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Exhibitors show motor home | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 29 August, 2011

Parma, August 2011 - As part of the vehicles and accessories, The Salone del Mobile home 2011, Fiere di Parma and produced by APC - Association of Manufacturers Caravans and Motorhomes - anticipates further additions to be present at the event from Parma 10 the 18 September 2011.


The range Prium, characterized by plants with kitchen in the middle of the passenger, Having launched many innovative ideas like the bike vertical electrically operated garage, presents "Easy Chef" stove built into the structure and folding for outdoor cooking and Panoramic System, a large side door that opens vertically at the living. News also on other ranges. 

Real novelty of 2012 of all models in the series is the new low-profile Prium Easy Chef, or a stove / grill housed in a locker outside and pull to get a true outdoor cooking. This will avoid unpleasant odors inside the living space and do not dirty the kitchen. Another solution is new and cutting-edge Panoramic System, a large tailgate on the left side of the vehicle, that opens and closes electrically rising up. In this way the central lounge you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view on the external environment as well as enjoy a ride outside / inside and very easy steps favored by the presence of two removable side by side, serving the whole area open. The series Prium was founded two years ago with a low-profile compact at less than six feet, and imposed itself on the international market for innovative and bold solutions to some. First of all, the choice of placing the kitchen block at the center of the passenger. This allowed the first model, Prium XS, to obtain a generous cross-toilet compartment in the queue, a cozy living room for 6 people and an electronic front adjustable bed can be lowered to allow access is easy. Last season, this is the first implementation are added Prium XL and XG Prium. This year comes a new model: Prium XT with very wide rear bed cross (146 cm) mini and maxi. Other new features include the range of campers pure Baths, confirms that the models of last season with the addition of two new versions with lengths over 6 feet. The range of classic low-profile (without the bed with adjustable height front) consists of four models: Genesis 58, 34, 32 Ford Transit mechanics of Genesis and the renewed 38, Fiat Ducato. The range of Genesis attic is made for 2012 of seven models. Genesis of the whole series was restyled the exterior decoration and furniture design change in, linoleum floor, fabrics and packaging of pillows. The tents are now type "packet is entirely internal LED illumination. Mageo consists of three models : in semintegrali 114, 118, 138 E 128 (revisited for the 2012) and the new low-profile bed with adjustable height front Magee 119. Magee across the range improvements for the new season involving the internal decoration : new linoleum, new fabrics and cushions of the pack ; tents such as "packet"; design, big fridge "mirror" AES 190 35 lt; LED lighting; dimming the cabin through sliding curtain; platform in the toilet; American Window 800×1000 in rooms with central bed (118/119).   …continue l'Articolo »