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November events london | Traveling Easy

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Back again this year the festival panettone sweet for excellence MILAN, appointments for all the Milanese and tourists. Fact or Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 novembre at Teatro Franco Parenti, Via Pier Lombardo 14, seat will be held Re Panettone 2010.

As in previous years will participate in a thirty among the best Italian pastry chefs and will also Cooperative social Giotto, where inmates of the prison in Padua that for some years produce excellent panettone (

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For all lovers of comics A Milan  27 E 28 novembre, at 'Ata Hotel Executive Viale Sturzo 45, will host the thirty-fourth edition of Fumettopoli, The international exhibition of comics. The event is primarily focused on the world of comics and manga, but not alone. fact in the lounge you can also find books, animated films, acronyms cartoons on vinyl 45 rpm, soundtrack, CD and DVD, items, figures, models and more.
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MILAN, 13 novembre 2010 – The cultural association Ragnarock, in collaboration with the City of Milan, The Lombardy Region and the European Commission Representation in Milan, organizes the CO2 Green Drive, a project on environmental awareness, designed by Danish artist Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute. The initiative, born in the winter of 2008, aims to raise awareness through a collective event of strong visual and performing that will involve the entire city in its most metro: viability and its impact on quality of life.

CO2 Green Drive - what's happening in the city 

The focus of the event is a public parade of electric vehicles and eco-friendly. These vehicles virtual track is a monumental inscription "CO2" on "map" of the city. This action will serve to promote the use of low-emission vehicles and raising public awareness of current environmental challenges of. The parade will be opened by the legendary car Back to the Future, De Lorean in electric version, and a Tesla, electric sports car to 100%.

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The new appointment The Play Room 2010 FAI will be held on 13 E 14 November,two days to enjoy the games and amusements of the past; The exhibition will be held at the Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan.

A lot of news this year, including a original dollhouse "Travel", that once closed it becomes a convenient box to take with you anywhere. In addition, theme edition 2010 will be three notes and love stories - "The Adventures of Pinocchio", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Pied Piper" - which inspired puppet shows, animations and laboratories organized on both days of event, and entire lines of accessories (Hanging, port-pajamas, trunks-door games, etc.) Theme and dresses for both children and their dolls.

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Opens Saturday 6 November, the fifth edition of the Milano Whisky Festival, the event which brings together well 40 producers of the best whiskey in the world: well 2000 the labels. Averna Group, sole distributor in Italy for important whiskey produced by White&Mackay - Rare collection&Luxury, Jura e the Dalmore – There is also this year with the most refined and exclusive malts that can be served plain or combined to offer chocolate which enhances the taste.

During the two days – Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November - to be held at Marriott Hotel in Milan (Via Washington, 66), Averna Group are experts in the experiment to the public a journey through the Scottish Hillands and reefs, with the aim of giving unique emotions such as those offering a sip of his precious whiskey.
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A MILAN The next 18 will be held in November the inauguration of  Museo del Novecento, at Palazzo dell'Arengario, whose restructuring is the work of architects Fabio Fornasari and Italo Rota. The shipyard, avviato  a  giugno 2007, has been completed: The architects excavated and rebuilt the building thirties space modern, flexible, redesigned to accommodate four thousand square meters 350 works of public collections.  
The path opens with "The Fourth Estate" of Pellizza by Volpedo (which can also be seen without a ticket); the Featured Jucker collection will be exhibited (with Picasso and Modigliani) and the Futurists; The According will be voted to the classics of "Twentieth Century" and the abstract; informal and conceptual art will occupy the third level (with butter and Kounellis), Art will close while the poor visiting the second floor of Palazzo Reale, Arengario connected by a bridge. Strengths: the focus on De Chirico, Fontana and Morandi.

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