeks of campus

- Vacation packages "Following Family": information: a phone. 0461 216000

The share Includes:

- Hotel accommodation 3 place

- 7 nights with full board

- participation in all activities under the program

Subscriptions subject to availability available.