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12 October – Lucca, Chiesa di San Matteo: Perini Journal – PJL ONE NIGHT GIRARE IN TONDO – La carta igienica. Racconto scenico di uno degli ultimi tabù. | Traveling Easy
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12 October – Lucca, Chiesa di San Matteo: Perini Journal – PJL ONE NIGHT GIRARE IN TONDO – La carta igienica. Racconto scenico di uno degli ultimi tabù. | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 10 October, 2011 7:00

solid_4low-320x213-6671863A ring round, two toilets and benches in place of the famous 8 artists-boxer who face two rounds of two minutes each, to tell the history of paper and toilet paper through performances unpublished scanned in time to music, Dance, poetry, video-performance, visual art criticism, experimental theater and improvisational theater.
Succeeded by 12 October a Lucca for PJL ONE Night, evening event organized by Perini JournalThe tissue (PJL), industry magazine published by Fabio Perini SpA., world's leading manufacturer of machinery for the processing of the tissue – in one of the most evocative of the historical center of Lucca, the Church of St. Matthew, now houses the Contemporary Art Gallery Claudio Poleschi.
To present and mediate the evening Maurizio Vanni, known museologist, critical, art historian, Director of Lu.CCA. Museum, but most eclectic character who believes nell'interdisciplinarietà, in the contamination of genres and creates encrypted mode of communication through the arts, proprio come PJL ONE Night, who has skillfully orchestrated event as a curator.

"The roll of toilet paper and the world that revolves around"- Says Walter Tamarri, managing director of the Perini Journal, "If it is still one of the biggest taboos of synecdoche contemporary, on the other side of that is the emblem that has inspired great artists who have made art history: dall'orinatoio the famous Duchamp work of Piero Manzoni ".
The roll is the real star of the evening, propeller of an event "in the round", where the "round" is the real thread.  
You will enter the evening at the invitation only carrying a roll of toilet paper, E, who is not equipped, it will be given a pass for office as an evening-event of the year's most original. At the entrance of the space is set up a mini-event room installation with the theme "Who is more foto_hygienic?!”, where guests are photographed together at roll put their imagination unleashed by. Images, loaded Facebook, will be visible in real time by the people of the network and can be voted in the following days. (face book page: PJL ONE Night).
And even the original artist rolls, installations with toilet paper, setting round, without forgetting that the title of the evening you must book the "Turn round", Written by Nico Zardo (art director del PJL) and illustrated by Guido Scarabattoli, one of the most famous Italian illustrators, and during the event will be donated to the guests in his special, limited edition signed by the artist, who for years worked with the magazine and that he imagined new forms specifically for the PJL One Night. In addition to selected guests who will attend the evening, even thousands of friends around the world of PJL can watch the show and interact with the live radio and streaming, a sort of minute by minute commentary of the entire event, in collaboration with Controradio.
Perini Journal this evening celebrates the birth of a new technology license plate Perini. who has every reason to redefine the concept of the roll classic and revolutionize the bathroom and not just. is called SOLID ® and the secret lies inside: in the place of cardboard, SOLID ® has a roll of paper, The "Plus", removable with gentle pressure, which becomes an original mini-roll and glam laptop, handbag, sports, Perfect for home or travel. Less waste in the waste that is in transport, particularly convenience and attention to the environment that surrounds us, for consumers who are increasingly aware and eco-friendly and a roll until the last sheet that has the appearance of the style.
The mini roll so inspired handbag has some ad hoc fashion creations will be presented at the PJL One Night. The company Julian Cicchiné has designed and implemented the funA Bag (Easy Toilet Bag), The new bag "cult" women's accessory port with the original outer-roll that makes it “convenient” the operation or the bathroom when we travel we are away from home. also Zonafranca (Publishing House of Cardboard) already realized in the exclusive PJL Paper Bags, brought the mini-roll, perfect match to the bags, nell'oramai distinctive colorful style cute and funny, assembles random tears and details of the pages of magazines such as fabric.
  "Our magazine" - Walter concludes Tamarri, "Is the 1979 that deals not only rolls, but also the history and culture of the paper. The over 20.000 copies translated into three languages ​​around the world carry the tissue industry Lucca. Creativity and originality are the keystone of this event which wants to break and disrupt one of the last taboos. "
Info: Perini Journal e contatti face book (Perini Journal fan club e PJL TisBits).

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