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saloon of the camper 2011: continue the advance news of protagonists in the Italian and European 10 the 18 September 2011 at the Parma Fair | Traveling Easy
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saloon of the camper 2011: continue the advance news of protagonists in the Italian and European 10 the 18 September 2011 at the Parma Fair | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 29 August, 2011 8:00

Parma, August 2011 - As part of the vehicles and accessories, The Salone del Mobile home 2011, Fiere di Parma and produced by APC - Association of Manufacturers Caravans and Motorhomes - anticipates further additions to be present at the event from Parma 10 the 18 September 2011.


The range Prium, characterized by plants with kitchen in the middle of the passenger, Having launched many innovative ideas like the bike vertical electrically operated garage, presents "Easy Chef" stove built into the structure and folding for outdoor cooking and Panoramic System, a large side door that opens vertically at the living. News also on other ranges. 

Real novelty of 2012 of all models in the series is the new low-profile Prium Easy Chef, or a stove / grill housed in a locker outside and pull to get a true outdoor cooking. This will avoid unpleasant odors inside the living space and do not dirty the kitchen. Another solution is new and cutting-edge Panoramic System, a large tailgate on the left side of the vehicle, that opens and closes electrically rising up. In this way the central lounge you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view on the external environment as well as enjoy a ride outside / inside and very easy steps favored by the presence of two removable side by side, serving the whole area open. The series Prium was founded two years ago with a low-profile compact at less than six feet, and imposed itself on the international market for innovative and bold solutions to some. First of all, the choice of placing the kitchen block at the center of the passenger. This allowed the first model, Prium XS, to obtain a generous cross-toilet compartment in the queue, a cozy living room for 6 people and an electronic front adjustable bed can be lowered to allow access is easy. Last season, this is the first implementation are added Prium XL and XG Prium. This year comes a new model: Prium XT with very wide rear bed cross (146 cm) mini and maxi. Other new features include the range of campers pure Baths, confirms that the models of last season with the addition of two new versions with lengths over 6 feet. The range of classic low-profile (without the bed with adjustable height front) consists of four models: Genesis 58, 34, 32 Ford Transit mechanics of Genesis and the renewed 38, Fiat Ducato. The range of Genesis attic is made for 2012 of seven models. Genesis of the whole series was restyled the exterior decoration and furniture design change in, linoleum floor, fabrics and packaging of pillows. The tents are now type "packet is entirely internal LED illumination. Mageo consists of three models : in semintegrali 114, 118, 138 E 128 (revisited for the 2012) and the new low-profile bed with adjustable height front Magee 119. Magee across the range improvements for the new season involving the internal decoration : new linoleum, new fabrics and cushions of the pack ; tents such as "packet"; design, big fridge "mirror" AES 190 35 lt; LED lighting; dimming the cabin through sliding curtain; platform in the toilet; American Window 800×1000 in rooms with central bed (118/119).  


Historic name in the world of recreational vehicles has always specialized in realization of high technical and stylistic, Concorde, leading brand manufacturer of luxury motorhomes, presents many new features for the new season, including the third generation of Charisma. 

With a market share of more than 70% segment beyond the 6,5 t, Concorde is considered the market leader in the premium segment. Here, sets standards for the construction of real "suites on wheels" that are capable of replicating, if not exceed, provided comfort and habitability of a real home. L’offerta 2012 Concorde is divided into the ranges I think Emotion, I think Passion, I believe Action, Carver, Charisma Classic, Charisma, Cruiser, Cruiser C1, Liner e Liner Plus, The improvements of detail and action for the new season some concern 'all ranges and in particular, we note the new Cruiser, The restyling of the Liner, hours split in the traditional series (Liner) and the new flagship liner Plus and the launch of the new Charisma. New innovations among the most awaited proposals for the 2012, the third generation of Charisma comes with modern and exclusive design and content intended to redefine the very concept of luxury motorhomes. An automotive body markedly, in fact, holds a construction technique devoted to excellence and interiors designed to provide elegance, conviviality, brightness and convenience. Available on Iveco Daily, Eurocargo e MAN. TGL, Charisma is the new report for a completely new exterior and interior design, modern and personal, able to continue, in a contemporary key, and full of ideas of interest, the tradition of the flagship model of the German. Distinguishing features of the new project are the new grille adorned with LED daytime running lights and rear, The panorama windshield heat control, through the double floor polyurethane, Dometic Seitz windows of the latest generation of high thermal insulation, the new GT mirrors. Charisma also has a new windshield with a special UV filter (Concorde Sun-Braker) able to reject the 49% radiation and a new panoramic roof with electric blind pleated roof to illuminate the interior with natural light, characterized by new furniture or teak veneer Wenge, both customer choice, and combined with different upholstery, all high quality. L’abitacolo, heated by convectors Alde plant and divided into three zones independent thermostatic control, adopts a new polyurethane flooring, a new integrated cooler compartment with front dash. Water tanks with a wide autonomy for loading and recovery 380 l LED interior lighting and scenic. Three models are proposed: 850l, Twin rear, 900M, with central double bed water, E 920g, with rear garage which can accommodate the little Smart ForTwo.

