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Vogue Fashion's Night Out is back in Milan for the third consecutive year | Traveling Easy
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Vogue Fashion's Night Out is back in Milan for the third consecutive year | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 6 September, 2011 15:26

After the great success of the 2009 and 2010, the City of Milan and Vogue Italy announce the edition 2011 of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out The next 8 September.
L’evento, organized by Vogue Italy In collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, wants to bring the world of fashion to the general public, creating a unique opportunity to meet with the designers and the main protagonists of the fashion. Conde Nast is an initiative of international, that every year involves a growing number of countries: U.S. to Russia, from China to Korea.
On 8 September will be a special date not only for shoppers, designers who can meet, models and editors Vogue and in addition 650 shops open for the occasion, but for all those who want to live their city under a totally different light, with events, to exclusive parties and exhibitions that will animate the main streets. Scenarios of the event will be the famous fashion – Via Manzoni, Via Montenapolene, Via della Spiga in Corso Venezia – and the whole district of Brera – for the occasion will resonate in every way with classical music, jazz e dj set. With the support of MITO September Music with the help of Trenord, Four concerts will be held also in the Cadorna station and in Piazza San Fedele, which will alternate live performances of bands, expressions of different musical genres. In addition, quest’anno, will be involved in Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Corso Vercelli also, Via Belfiore and Corso Genova. pm 19.00 all 23.30, stores in these areas will remain open, with sets and ad hoc cocktail party.

All major claw join the event, from Armani to Zegna, Moschino by Tod's; and there will be the most famous shops towns such as Banner, Biffi, Pupi Solari, 10 Corso Como and corner store Rinascente, Coin and Excelsior-I.
Many brands will implement a special object in limited edition signed VFNO, the proceeds of which will be made available to the Friends of Brera and the Museum while income Milanesi edition 2010 were donated for the construction and layout of the park of the Village Barona. In particular, l’edizione 2011 provides for the first time the opportunity to purchase a preview of the official t-shirts Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, made with environmentally friendly materials and available exclusively at the retailer's media QVC ( )
To provide additional opportunities to meet, As well as shops will extend their hours of opening the Museum of the Risorgimento and the Palazzo Morando - Costume, fashion, Image, which will remain open until at 23.30. Palazzo Morando, In addition, will be the prestigious venue for an exclusive photo exhibition, Watch&click, organized by Vogue Jewellery in collaboration with Assorologi, the Italian association that gathers the most prestigious brands of watches. Watch &click is the result of an initiative launched on by the director Franca Sozzani, to enhance the talent of photography through a reflection on the theme of “time”.
Morando Palace opens its doors to visitors of the exhibition at the September 8 18,00 with a cocktail offered by Campari – official drink of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out since the first edition – and the exhibition will be open to the public until September 11. Always offer its Campari aperitif popular in some select boutiques of the flag marked "Have a drink with us".
“Moda, culture and solidarity. Three expressions of human sensibility that unfold within the same event to offer, along with the fun, the opportunities for new connections between seemingly distant worlds ", said the Councillor for Culture, Expo, Fashion and Design Stefano Boeri. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, in fact, is an event that not only promotes the meeting between the city and one of its most important productive sectors, but also provides real support to the cultural life of Milan ".

"We are pleased to offer the city an event which every year sees increasing participation", says the director of Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani. "This appointment is an important sign of our commitment to bring the world of fashion – often perceived as distant and exclusive – to all the people who are passionate and curious. at the same time, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out represents a great moment of collective celebration able to give the city a new light and new energy ".

