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Spoleto 53 Festival of the 2Mondi 18 June 4 July 2010 | Traveling Easy
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Spoleto 53 Festival of the 2Mondi 18 June 4 July 2010 | Traveling Easy

Spoleto 53 Festival of the 2Mondi 18 June 4 July 2010 Posted on 15 June, 2010 of : Michela | Comments (1)

FROM 18 June 4 Back in July the appointment with the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto: a festival International culture and entertainment in a region rich in traditions of hospitality side, over time become an established reference point for art, nature, food and wine.

The Spoleto Festival, now in its 53rd edition, led by artistic director Giorgio Ferrara, is a’ attraction worldwide attention, which gives an image and a internationally renowned the beautiful Umbrian city. For this reason the Festival of Two Worlds has been and continues to be one of the events most important cultural and innovative global.

To open the show 2010 will 18 June "Gogo No Eiko" work into two parts by Hans Werner Henze's music that Sarano entrusted Symphonic Orchestra "G. Verdi" directed by Johannes Debus M.tro.

among others shows we remind:  “Wife riding"Goffredo Parise directed by Marco Zannori; “Not to die Mafia"Peter Grasso; ”In Jesus' name"Conrad Augias put a scene from the Teatro Stabile of Genoa; “Crusades"Written and directed by Gabriele Vacis; “The Norman Conquests” di Alan Ayckbourn; ”The Musicians of Bremen"Claudio Casadio and Giampiero Pizzol ; ”Beauty and the Beast; “Troilo Cressida"By William Shakespeare; “Eleven e Twelve / 11 and 12” directed by Peter Brook; ”Time sirocco Regazzoni tribute to Ernesto " adaptation, director and set design by Stefano Alleva; “A very unusual day” directed by Roberto Ruggeri; John Malkovich says the ‘Confessions of a serial killer‘, theater for orchestra, singer and actor.

for dance vi segnaliamo la ”Lubovitch Dance Company –Dancing Jazz” (Roman Theatre); ”Cedar Lake Comntemporary Ballet” (New Theatre); “The Words of John Neumeier” (Cathedral Square).

14 art exhibitions staged during the festival prepared by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, that can be visited during the whole course of the Festival. For the music are in the program traditional concerts of mezzoggiorno and the 22 June is scheduled concert Band State Police Teatro Romano.

the Festival will conclude with the traditional concert in Piazza del Duomo during which they will perform the symphonic dances from Leonard Bernstein and the first symphony by Gustav Mahler. For the occasion he will perform the Symphony Orchestra of Milan, conducted by Diego Matheuz.

Click here you can find the program Full festival.