-        EURA MOBIL: The new profiles P 

EuraMobilpresents significant developments in its range of products. Production 2012 embrace all types of recreational motor vehicles, prepared with a wide range of vans, profiles, profiles with double swinging, divided into the attic and integral ranges Davis, Looms, Terrestra, Style Integra and Integra. 

Eura Mobil I Veicoli 2012 are characterized by high quality materials and technical solutions, with the presence, on all vehicles, the double floor, capable, depending on the version used and the basic mechanics, plant to accommodate the entire board, in a secure environment, heated and easily accessible. Eura Mobil I Veicoli, In addition, are characterized by the particular body sandwich panels with outer fiberglass (even the lower deck), High-density insulation. Sealed called Structure and derived from aeronautical construction techniques and bonding, Sat scocca Eura Mobil assicura Grande robustezza, rigidity, weather resistance and high insulation, as evidenced by the flattering judgments received from specific tests conducted by the prestigious magazine Promobil. Completely new is the range of P Profile Profile, fitted on the Fiat Ducato and, although it involves a product covered by a very favorable purchase price, with double floor. It offers four versions (P 650 EB, P 660 HB, P 670 SB e P 680 QB) able to decline the most common interior plants Twin of the garage, of transverse double garages, French bed and double bed in the longitudinal center rear water, available, Optional, combined with the practical front tilting bed. At the top lies the supply Eura Mobil Integrate new generation of motorhomes. Staged on the Fiat Ducato chassis with dual axis AL-KO, offers three models (Integra 720 HB, Integra 760 HB, Integra 850 QB) featuring new design of graphics and colors of outdoor, new interior, very extensive standard equipment (Electronic orthopedic massage, bathroom with rain shower heated and lit, kitchen with unique design and work plan ultra-resistant glass, battery cell from 210 Ah, illuminazione interna dimmerabile, cockpit fiberglass ultra, double floor-through from well 50 cm high) representing the best available today to respond to requests for Crews demanding.


New attractions for the French brand that invented the entry-level motorhome: created a new range of profiles; two new plants coming on and is made integral Next, in a limited edition of the integral MB 740 wall coverings with replaceable.

Now in its fourth year of life, Itineo, the French specialist of the entry-level motorhome belonging to the Group launches a new idea Fast, original, dedicated to young families and dynamic. Sull'inedita series of motorhomes Next limited edition offers the lining of the wall in the kitchen pvc magnetiizzato, so you can easily apply and remove. Facilities include four different colors to create as many locations. The headboard of the bed center rear can be replaced quickly with other coated with different colors, by applying Velcro. Nine versions with lengths between 695 E 800 cm can offer all the most popular layouts. in Italy, appreciated is the SB 720, single integral on the market designed for a number of crews, approved with six seats and the same beds with the living The dinette in the front, central table and sofa opposite, Headquarters and, queued, transverse bunk beds with storage / garage variable volume not to give up anything, even the transport of bicycles or a scooter. The changes for the 2012 involving: dashboard, redesigned, now more stylish and feature; cell with the new door lock and handle integrated automotive type; new upholstery "Broceliande Red" and other retail operations.

