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Associations Monregaltour E Turismo in Langa - Sponsored by the City of Mondovi – proposed over the summer months a series of Evening tour routes for history, art and mysteries of this century-old town.

The intent of the initiative is not only to entice tourists, but also and above all residents to discover the beauty of the area by offering new and original interpretations of their city and involving visitors intriguing paths of knowledge. …continue l'Articolo »

Thursday 2 June from 14 all 19 On the occasion of Republic Day free guided tours the artistic heritage of Palazzo Isimbardi.

Palazzo Isimbardi, the oldest part of which dates back to XVI century, is the headquarters of Province of Milan and it houses a large number of works of art.

The extended opening hours is in addition to free guided tours organized by the Province of Milan at the Palazzo Isimbardi to make citizens aware of the historical and artistic beauties of the building, the historical site of this administration from 1935.
The visit will be an opportunity to admire the "Ceiling" on canvas by Tiepolo Giovanbattista, decorating the ceiling of the Sala Giunta, Recently renovated in coatings.

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Two special promotions celebrate birth of Republic Italian: Thursday 2 June you can visit the exhibition MATISSE. The seduction of Michelangelo With ticket special reduced price 6,00€.

Candidates can Free guided tours depart every hour: prepared a guide will accompany visitors through the exhibition rooms, going over the various phases of Matisse painting and telling special works exhibited. It will also reveal the fascinating parallel to Michelangelo, comparing the casts of the works of the great master with the parties represented in the works of Matisse and his sculptures.

You will find the Matisse Michelangelo's sedotto: This admiration for the great master of the Italian Renaissance come to say: "You could roll a Michelangelo statue on top of a hill to make disappear most of the surface elements: the form would remain intact ".

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Guided tours “Palladio” organizzate la scorsa primavera-estate hanno riscontrato come al solito un ottimo successo e vengono perciò promoted this year, for the sixth edition, by the Province of Vicenza in collaboration with the towns of Vicenza and Caldogno, Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Villa Godi Malinverni through the organization of the Consortium VicenzaE Travel agency and Avit.

The initiative is offered every weekend until 2 October 2011. 

The tour on Saturday includes a visit to the amazing Teatro Olimpico, designed by Andrea Palladio, the basement of the Palladian Palazzo Thiene (open exclusively on this occasion)and you can admire the buildings overlooking the old town, as Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, the Loggia del Capitanio and the Palladian Basilica, Vicenza, through which he earned the nickname “City Theatre”.

The tower della domenica prevede al mattino la visita a due splendide ville di Andrea Palladio: Villa Caldogno in Caldogno and Villa Godi Malinverni Lonedo in Lugo di Vicenza,· then continues with the tour in the center of Bassano del Grappa. After lunch (free) si rientra a Vicenza. E’ The tour can end here or continue, dopo una sosta davanti villa La Rotonda, verso villa Cordellina Lombardi a Montecchio Maggiore per ammirare gli affreschi di Gianbattista Tiepolo.

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Arise from a new educational offer Sunday dedicated to children's Botanical Garden Oropa: gardening workshops POLLICIni Verdi. The activities are designed not only to provide some "manual" horticultural, but also to transmit children simple botanical information. children, at the end of, will have a small object, they have achieved, or one plant, by putting them in a vase, to take home as a souvenir of the experience.

Farming is an activity that puts manual skills to good use, scientific knowledge, development of logical thinking interdependently. But it also means attention to the times of waiting, maturation of predictive…

In the morning, the usual Free guided tour reserved for adults.

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Among the first land mass to the territories of Calabria, Longobucco is one of the major municipalities within Sila National Park. A small village immersed in the Sila Greca… where mountains, rivers and lakes are home to countless plant and animal species.

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On the occasion of 'Museum Night', scheduled tonight 14 May, there is the possibility of admire the glories of Pompeii and free in the moonlight. In fact, for all those who would by 20 all 2, the archaeological site will be open to the public in a totally extraordinary, organized under the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

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Saturday 14 May 2011 the blank organizza ARTDATE: A unique event to discover in one day, from morning to late night, more than thirty places and art events to inaugurate the city. ARTDATE is studio visits to artists and important private collections of the city, Conference, inaugurations, guided tours, parties and evening performance, museums open at night.

Visit by appointment (
hours 14.30 – 16.30

Wood Inlay EXTRAORDINARY OPENING OF LORENZO LOTTO to coincide with the inauguration of the exhibition Everything in its time: Adrian Paci, Andrea Sourdough, by Stefano Raimondi, Paola Tognon, Mauro Zanchi.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Piazza Duomo, Upper Town

hours 14.30 – 16.30

OPEN HOUSE Pizzigoni, “il Cubo” Via Monte Ortigara, 25 In collaboration with the Association of Architects of the Province of Bergamo PPEC

hours 11.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 16.30

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Come in 2011 in its 14th edition, "Nice Montagnana! 14ª Festa del Prosciutto Veneto Doubt " has become an unmissable event for foodies. Fortunate to enjoy the magnificent setting of the medieval walls of Montagnana is a pride that makes this a unique celebration that will bring out a food and wine culture of ancient origins.

Already in the third century BC, Indeed, the raising of pigs in the Veneto region was flourishing and, approaching the local market to that of capital, montagnanese meant that the territory would become the cradle of royal and a product worthy of considerable repute: Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo.

From 1996 prosciutto Veneto is awarded the DOP. EU to guarantee a production defined geographical area that includes 15 municipalities located in the hills and Berici Hills which Montagnana, headquarters of the consortium,, is a bit 'at the heart.

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Tomorrow, May 8, starting at 11 until 18, The Museo del Novecento Milan will pay big party for allfamiglie, proposing free guided tours for all, creative workshops and activities for children of all ages andshows French Company Picto Facto.

The Program initiatives is as follows:

hours 11.00 – 12.30
Laboratory - The family of colors
Recipient: children 6 to 12 years

hours 11.00 – 18.00
Laboratory - The city around The proposal is to draw the skyline of Milan from the Fontana Room overlooking with its windows overlooking Piazza Duomo. There will be cultural mediators of Chinese language, Arabic and Spanish.

Recipient: all ages

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