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Chestnut Festival and memories of Castell'Arquato | Traveling Easy
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Chestnut Festival and memories of Castell'Arquato | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 21 September, 2011 8:00

folclore-320x182-9816980again Castell'Arquato, The 1 and 2 October, the traditional Festival of Chestnuts and memories, review of gastronomy, traditions and tradition-bound peasant engines. The event began as one of many "chestnut" present in the valleys of Piacenza has changed and evolved into 20 years of history by becoming one of the most important events of its kind and known nationally, leading to Castell'Arquato thousands of visitors. The festival this year will not be called more than just the Chestnut Festival, but also "Festival of Chestnuts and memories”, to signify the desire of the organizers of rediscovering, traditions, customs, crafts and tastes of the past.

The event, born from the will of the local section AVIS, section was then involved tractors CPAE that takes care of the engine of the event, Drop the baby and other cultural association local associations that work for the event as the association will handle parents a

space dedicated to children and old games.

The the engine, plays an important role in previous editions with the presence of a hundred tractors and mechanical history of the last century. The CPAE has tried to make the event is not just a static display, but alive: most of the media during the days of the party are working and you will see engaged in contests of skill, re-enactments, and carousels for

country. At the party you can also find old machinery, Or as an old threshing mill that will grind corn and chestnuts. In addition to tractors is also staged an exhibition of the historical cycle with bicycles and motorbikes and old "vintage"

The food stands offer specialties Arquatesi, as the characteristic “Basturlon”, the typical "Patona" and many other delicious traditional recipes to be combined with a good glass of wine from the hills of Piacenza. Also you can taste the polenta with "grasei" toasted on the grill, or the
"Chisolini" combined with cold cuts "typical"

The Chestnut Festival is also an important showcase for local products, strictly zero km, For the 2011 the protagonist will be the Monterosso : white wine typical of the hills Arquatesi. The organization in recent years has sought ways to make "The Festival of Chestnuts and memories", the opportunity to to acquaint the public with the "excellence" of our area. With the exhibition "Taste and Crafts" the

local producers, will introduce their work and their productions.

During the two days in a varied program, will alternate musical moments, re-enactments of old crafts, parades and folklore. This is to introduce tourists to the shows roots and our


For more information :
Saturday 1 October - In the afternoon opening of the food stands and lighting braziers. - Opening of exhibition of vintage tractors - Monterosso Wine Tasting - The choirs of the past ... - At dusk come from plowing tractors - In the evening the town comes alive with entertainment and music

- Closing hours of the stands 22.30

Sunday 2 October - At the dawn light the braziers and open up the stands. - Opening of the various shows and exhibitions - Tests of driving skill with the vintage tractors - During the day re-enactments of old crafts and traditions

- In the afternoon of the media carousel, wagons and set out along the streets of the town


The program may vary due to technical reasons.

Monterosso Festival The Festival of Chestnuts, will host this year from, Monterosso also the Festival: first review Monterosso Wine Castell'Arquato. Monterosso Wine, takes its name from a hill behind the medieval village, and wine typically Arquatese. It 'a little known wine, but that may hold some pleasant sensations to those who for the first time I tasted.

This is a straw-colored wine with slightly golden or yellow, profumo delicato, end of dry or

lovable, lively or brisk, can also be found in its sparkling. This is a wine originated from the following grape varieties : Aromatic Malvasia di Candia 30-50%, Trebbiano Romagnolo and Ortrugo 20- 35%, White Muscat 10-30%, Bervedino and / or up to a maximum of Sauvignon 20%. During the event each year that animates the first weekend in October, you will have the opportunity to Arquatese taste the wine and to discover its organoleptic qualities.

At the wine tasting there will also be able to combine, un assaggio di prodotti tipici locali composto

cold meats, Grana Padano cheese and tasty surprises.