The 15 September, For the first time, the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out will debut in Rome and, in quest’occasione, The award ceremony will be held for il Campari Red Passion Prize. The prestigious award, Now in its second edition, is destined for a big name chosen as a representative of Red Passion and wants to celebrate excellence in the Italian Style. quest’anno, the prize has been awarded to Dante Ferretti, Italian designer of great international success, known for his creative genius and the great versatility that has marked his career. The Red Passion Prize will be delivered by the Director of Vogue Franca Sozzani, one of the most beautiful courtyards Margutta. At the same time, also receive a special recognition Elio Germano and Bianca Balti, voted and chosen by the public on the website dedicated to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out , because most people who have distinguished themselves by their passion and elegance.
Always linked to the world of fashion, Lance shares the concept of "Vogue Fashion's Night Out" and will display some examples of the new Lancia Ypsilon – the “Fashion City-Car” par excellence – in Via Baguttino, where the public can attend the performances of singers and DJs and live intense emotions with a spectacular installation that will illuminate the night signed Lancia. Even Coffee Vergnano, event supporter of VFNO, celebrate the excellence of made in Italy tasting of boutique setting up some points and yards (Via della Spiga 30, Via Verri 3 and Palazzo Morando) to give everyone the opportunity to taste E'spresso: the new "Italian espresso" pods friendly. Finally, news-stands in the center will be open and you can purchase the number of Vogue special price, with the map attached VFNO the center of Milan – realized with the collaboration of Lancia – to orient themselves in the middle of the night Vogue.
American Express participates in the event offering a unique opportunity to holders of Premium Cards: who will use the card during the evenings of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (Milan and Rome), will have the opportunity’ to obtain a free subscription to Vogue Italy lasting 6 months.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out and the music

VFNO is not just fashion: the event always has established a strong connection with music and this year, through collaboration with MITO September Music and support of Trenord, proposals are even more rich and interesting.

Opens the evening, alle ore 18.00 in Piazza Cadorna, atetto MU: trials through the band's music influenced by jazz sounds of Nordic origin, minimalist and electronic. Same stage, alle ore 20, John Falzone for the concert wat'Electric Flies'. Trumpet player and composer, Falzone offers, together with his musicians, brilliant sound solutions and unusual combinations. In Piazza San Fedele, Also at 20.00, turns on an evening of swing and the atmosphere of the '30s and '40s. The three musicians of the Swing Trio Color, Christian Meyer on drums, Alfredo Ferrario on clarinet and piano Paul Alderighi, us back to the sounds of the jazz clubs of New Yorkers after World War I. Taste for retro charm of the show signed by The Puppini Sisters, on the same stage at 22.00. The musical trio offers an unmissable show and fun '40s style.

With the support of ASOPEC GARIBALDI- Operators Association of Commercial and Cultural Course – performs at 21, the esplanade in front of the Basilica of San Simplicianus Corso Garibaldi, put under 13 Orchestra, the first symphony composed in Italy 90 children 13 and under strictly from a dozen “older brothers”, young students who have transformed themselves into masters and guides for kids. Youth Orchestra will perform symphonic music in full training, a selection of famous soundtracks, to animate then narrated the tale, and orchestrated music “The Magaria” by Andrea Camilleri.

L’Associazione Commercianti di via Fiori Chiari, The Union of Traders in Via Solferino, Via and Via Brera Market will offer a musical performance along the way, with traveling musicians who will offer repertory ranging from jazz to Balkan melodies. And so the problem Nema (already shown during 2010 of VFNO), The K Ration Contrabbanda and give life to live that will color the micro-district in Milan. Complete all of a DJ set by Discoradio in Piazza del Carmine. L’Associazione Commercianti di via FiThe Traders' Association of Via Fiori Chiari great musical show with DJ sets also cheered by a burlesque dancer (at 22) in front of the Pinacoteca di Brera.

Finally Discoradio Dealers Association and the Brera will make available to anyone who joins the site of Discoradio discount vouchers to spend in the shops during the Brera VFNO 2011.

La Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, The fashion event of reference for the city, absolutely original in the fashion scene, This year will be hosted – apart from Italy – Also from seventeen countries in the world who have confirmed their participation in September (except Tokyo which organizes the Fashion Night Out in November) giving their support to the world of style: 6 Moscow in September, 7 Madrid, 8 Milan, New York, Paris, London, Sydney, Berlin, Mexico City, Lisbon, 9 Dusseldorf, 10 New Delhi, 11 Shanghai, 12 San Paolo, 13 River, 15 Rome, Athens, Istanbul, 17 Taipei, 20 Thessaloniki, 21 Seoul, 5 Tokyo in November.