Unpublished the SB 740, with a new plant characterized by the children's room in the queue consists of bunk beds and a dinette single. Large front living room that can accommodate up to 7 people at the table. Six beds and a bathroom with separate shower. news 2012 the new range of profiles With 2 new models: MB 2740 e SB 2740. The first is a low-profile characterized by a central bed in the queue, dinette very friendly, four beds and a bathroom with separate shower. SB 7240, instead, is a low-profile features a front living room can also accommodate 8 people, with six beds bunk beds distributed between the rear, Tilting the front and dinette.

- Hobbies raises the premium

Hobby redefines the upper segment of its range of caravans with the series Premium: a new dimension of design and technology and offering excellent value for money. Redesigned the interior completely restyled the Prestige and the number of mobile homes Landhaus.

elegant, intelligent, Sports, dynamic and modern: it presents the new Premium Hobbies, which marks for the industry, the beginning of a new era. Characterized by a car design, presents a uniform body, smooth, seamlessly handles perfectly integrated into the walls and windows and the front section of the curve from the line futuristic. Are hidden behind the appearance also many unusual design features, sophisticated technology and high quality materials. The front wall and back are made of plastic and insulated with high density foam insulation. This will offer even more strength to the body, a new system that uses the junction of the walls. To achieve the highest standards in production Qualitative, Hobby has invested approximately 1,5 million euro. Premium Series, frame Knott, has an exclusive technology that acts on the braking system, constantly adjusting and recording the wear of brake pads. The elegant lines of the exterior design of the premium can also be found inside the caravan. LED strips show the contours of the roof helping to create a more welcoming, while the technology Dometic fridge Slim Tower by 140 liter internal light blue, offers an extra touch of exclusivity. Premium is available in 9 variations of plant and length of the compact 440 SFr great model to dual-axis 720 UML. Prices range roughly between the series 18.000 EEI 26.000 Euro. The oldest and most successful series of Hobby, the Luxury, is now equipped with completely refurbished interiors. Doors, door, doors and profiles assume a lighter color (Comina Ash) while the darker shades keeps furniture (Goiabao). Also new chrome handles with elegant and distinctive forms. The range comprises 8 models: average models 560 UL and WLU to the top models 720 UML and UKFe, through three versions of 650 (UMFe, KFU, WFU) and model 610 UL. The legendary permanent caravans Country house, shows a new trunk, exclusive and modern, that proposes the solution of the overhanging roof like a real house, while maintaining a look that made it unique. Two models, the 770 CFE, the 770 MFe. Also new are the extensions that inherit the new look introduced for the Prestige Series. The entire range of the job 2012 incorporates 5 range: the series of entrata Deluxe, the excellent series, High Prestige and Premium range and maxi caravans Landhaus.


Now in its fiftieth anniversary, the French brand offers an extensive series of Quick news for the 2012, interventions of detail on all ranges and more determined by the number of motorhomes license "C" 10000 9M series of mechanical and Mercedes. Some models are expected to issue "Special 50 anni”.

"Fifty years of innovation in the service of adventure", with this slogan, the brand celebrates its French Quick cinquatesimo birthday, marked by a history full of successes. Today, Quick is a family headed by Pierre Rousseau, based in Mayenne, in the Loire region, articulated in a motorhome with an offer of 8 ranges for a total of 42 distributed models 17 Countries. For next season, Quick has a large number of new. From series 10, motorhomes for license "C" over the past year that have been renovated both internally and externally. Mechanical set up of the Fiat Ducato chassis with AL-KO double floor and dual-axis, have a length of 850 cm and are available in four different versions. Of all plants is standard heating water circulation Alde. The changes for the 2012 have affected the outside, with redesigned front and rear, and the interior with numerous interventions of detail from the new bathroom with separate shower. New are also the refrigerator and oven Techtower, the furniture in the "Elegance", mattresses with a system to adapt to the body lines, SOG toilet system and the second box. Unprecedented of the plant 10001 which offers a particularly innovative: in the posterior chamber, at the foot of the bed center, a sink is placed independently; on the left wall is the shower and on the right, Extractable the toilet by a mobile. The toilet area is created by closing the sliding panels that create a cross between the bedroom and the central. A new solution that eliminates, in fact, The toilet compartment repositioning elements in free space, but then allow, all’occorrenza, the creation of the bathroom.

