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We apologize for any possible error. lance Friends&Holidays: The Photo Contest holiday dedicated to its European users. Just load up on the official page facebook an image of a special moment of the holiday with friends to win various prizes, including stays in the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Who has not made of the special holiday? Images thanks to which we can relive those memorable moments in places near and far, hot or cold but always in company with the right people. rewards those who share it with your own great international community present on his Facebook page: an easy way to win and maybe to find new friends or even fellow holiday.

To participate just become a fan of on Facebook and share their photos on the bulletin board, uploading the image and inserting a brief description, and then invite your friends to Click on "like". Each participant may enter only one photograph and the deadline for submission is 5 August 2011.

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warini-munshi_hotel-info_-320x385-8610297ROME, 07 July 2011 – Continue collaborations with partners focusing on the Web Dooyoo, the platform with the views of consumers to promote a conscious purchase. The online hotel booking service for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world in travel rewards users who review the site

The next trip is a prize week-end a Parigi extracted for the lucky among those who will write an opinion by 16 July about the portal and the service on dooyoo. To participate just click on the link and then on the right section of the site, “Write a review“. In this way you can leave your message and automatically enter the competition.

…L'Articolo continue » makes it even easier with the hotel reservation’iPhone App that allows you to quickly choose from over 210 thousand hotels around the world. Available free to download in’Apple Store, The application provides all the advantages of Apple fans of one of the leading services worldwide hotel reservations online.

In application development for iPhone priority has been ease of use by users. Optimally designed to the smallest detail, practice-oriented, focused on the essential functions that support particular frequent travelers with regard to hotel search: that is how the’iPhone App, with a refreshingly modern design, allows you to quickly and easily book a hotel suited.

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Summer at the spa? It is not just an option for people of a certain age or who need care but a new trend in agreement that puts more and more generations, becoming a new lifestyle. - The free online hotel booking for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world - reinterprets philosophy of welfare suggesting some of the most popular spa towns of’Estate 2011

The Italian spa resorts are undergoing a revival and renewal that goes hand in hand with the evolution of the contemporary lifestyle. In fact, the hectic and often stressful work and life in the city mean that summer holiday is not only an opportunity but also a period of relaxation for body and soul, necessary to survive and be ready to face the best return in the jungle everyday.

For those who want to devote at least part of the holiday to their wellbeing, l’Italy is the ideal place, offering rich and varied, able to reinterpret the contemporary philosophy of "Salus per aquam", designed for the first time since the ancient Romans. Suitable for families, both singles and couples of all ages and interests, proposes suggestions for a summer vacation at the spa can satisfy all tastes.

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isola-favignana-sicilia-320x230-1589881What will be the destinations stormed in’Estate 2011? But where the situation will be much calmer?, free service for hotel reservations online for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world, asked its customers where they are going on holiday in 2011. The survey conducted by In the month of March 2011, attended by about 11thousand people France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The results of the survey on summer holidays 2011 of indicate that:

  • in Italy 2011 is in first place for the Italians: Sicily is the preferred destination
  • Italy is the first foreign destination for Germans and Spanish
  • Cala French tourism abroad

for Italian, This year Italy is the first destination for holidays, far ahead than other countries: Almost half of respondents said it planned to spend the summer holidays 2011 home. The Sicily is the preferred destination by his countrymen, followed a short distance from Sardinia and Puglia, which contains many preferences. Cala tourism to our national ROME During the summer: only 1, 22% of Italians who spend their holidays in Italy has shown the Eternal City as a favorite. …L'Articolo continue »

warini-munshi_hotel-info_1-150x180-3513905Rome in April 2011 -, The online hotel booking service with over 210 thousand hotels around the world, lands in Singapore with the opening of a new strategic location.

Besides the two German locations of Nuremberg E Hamm, operates subsidiaries in four European countries, including Italy, and a representative office in Shanghai. With the new Singapore office, the company further strengthens the reputation of the mark in’Asian area and proceeds to sail in international project. The prospect in the near future is that all the activities of marketing and sales in Asia will be centralized at Singapore

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With the spring bloom on the Internet for new collaborations The free online hotel booking, operating as a hotel broker for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world, announced partnerships with three major web services and mobile: Directory, innovative travel portal,  rome mobile guides, guide to the city for smartphones and Android and Apple Dooyoo, the platform with the views of consumers in a purchasing decision.

«We are pleased - Comments Warini Munshi, managing director – to be able to welcome other important partners on the web as HolidayCheck, Mobile Guide Rome and Dooyoo. Siamo felici di offrire agli utenti dei diversi servizi la nostra completa e variegata offerta alberghiera».

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cicerone-doppia-red-320x226-1261934Hotels almost fully booked and prices doubled in many cases for what promises to be one of the hottest weekend of the last Roman times. The data of the bookings on the portal hotel.infthe – free service for companies and individuals with more than 210 thousand hotels around the world – leave no doubt. If the Primo May has always been an important event for the capital, this year is mixed with the sacred and the profane for the hottest weekend of the year.

In fact, at a concert of classical Labor Day, that attract young people from across Italy, is added beatification of Pope John Paul II. This is an event of global proportions, which have boosted the prices of the rooms after the decline in early 2011 (-3%over the same period of 2010), that made ROME half a particularly economical compared to other international cities.

Tourists and pilgrims come from all over the world to attend the ceremony beatification of Pope John Paul II, will be divided into multiple times, Starting on Saturday 30 April, with the vigil of preparation for the Circus Maximus. Centerpiece of the celebration will be on Sunday morning St. Peter's Square the presence of the Pope, to be followed by the veneration of relics and the Mass of Thanksgiving (Monday 2 May). 

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Following the sharp rise of the indicator for the World Economic Climate, according to the results of the WES (World Economic Survey)* 1 st quarter 2011, has updated on the progress of your rankings for hotel rates February 2011, on a pool of over 210 thousand hotels around the world. Both the current situation and prospects of the next five and six months are again estimated to be positive. This is indicative of a stronger world economic situation that also extends to Hospitality, because the high demand for rooms by business travelers and vacationers pushes up prices in several international cities, with an average increase of +5,89%, but also in some Italian cities., the free online hotel booking service for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world, determined with a poll on hotel rates, in February 2011, the places where the rooms are very affordable and in such large cities instead guests have to spend more.

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After the feedback was from participating in the BIT in Milan, announces its presence to ITB Berlin, the leading international fair in the field of Travel, which takes place from 9 the 13 March in the German capital. The free online hotel booking service for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world, will attend the prestigious event also 2011 Nell’area Travel Technology (mode n. 125 in Hall 8.1). at the booth, visitors can learn all the basic information services company. In this way, the hotel will, For example, information on the benefits of a partnership while travelers can discover how to save time and money during the hotel booking through corporate application.

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