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Daunia fabulous offers you the itinerary of the week “Places of Frederick II” | Traveling Easy
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Daunia fabulous offers you the itinerary of the week “Places of Frederick II” | Traveling Easy

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Inspired by the initiative organized by the FAI in Foggia we propose a route on the places that Frederick, starting from Foggia, reach Castel Fiorentino. 

Cultural Route 

"Places of Frederick II of Foggia, Lucera and Torremaggiore "

Inspired by the initiative organized by the FAI of Foggia "the spotlight", this time dedicated to Masseria Pantano, Daunia fabulous offers on a route that places Frederick, starting from Foggia, reach Castel Fiorentino (Federico II where he died), through the castle of Lucera.

Here is the pdf of the itinerary: Itinerario culturale federico II.pdf (99.40 Kb)and its characteristics: Cultural itinerary federico II – caratteristiche.pdf (382.07 Kb) 

A link, the map plotted on Google Maps:, while this link to a map drawn up GPsies which can also be downloaded to their navigation system: 

of: Foggia

a:Castel Fiorentino (Torremaggiore) 


length:circa 50 Km

to go:preferably within a day, stopping for lunch at Lucera.

note:The course was designed to be traveled by car or motorbike, but it also adapts well to the bike, taking care of the SS. 17 (Foggia, Lucera) busy. The path, in its interior features in Foggia and Lucera, is not suitable for coaches.

General Description 

The route starts from the immediate outskirts of Foggia, in the area between the highway for Candela (entrance from Avenue of the Aviators) and Via San Lorenzo (continuation of Viale Europa). This is an area crossed by Tratturo Ordona-Sink-Foggia and affected by the location of "Masseria Pantano". What is currently called Masseria Pantano is a huge rural building, part of a wider area built during the Middle Ages. The name "quagmire" comes from the fact that the area was, Until a few decades ago, affected by the presence of a swamp (swamp). The context of decay and neglect that is currently, disappearance of the marsh and a large part of the ancient buildings, should instead be totally different in fact many medieval documents attest to the presence of towering buildings, stables, and even water games and a zoo, just wanted to Frederick II.

The course will continue in the center of Foggia and in particular for Vincenzo Piazza Nigri, next to the three arches of the Porta Arpana that directs towards the Gargano Foggia. In Piazza Nigri is the arch of the palace of Frederick II, or what remains visible of the building whose foundations Frederick, and underground spaces, probably, remain hidden several feet below the present street level. Internal arc inscription recalls the old palace was built in June 1223 to Emperor Frederick II, by Bartolomeo protomagister. Also in the square is located the entrance to the Museum where there are rich Medieval in Foggia.

Next stage is Lucera and especially the Castello Svevo-Anjou. Part of this castle was built by Frederick II in 1233 and consisted in Palatium, a massive square tower of which are still evident in the foundation and part of 1st floor. In this castle Frederick II of Sicily rebel transfer Saracens, subsequently become faithful warriors of the Emperor. They gave Frederick the construction of a mosque and thanks to them, Lucera the Arab "Lugerash" knew years of great prosperity and cultural development. The Saracens were later exterminated by the Anjou was also destroyed and the mosque where he was instead made to build the present Cathedral.

Last place is affected by the itinerary Castel Fiorentino, in campaigns that look Torremaggiore Lucera. In this medieval town, now recognizable only by the ruins of a small tower that overlooks the pastures of a hill, The 13 December 1250 Frederick II died. In addition to the tower, can clearly see the foundations of many buildings including the church. Legend has it that a prophecy had foretold his death the emperor "sub flor" and so he always tried to distance from everything in the name refers to a "bloom", between these places and also Florence. The prophecy, however, met its end as the sudden death of Fedrico II arrived in Castel Fiorentino.

Departure: Church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Viale 1 ° Maggio

From the square in front of the church, turn right into Via Antonio La Salandra and, passed the entrance to the private school, right again in Via Gandhi at a diversion duct. The road, to go entirely 1800 m, along right now at some soccer fields and crosses two intersections with roundabout. At the end of the paved road ends Via Gandhi to give way to sheep track and pedestrian path that leads up to the regional park dell'Incoronata. Looking at the entrance to the trails in the first turn left along Via Stephen Knight, Via Giorgio Almirante and then finally, past the roundabout, keeping to the right, Via Antonio Silvestri. Now you run along two tennis courts on the right after which you turn right. Once this road you find yourself behind the ruins of Pantano Colonial.

After the visit of the Farm, follow the signs for the South Course (Fiera di Foggia) that must be traveled to Foggia penetrate without turning off and following the one-way streets to Piazza Cavour, front of the Pronaos (colonnade) the Villa Comunale. Wanders through the roundabout and fountain, passed to the right path of the railway station turn right into Via Conte Appiano, the next bifurcation, turn left in Via XXV Aprile up to Via della Repubblica where you turn right. Once you have turned you can park in the square opposite the Church of St. John the Baptist whose face looks the three arches of the Gate Arpana, above which there is Piazza Nigri.

After visiting the Museum Square and the shooting of the Republic Street to the north and follow the signs for Lucera. You will have to take the SS:17 up to Lucera. Arriving at Porta Foggia (arc entering the city center) turn left along the perimeter of the ancient city walls (Via Vittorio Veneto). Pass Port Troy continue still holding right in Via Croce and Via Porta Napoli. From this are clearly visible indications, a sx, lead at the Castello Svevo-Anjou.

After visiting the castle back to Naples Street and turn left and follow signs to San Severo. The road, reached the outskirts of Lucerne, begins to fall and, exceeded 4 hairpin flanking quarries and brickworks, you reach a roundabout to be covered up by turning left at the fork to the right to Castelnuovo Daunia. Taking the SP. 8. Percorsi 8.700 meters of the SP. 8 you reach a crossroads where you must turn right. after further 2.800 meters walked on SP. 18 turning left on SP17. Along this province already, landscape opens onto a grassy hill topped by the ruins of a tower. Percorsi 2.5 Km from the previous inRouteson is reached on a detour to the right with a dirt road. It 'should park your car and walk for about 700 m.

Source: Infopoint the Province of Foggia