Other new features include the range of motorhomes which uses mechanical Mercedes Sprinter with powers up to 190 horses called 9M series. Several changes starting from approvals, now provided only for license "C", ie maximum permissible weight of 3,88 tonnes or in the version of MH 4,6 t. Change the front grille and the construction technique this year by adopting a framework for internal aluminum walls, roof and floor. New and redesigned the interior spaces all, through collaboration with a designer of yachts. New Model 966M, characterized by a unique solution: posterior chamber of the twin beds can scroll to approach and form a double bed. On other ranges you report it: the new profile 666 with twin beds in the rear; section 791FF of the new AL-KO chassis and featuring a large central bed in line with underlying garages, large separate shower from the toilet compartment, a living room with six beds; The new motorhome 991dF, characterized by central bed in the queue and a separate shower from toilet compartment.

On some models there is a setting designed especially to celebrate the 50 years of the brand. The versions of "Special 50 years "are provided for models 791FF, 9090dF, 9092dF, 10001, 990MHV and include a unique outdoor decoration features the logo and stickers extraserie 50 years; mood lighting for the bedroom and living room; the coating of the dashboard like briar (excluded 990 MHV); kitchen and furniture luxury yacht version (excluded model 791FF); chrome wheels or aluminum and the front is characterized by a nose 791FF quick smile and with fog lights.


French brand of the Group Fast, Fleurette has always been known for the elegance and sophistication of its products. Arrives in Italy with the series Florium motorhomes and profiles. Confirm ranges and low-profile Migrateur Magister and integral Discover, with some new.

Name Fleurette historic home, Migrateur identifies seven sections arranged on mechanical Fiat Ducato with AL-KO chassis AMC and offered in lengths ranging from 599 E 735 cm. Equipped, As all production Fleurette, the body is completely fiberglass with styrofoam insulation.

New furniture is characterized by internal doors with wood trim and available in the variants "Cherry" and "Maple". All’interno, vehicle features a new mobile TV, a brand new floor covering, new curtains and a new chrome handle input. No changes on Magister, profiled the top of the range second Fleurette: Three models of the Fiat Ducato chassis with AL-KO AMC and characterized by an allocation standard of luxury. Metallic paint, Cruise control, air conditioning, panoramic sun-roof integrated in the fairing, plissettati oscuranti Remis in cabina, dash finished in similradica, printed polyester side lockers, Pioneer car stereo with cd, porta cellula con finestra e zanzariera, heating Truma Combi 6. Discover the full range consists of five versions characterized by a very complete standard equipment (AL-KO chassis, double floor, fiberglass body, Styrofoam insulation, Air Conditioner Motor, Cruise control, audio system with radio / CD Pioneer, poCruise controln finestra e zanzariera, heatingcell door with window and mosquito net Discover 72 LBM e 73 SML models that replace the 67 LG and 72 SLB that are not replicated. For the 2012, The new exterior design provides an option to the front with gelcoat paint and adhesives that give more specific to the vehicle dynamics.

Florium, the new brand Fleurette, presents the range of profiles and full Mayflower Wincester. Mayflower The four models are built on Fiat Ducato chassis with low Camping Car Special and with transverse tilting bed. Beside the fact is reconfirmed 70LD 72LM and introduced versions 69 LBM (Rear double garages) E 73, characterized by a central double bed available in low water on the rear locker (73 LM) or in a raised position of the garage (73 MRB). Integrals Wincester, prepared on the Fiat Ducato chassis with AL-KO double floor-through with AMC, are available in three different models for a total of seven variants, all characterized by the presence, queued, the central double bed with a classic boat locker (LM version) or at the large garage (LMS and LMG versions). Beside the already known Wincester 74 LMS and 83 LMS makes its debut new Wincester 74LM, 75 LMS Alde, 83 LM, 84 LMS Alde e 84 LMG Alde. Among thLMcharacteristic elements common to all the series we find the body is completely fiberglass: made into its own processing department of the fiberglass manufacturing hub for Benet, Styrofoam insulation entirely in high-density 30 mm thick wooden skeleton combined. The furniture of high quality manufactured home.

