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celebrations for 150 years Unita 'd'Italy

Casa del Conte Verde (Via F.lli Piol, icon_cool-6574304

Friday 15 April, Hours 21

Conference "The interpretations of the Risorgimento", by Michael Ruggiero

TURISMOVEST – tel. 011.9561043; Casa del Conte Verde – TEL. 011.9563020

Spring Fair - 23rd edition

Piazza Aldo Moro - Rivoli (TO)

Sunday 10 April, by 9 all 19

The Spring Fair returns for the 23 th edition. Waiting for the flower show, plants and garden equipment, local products and agricultural tools, painting exhibition stand and environmental, handicraft and art.

And yet, And animation workshops for children, by the neighborhood committee and Turismovest Ramparts

- pm 10: “Asini in Fiera”, Children can ride the donkeys of the Ass. Donkeys are born

- pm 10 alle 12 and 14 alleall “A flower is born from a bulb” painting workshop and creative construction of scholarships for children and teens

- pm 15: Folk dances by the Laboratory of Folk Rhythm and Blue

- at 15: The train "Rivolzonzo" place on service Free shuttle Piazza Martiri della Libertà Piazza Aldo Moro. – – TEL. 011.9561043

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Also this year from now until next May 1, Back to Castle Pralormo the eventMesser Tulipano”, dedicated this year the issue of Tricolore, to celebrate 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy

since 2000, in the castle grounds isthe extraordinary flowering of over 75.000 Dutch tulips and daffodils announcing Spring.

Like last year the Province of Turin, contributes to the success of the event by providing a Free shuttle bus from Turin Castle Pralormo on Sundays 3, 10,17 E 24 April, on Easter Monday, 25 April and Sunday 1 May. The shuttle will depart from the station of Porta Susa to 9 Pralormo and restart from the time of the Turin 19.

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of March to November 2011, monthly and the cost of 60,00 €, You can complete this exceptional journey to enjoy nell'enogastronomia Dinner Gifts the typical dishes of Italian regional cuisines, prepared by chefs in the extraordinary setting of the Great Gallery; or by shopping in the market for culinary excellence set up in public areas the Palace (dinners are Planned Friday, the market on Saturdays and Sundays following).with Palace pays tribute to the dinner Gifts Italian haute cuisine and its protagonists: the great chefs who contribute to the restoration of our country among the best in the world. They, Indeed, to welcome visitors and gourmet lovers in the course of ten evenings, each dedicated to a region of Italy. This is a show not to be missed, a real Sensory tour Taste of innovation and tradition. The opening night will see what “hosts” Piedmontese chefs, The “heirs” John Vial that, chef of King Carlo Alberto and Vittorio Emanuele II, publishing in 1854 Treaty of his kitchen, Modern Pastry, Belief and its Confettureria, began the unification of Italy in the kitchen ....

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Point of Departure from Piazza Martiri della Libertà Info – Rivoli (TO)
Sunday 9 January (by appointment only at 011.9561043) A tour of about half an hour on board of "two wheels" young and innovative; the opportunity to admire the beauty of the area, described by a tourist guide which also has Segway. Ticket 25 € per person. Reserved for greater 16 years. Recommended to wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes; avoid bags and handbags. - - TEL. 011.9561043

RIVOLI SECRET (On reservation)
Point of Departure from Piazza Martiri della Libertà Info – Rivoli (TO)
Every Sunday, Hours 16 (by appointment only at 011.9561043) The tour lets you discover the hidden beauties of the city: from the Casa del Conte Verde, the Grotto of the Nymph, through the bell tower of the Collegiate Church and the Tower of the Spinning Mill. The tour lasts approximately two hours, the total cost of 3 € (free for children under 6 years). - – TEL. 011.9561043

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Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November 2010, by 9.30 all 17.00, the sky above the Castle of Masino, wonderful properties of the FAI – Italian Environment Fund to Caravino (TO), again host for the fourth consecutive year “Hot Air Balloon Rally” organized by Team Charbonnier Balloon Aosta.

In Castle Park there will be many balloons – from Italy, France and Switzerland – their crews will compete in exciting races and chase away the sky, that all spectators can watch from land. For those who want it before the race, may also watch the colorful balloons inflate – a ritual of great fascination for the little ones – and experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated. Among the many proposals competitions, one of the most spectacular is definitely the one call “Fox Hunting“, call in which a balloon “fox” take off and all the other riders will launch its pursuit.
This year too Masino you can admire a very special balloon – the largest balloon Italian that can hold up 10 passengers – which will be conducted by a pilot as special: Igor Charbonnier, two-time Italian champion of balloon flight and 8 th place at World Air Games 2009.

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Venaria Reale,presented by 22 July to 7 Next November the exhibition “The machine of wonders”: Magic lanterns and painted film, 400 Years of Cinema”, dedicated to one of the earliest forms of visual spectacle, very popular in the European courts , In collaboration with the National Film Museum.

The magic lantern, device appeared in the second half of the seventeenth century in Holland ,allowed to project onto a white screen, of various sizes , still or animated images painted on glass plates. Infinite were the issues presented: scenes from the games dreamscapes, from images of exotic places to religious cartoons , etc.…

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The setting is that of a magical bosco of ash and beech with a mighty wall of rock four evening concerts classical music.

Contact with the darkness and silence in order to better appreciate the art. Serve batteries and heavy shoes. l’ event is organized by the Municipality of Groscavallo (Val Grande di Lanzo, Torino) .

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The Torino Piemonte Card is valid for one adult and one child under 12 years and provides free entry in more than 170 cultural sites in the city and region: museums, exhibitions, castles and royal residences.

It also guarantees free use of all means of public transport surface and tourist transport in Turin, shuttle for the Venaria Reale and Castello di Rivoli, the train to the airport of Caselle.

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Finally spring is here and as every year since 2000 returns the show of tulips in bloom in the gardens of the medieval castle of Pralormo in the province of Turin.

Until 2 May (Monday to Friday 10-18, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays 10-19) you can pay a visit to'XI edition of Messer Tulipano. well 75 thousand flowers including tulips and daffodils color the garden designed 150 years ago by Xavier Kurten, the landscape architect of the most important gardens of the Savoy Residences.

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