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September events | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 22 September, 2011

Turin becomes "green". for two days, The 24 and 25 September 2011, L’pedestrian area of ​​Via and Via San Benigno Maddalene, In Park Royal area / Abba Square, becomes a urban laboratory dedicated to green.

Technologies with low environmental impact, renewable resources, Recycling and reuse, Sustainable development. the Green Economy is the future or is already present. Who is right? Hard to say. But if it is true that the truth usually lies somewhere in between, then it is likely that we are in a transition phase: from an economy based on a model of unsustainable development for a sustainable planet, innanzitutto low carbon.

But the turning "green" is also about the great centers. Responsible living: urban green, gardens, beds, courtyards, herbs ... The city is green throughout the first edition of a festivals - in the public space lab set that binds environmental issues and contemporary art
Workshops designed and led by artists as the first recipients will involve children and their families, to raise awareness through contemporary languages attention to issues of environment and ecology with practical and playful can see them personally involved.

Ettore Favini with the public will realize some sculptures inspired Arcimboldi with fruits and vegetables in season, Cosimo Veneziano will lead us to discover the semi, The Snap Lab (conducted by VitaminaMamma) "Disseminate" rather small and unexpected appearances colored, cut and paste, our urban spaces are often too gray. With their immediacy and their impact, laboratories will see the direct involvement of the public in the artistic process. The streets become laboratories, studies, challenging us to discover the environment in which we live and interact in new ways and in a personal way.

what WE exhibition space (Via Maddalena 40 / b) will host the special project Artificial Dummies, generative video installation ToDo - interaction & media design, where strange organic shapes come to life, gather and float, exploring new territory.
During the event some Park Royal shopping area join the project sponsored by the City of Turin “babyfriendly” exposing the sticker identifying them as friends and families of children.

draft Cultural Association Ladiesbela, With financial support of Regione Piemonte, the collaboration of District VI,Women's Intercultural Center Alma Mater, and in partnership with Babyfriendly. Media partners of: magazine Young Parents.

All workshops are free, its reservation all'indirizzo email (Tel. 347.1575205 / 339.3222298), until it reaches the maximum limit specified by the type of business.

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