-       AL-KO Kober

AL-KO KOBER, German Group 50 production sites in the world and two locations in Italy, is a manufacturer and supplier for the leading sectors of the technique of the vehicle, hobby of gardening and DIY, and technology for ventilation and air conditioning. Campers will attend the Fair of Parma from 10 the 18 September and will propose the restyling of the AKS stabilizer. These devices were created to cushion the heel and pitching movements of the trailer while driving, acting on the ball hitch and creating a damping effect that effectively prevents the onset of slip. in 2011, stabilizers AKS 3004 E 3504 for caravans and trailers were renovated in design with a new range of color and UV-resistant performance with improved ergonomic, thanks to a locking lever that allows very flat edges to vehicles with low load (such as off-road) access to the rear doors without any problems. Also renewed the design of the parking brake and brake repulsion, remained unchanged while all other strengths of the two versions. The protection Soft rubber Dock is incorporated as standard, has been simplified and the application of the alarm Safety.

-       CBE

CBE, company with headquarters in Trento and leaders in the field of electrical and electronics applied to caravanning and boating, Campers participate in the Fair of Parma offering a comprehensive range of products for the OEM and the after market.

The end user is given the range of photovoltaic modules Line Solar System made with monocrystalline silicon cells and available in four versions with ratings of 75, 90 E 120 In. Made in Italy, meet the requirements of European standards and are covered by warranty 25 years on the power rating. Dedicated to the battery management, instead, The Battery Duo System 150, an electronic device with built-in microprocessor that optimizes the process of charging and discharging two batteries installed in a recreational vehicle service: acting alternately on either accumulator, Battery Duo System 150 provides the highest capacity available to the system and increases the durability of the batteries. The pride of the technology and experience in providing the first plant, is instead the control panel and touch screen color of the line PC 770, made in the last season for the manufacturer of premium-end vehicles Concorde, and this year the new redesigned and customized for Laika motorhomes Kreos. PC 770 is able to manage every aspect of life on board and use of the recreational vehicle: from power on / off the utilities (also programmable), optimization of the autonomy of the top by a continuous and accurate control on the remaining resources.


J. Eberspaecher GmbH & What. KG is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of exhaust systems in the world, of vehicle heating and air conditioning systems for buses and also deals with electronics and bus systems for vehicles. The German company will be exhibiting at the camper from Parma 10 the 18 September and will present the New Calltronic, GSM module that lets you control all functions via phone models Airtronic Eberspächer Heating and Hydronic. Calltronic is a GSM module with SIM card can communicate with the control unit and activate the ignition (establishing the duration) or off the heating, or turn on only the forced ventilation (to cool the cockpit or the cabin in summer). The new version of Calltronic manages the control module, but not with voice commands via SMS, thus ensuring, ease of use and versatility. Innovations for the duration of heating, no longer among the 10 minutes and two hours at most, but a minimum of 60 seconds to a maximum of 999 minutes. This way you can start heating the camper in advance before leaving, or, in the case of water heater Hydronic, heating the cab (and then defrosting the windows) and preheat the engine.

-       TRUMA

Truma GmbH & What. KG is the specialist of innovative accessories and amenities for leisure vehicles and mobile applications with a complete range of products in the fields of heating systems, systems operations, conditioning systems, power gas and electricity and water facilities. Truma submit to the Fair of Parma from Camper 10 the 18 September Mover TE ® R4, The control system is currently the most powerful in the world, by 4 Motors, moves effortlessly and securely with double axle trailer heavier and a weight of up to 3000 kg on any type of terrain and almost inaccessible parking. Truma also presents the Ceiling air conditioner comfort Aventa, the most efficient in its class to be added to the family of air conditioners from chest Saphir. News also concern with the genratore fuel cell VEGA, a power supply that provides low-emission, efficient and location-independent applications for mobile and non-mains.


Vigia Viesa Italy srl is the distributor for Italy and Greece the Group's products Colven. operational since 2002 was created to ensure the study, the development and distribution of products Vigia, Viesa and other Group COLVEN. Campers will attend the Fair of Parma from 10 the 18 September 2011 and presenting the European premiere new system for monitoring tire Vitrani MP 130.

