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Written by Michela | 1 August, 2011 6:45

unlike_it-234x450-5121683Dear friends viaggiandofacile today we talk about the new competition that launches the stonefly. In fact, among all those who access this link to Facebook 31 next August will see the new collection and participate well to a simple game that allows them to win a pair of shoes they prefer.

The stonefly is a very popular brand of footwear for their comfort and the great attention they have paid to the welfare of the walk. It 'definitely The ideal shoe for those who love to travel, to support long walks without fatigue and stress.

Here, then, that to satisfy those looking for a glamorous style combined with comfort, stonefly Always attentive to technological innovation aimed at reconciling comfort and fashion, for the new Autumn Winter collection 2011 proposes new forms and harmonious.

in fact the protagonists of the next winter will be the platform shoes, Stonefly suggesting that devoted to women of various heights and available in various models, to walk comfortably in the city and not only without sacrificing the momentum of a sexy heel.

There will riding boots, the elegant Frenchman, laced the logs and what all women want: who wear the climbing boots next Autumn Winter 2011…in short, several proposals to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

for the man who does not renounce to the comfort but demands a contemporary style many models casual chic: by stitching boots with swallow's nest to show off a British style, Moccasins for the spirits to the more classical, from sneakers for athletes, to boot for the fashion addicted. In the closest friends of all models are equipped with new collection of blusoft, the exclusive drop of gel that allows you to walk lightly, smooth and effortless.