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Cesenatico, under the patronage of the Municipality of Cesenatico and spa Gesturist, Seen in conjunction with the weekly, Welltour Tour Operator, Scale project for the clean; Elly stockings and tights, Rosablu Beachwear, Elite sweet sleep, Sunday 26 June, Brides in a charming square of the Sailors of people gremitissima, was held 18National is finally of “Miss Italian Mom“, the first national beauty contest – simpatia (trademarked), designed by Paul Teti, granted to mothers from 25 to 45 years and now in its 18Edition

With the presence of TV cameras of regional, national and Nipponese (Nippon Television Network Corporate), 25 mothers from all over Italy, then first marched in the dress in a bathing suit Rosablu. All participants supported a skill such as singing, dance, telling stories, engage in physical exercises and tests, and creative magic.

Miss Italian Mom 2011” E After NORMS, 41 years, graduate in physiotherapy Quartu Sant Elena (Cagliari), mother of Marika 12 years and Leonardo – Henry 5 years. Norma is a sweet and beautiful mother with her dream of “make his life a charge of emotion to tell”, eyes and brown hair, is high 1.70 cm and weighs 53 kg.

Talking about when he says “the trait that distinguishes me most is the feeling, My mile value is the people listening, but my fault is to be too impulsive; My favorite color is red, My favorite dish is spaghetti with tomato sauce, My favorite singer is Vasco Rossi, while the actor I like most is Jonny Deep”.

His adventure “Miss Italian Mom” says: “I have included my cousin, is a beautiful game and, why not an opportunity, I am very happy, I dedicate my victory to my children and even myself”. 

Other bands have been assigned by the jury, chaired by the Mayor of Cesenatico Roberto Buda:

Miss Mum Italian VisaTIZIANA FIN, 38 years, responsible for a local Quartu Sant Elena (Cagliari), Sharon's Mom 10 years;

Miss Mum Italian Solar – WelltourMANOLA CANONS, 42 years, Technical loyalty in a gym Ancona; Federica's mother 23 years;

Italian Mom Miss Sweetness – ScaleLAURA DAUKSYTE, 30 years, committed to Torino, Mother Angelica and Catherine 3 E 2 years;

Miss Elegance Mom Italian – Rosablu BeachwearVeronica NICOLI, 37 years, representative of underwear Agropoli (Salerno), mother of Sophia and Sarajane 11 E 7 years;

Miss Mama in Italian Legs – EllyDANIELA BIG, 44 years, housewife Rimini, mother of Michael and Jessica 26 E 21 years;

Miss Mum Italian Romantic – EliteELENA FRIDGE, 27 years, organizer of events Villaverla (Vicenza), mother of James 11 months;

Italian Mom Miss Smile – Airport Federico FelliniRAFFAELLA Spenge, 37 years, Commes of chicago (Modena), Vanessa's mom 13 years;

Italian Fashion Miss Mom – Roberto Foschi Hairdressers Performing ArtsSARA VIDOS, clerk Camposampiero (Padova), Star's mother 3 years:

Italian Mom Miss SympathyBARBARA MATS, 31 years, merchant Bologna, mother of Nicolas 6 years;

Miss Mum Italian SprintJESSICA HEELS, 29 years, Bartender Faenza (Ravenna), mother of Nicholas 3 years;

Miss Italian Glamour MomGENNY BIANCHINI, 27 years, employed in a multinational renewable energy Istrana (Treviso), Jasmine's mother and is currently expecting their second child.

After NORMSand other 11 mothers group winners, will be the protagonists of “Calendar 2012 Miss Italian Mom“. 

The final evening was led by Patron “Miss Italian Mom” Paul Teti, Sguotti from Cynthia and Patricia Caregna, Journalist Open Studio – Italy 1.

Godmother of the evening, Gwendolyn Tavassi “Mom” Big Brother 10.

THE 25 beautiful moms finalists, have been styled by stylists Club Foschi Roberto and Maurizio Mambelli and rigged by the team of makeup artists Claudio Graziani Make Up Artist.

this year, “Miss Italian Mom“, Foundation supports the campaign Pangea, “Support a mother, sustain the future”. Fondazione Pangea, carries out development projects for women and mothers with a specific project for violence against women, to ensure a future without risks to mothers.

The Te.Ma Shows, After the great success of the Competition, is already working for the next edition, mothers interested in participating in the competition dedicated to them (registrations are free), may contact the number Te.Ma Shows 0541 344300. For more information