Vitrani MP 130 is a revolutionary system that can provide real-time wireless technology and all the essential information to ensure safety while driving, such as pressure and temperature of tires. Vitrani is designed for campers, for commercial vehicles, for cars and, in a simplified version, for motorcycles. It uses a sophisticated technology that allows the caps screwed on inflation valves to transmit information via radio to a portable receiver unit. The handset display is a liquid crystal panel in black and white, with lighting in night mode, that allows for multiple settings and depicts four tires, offering real-time data about their temperature and pressure.

-       PROJECT 2000

Company established in Florence, is a landmark in the field of recreational vehicles for the production of removable steps (Electrical, Electronic and manual), brackets for LCD TVs and devices variable height of the bed. in 2011, Project 2000 broadens its range of devices up and down the introduction of version "E-Line B lifting" for the front tilting beds, central beds, twin rear garage also central. This is a solution that contains a less sophisticated electronic technology and therefore more cost affordable (but always of high quality) and can be integrated in vehicles or entry-level midrange. The electronic system (Art. 12600) designed for overhead or front beds with variable height of the vehicle sections and applied to the double cross with garage, is now available for versions with a central double rear bed. Likewise, the manual version 12595 has been updated to be mounted on the rear double beds central. Is dedicated to the final customer Light & comfort, a control unit capable of interfacing with the lighting system of campers and offer a service operated by remote control courtesy lights.

-       THETFORD

Thetford, which is headquartered in the Netherlands, is a leading supplier of recreational vehicle sanitary portable and stationary, absorption refrigerators, hobs and sinks, external doors and service products and accessories for cleaning and hygiene and toilet tanks. It presents to Parma with the brand new signature "Thetford – Loving Leisure"With which it intends to reaffirm his passion for leisure. Thetford is launching a new liquid disruptive to the toilets of recreational vehicles, designed for use in the short term: Aqua Kem Blue LIGHT. This new product is as effective as the Aqua Kem Blue for a recommended maximum use of 3 days, that is roughly the duration of a weekend camper or caravan, and has a retail price of only 8 € VAT included. Again Fresh dedicated set up the toilet model C-400. This is an accessory kit that allows you to renew some parts of the toilet and allows the end user to regenerate their group health. }A simple way, Economic and much appreciated, and above, by the new owners of caravans or motorhomes used. The kit includes new cover and axle and a new cassette to be installed on your toilet, easily and without special tools. The kit also includes products for the hygiene and cleanliness of the health system. It has a price of € 119 VAT included

-       TECNOLED

TecnoLed, brand that is owned by Florentine Design Bartolacci, in just six years of life, has established itself as the absolute leader in Europe in camper in the field of LED lighting systems both as original equipment in the after market. At the hall of the Camper of Parma, present New Home and Professional lines lovers of outdoor tourism. This is the answer I gave to his Tecnoled most loyal customers. in fact, those who have experienced satisfaction with the quality of products Tecnoled on recreational vehicles, required the availability of this technology for home and office. So the company developed new products Pontefract with the intent to offer a range of LED lighting systems that meets all the needs of their, consolidated, clientele. This is one of the prerogatives of Tecnoled: ahead of the times and meet the needs of the public. And in this direction should also new edition of the Vans compatibilities that sees a significant price reduction a little 'on all products. This effect is, to be a part of technological evolution that has led to lower prices of electronic components, the other market that has developed, has grown and has allowed the economy of scale that Tecnoled wanted to pass on to customers.

-       WEBASTO

On display at booth C004, Pavilion 2, the full range of solutions for recreational vehicles Webasto: Webasto campers of the world does not just offer products for heating, but solutions to their specific requirements designed to ensure that they can vacation in full freedom and independence. All Webasto systems are designed to operate using the same fuel as the vehicle, which is taken directly from the tank.

The kits include Gold Webasto all the components needed for the outdoor installation of heating systems, including a housing designed specifically to protect the system from cold, dirt and wear and keep intact the functionality over time. Systems of water heating of the line Thermo Top (and in particular Thermo Top C Motorhomes, specifically designed for recreational vehicles and integrates the existing heating system) preheat both the interior of the cell housing the motor, taking it to an optimal temperature for the start. All this in a very simple and functional, thanks to a programmable digital timer (Digital Timer 1533) or a remote control with range up to 1km (Telestart T91). The range of products for the comfort on board the integrated Webasto Dual Top (cell even heating and hot water) and Webasto diesel cooktop X100.