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- a ‘week’ Ascoli Satriano

Polo Museum and other sites

Free visit - From 09 aprile 2011 the 17Aprile

- Archaeological exhibition "The waste must.Events of luxury in the tombs of Ascoli Satriano "

Museums – Archaeological Museum c / o former Monastery of Santa Maria del Popolo

shows - From 16 April 2011 the 16 December


concert: “Spring” 

Pinacoteca '9 one hundred’

concert - The 09 April 2011

- “Witnesses of the time: Foggia famous portraits of the collection of the Museum”City Museum

shows - From 10 April 2011 the 10 May

- The captains of Italy and Unity. 1860-1865. Territorial Museum

shows - From 13 April 2011 the 28 May

- Obiettando “Obbedirò” c / o Grey room-art arena

shows - The 16 April 2011

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Inspired by the initiative organized by the FAI in Foggia we propose a route on the places that Frederick, starting from Foggia, reach Castel Fiorentino. 

Cultural Route 

"Places of Frederick II of Foggia, Lucera and Torremaggiore "

Inspired by the initiative organized by the FAI of Foggia "the spotlight", this time dedicated to Masseria Pantano, Daunia fabulous offers on a route that places Frederick, starting from Foggia, reach Castel Fiorentino (Federico II where he died), through the castle of Lucera.

Here is the pdf of the itinerary: Itinerario culturale federico II.pdf (99.40 Kb)and its characteristics: Cultural itinerary federico II – caratteristiche.pdf (382.07 Kb) 

A link, the map plotted on Google Maps:, while this link to a map drawn up GPsies which can also be downloaded to their navigation system: 

of: Foggia

a:Castel Fiorentino (Torremaggiore) 


length:circa 50 Km

to go:preferably within a day, stopping for lunch at Lucera.

note:The course was designed to be traveled by car or motorbike, but it also adapts well to the bike, taking care of the SS. 17 (Foggia, Lucera) busy. The path, in its interior features in Foggia and Lucera, is not suitable for coaches.

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The 16 October is expected to show "We want the spotlight," sponsored by the delegations FAI in the area under the national campaign "Defend your heart of Italy”.

The project provides that each delegation to choose a good local representative of the collective, abandoned or in a state of decay, but worth recover the original dignity, and take steps to raise the necessary funds to restore it and return it to the local community.

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Saturday 11 September, pm 19 all 22 – Diocesan Museum, Lucera (FG) The Diocesan Museum of Lucera, with the help of the Association Third Millennium, Program opening night outstanding at the Night of Wine, tasting wines and typical products organized by the Pro Loco and the City of Lucerne with the Province of Foggia, to be held in center lucerino Saturday 11 September.

starting at 19.00 and until 22.00, you can visit the rooms of the Diocesan Museum, located within the Bishop's Palace located in Piazza Duomo 13 Lucera, accompanied by guides of the Association Third Millennium.

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