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Travel Literature Festival 2010 until 3 October 2010 | Traveling Easy
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Travel Literature Festival 2010 until 3 October 2010 | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 30 September, 2010 0:31

logo-festival-letterature-di-viaggio-9583656At thePalazzo delle Esposizioni and Villa Celimontana, now30 September to 3 October, will be the protagonistTravel Literature Festival 2010, an event dedicated entirely to the different forms of narration of the journey, places and cultures, letterarura from the movies, from photography to music, from theater to comic, between history and geography.

Four days of intense events with the central issue “Towards the East, the Levant”:the Levant, namely, the eastern Mediterranean and the lands around, from Italy to the Middle East. The event is organized by the Italian Geographic Society and Federculture.

The two sites of the festival will be completely transformed for the occasion: Villa Celimontana, which is the seat of the Italian Geographical Society, will be transformed into a kind of “Travel Home” where the exhibition will be exhibited “Things Turkish. Tales of Italian travelers between the sixteenth and twentieth century”, whereas Palazzo delle Esposizioni Space will host Fontana, exhibition of maps and photographs of yesterday's date regarding the area of influence of Venice of the past “Grand Venezia. Lands and people to Istanbul and Alexandria” (from 30 September to 24 ottobre 2010) and Hall Cinema (Steps Via Milano 9A) the review “From Marrakech to Puerto Escondido, Travel in film by Gabriele Salvatores”, in collaboration with the Centre of Cinematography, National Film Archive (Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 ottobre 2010).October

Also planned are more than2 exhibitionsalso truelessons in geopolitics, geography, music, journalism,four in all, with5 video interviewsClaudio Magris, Amos Oz, Paolo Matthiae, Gianrico Carofiglio, Gabriele Salvatores and20 meetings with more than 50 Guestsexclusive dealing and travel narrative, by geographers to writers, by historians and archaeologists, etc..

Besides the two main locations, involving the Temple of Hadrian (Piazza di Pietra) in collaboration with a series of meetings with Promoroma (Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October 2010)and Libraries in Rome. The meetings in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Villa Celimontana will be coordinated by Giovanna Zucconi, those at the Temple of Hadrian by Corrado Ruggeri. E’ You can also view theFestival full programmaand Internet site dedicated to the event.

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