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Back to the exhibition which opens from May to October over a hundred historic homes in the Langhe and Monferrato Roero.

Sunday 1 May back the initiative Open Castles: 114 between objects of historic, art and architecture popular in the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo, partly private and partly public and open to everyone and tell their stories through guided tours.

The assets of the initiative is made up of castles, palaces, would, towers, gardens, museums and historical and artistic itineraries. The initiative is promoted by Province of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria with the support of Regione Piemonte.

Sunday 1May Day will be the number of open facilities to give visitors the best choice and to organize a spring day.

The event will be weekly: Sunday to Sunday, besides the usual opening of each dwelling Staříč will recommend a route to find a new or unusual area of ​​Piedmont.

In 2011 L’iniziativa, Now in its 16 edition, has been enriched by new members with a great attention from local government: there are many municipalities that have organized tours to visit historic centers.

Among the new 2011 in the province of Cuneo adhere to the complex feudal Malingri Bagnolo Piemonte, the castle of Barolo, Pellico house in Saluzzo, Castle Sale San Giovanni and the castle of Mango.

In the province of Alssandria increase opportunities of access through the participation of the Castello di Casale Monferrato, Dungeon Carbonara Scrivia, Castle Gardens of Gabiano, Marengo's Museum in Alexandria, Natta and Palaces of Cairo Sannazzaro Lauzet in Casale Monferrato and the country of Viguzzolo proposing a national tour itinerary.

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A irregular pentagonal with three cylindrical towers and a powerful bastion of lance-shaped, nicknamed “Diamond Head”, that goes to the port, with a trench that extends around the perimeter and in ancient times was equipped with a drawbridge. It was built between 1485 and 1498 by the Aragonese in Naples, probably on an existing building of the period Frederick, advice from Francesco di Giorgio Martini, the Renaissance genius of military. In 1647 strengthening works were made and were restored to “Torre Mastra” and all the walls. The gateway stands the emblem of Charles V.

Inside the fortress there is a piazzetta a pianta quadrangolare with a staircase leading to upper floors. The square top of the castle, at a height of 16 m, is equipped with cannons and Merloni. At the beginning of 1800 Napoleonic militia manomisero almost all the defensive of Otranto. In 1897, Part of the moat was filled in with earth to allow access to the old town, but then at the end of the next century has been restored to its original state. during 2009 has become an important cultural event, with exhibitions and events of great.

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Once frescoes restored to glory, with their stucco with a gold leaf. E ' Camera del Camin Nero Castello del Buonconsiglio, after a restoration that continues the work with which by 1984 are gradually regained some of Great Palace, which is set to Castel old structure. Work, Total cost 154.000 €, concerned among other things, the frescoes of the corridor linking the two parts of the castle, the same period. …l’articolo continua »

A celebration that is a good omen for the months to come, the hope of a better future, where dreams come true… The last day of the festival is a tradition that in time, and Remember to Tastes of the Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza can not forget! Friday 31 December 2010 Castle Rivalta (PC) greets the old year and welcome you with open arms 2011! The chef of Ristorante La Rocchetta, James Casarola, sets fire to the powder to celebrate an anniversary as it should be so important! The drink is based on Ruby Kir Royal, accompanied by small salted savarin, and to follow here prawn paste kadaifi and scent of balsamic vinegar and culatello Zibello dop salstanger mignon with foie gras and warm. Refinement and taste for the aragostella cannelloni with leeks and fresh tomato coulis, saffron risotto with partridge with cognac and cream truffle, fillet of beef with Stilton bell in corn and hazelnuts, served with potatoes and onions and sour glazed. The wines are Sauvignon firm, Dolcetto di Dogliani, Princess Luretta, and the first part ends with the feast of St. Sylvester and Coffee Delight. Why can not miss after midnight zampone fresh lentils with good luck!

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Dall'11 the 14 novembre  Castle Vallaise Arnad, built by the noble family of Vallaise, opens its doors and will thus be discovered and visited by the general public. After long negotiations the Region bought last summer for 1 million 600 thousand euro manor.

The initiative is part of the activities to enhance and promote the historical and artistic heritage Valle d'Aosta carried out by the Culture with the aim of involving the community in the process of protection and valorization of the territory.”The main idea behind this initiative -ha spiegato l’Assessore alla Cultura Laurent Vie’rin – E’ In fact, to make, right now, share in the population of this acquisition, giving the possibility’ access for all and to live this place, witness of our history.”

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Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November 2010, by 9.30 all 17.00, the sky above the Castle of Masino, wonderful properties of the FAI – Italian Environment Fund to Caravino (TO), again host for the fourth consecutive year “Hot Air Balloon Rally” organized by Team Charbonnier Balloon Aosta.

In Castle Park there will be many balloons – from Italy, France and Switzerland – their crews will compete in exciting races and chase away the sky, that all spectators can watch from land. For those who want it before the race, may also watch the colorful balloons inflate – a ritual of great fascination for the little ones – and experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated. Among the many proposals competitions, one of the most spectacular is definitely the one call “Fox Hunting“, call in which a balloon “fox” take off and all the other riders will launch its pursuit.
This year too Masino you can admire a very special balloon – the largest balloon Italian that can hold up 10 passengers – which will be conducted by a pilot as special: Igor Charbonnier, two-time Italian champion of balloon flight and 8 th place at World Air Games 2009.

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Friday 26 November 2010 There will be an opening night special and free in the six museums and a castle in Bolzano. from 16.00 until late at night all the museums of Bolzano will open their doors to visitors.

The Long Night of Museums is an initiative that involves the museums, the castles and the Municipality of Bolzano offering, in addition to various exhibitions and art collections, cultural and scientific, Music, art exhibitions and guided tours to color and warm the autumn night.

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Southern Piedmont - Open Castles
Open Castles, event sponsored by the Piedmont Region and the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, plans to open from May to October of about ninety historic homes that wind through the Alps from Cuneo, the hills of the Langhe and the Monferrato Asti and Alessandria, to the plains towards the Po. The exhibition includes a wide variety of structures: from castles to strong, from the gardens to museums palaces to villas, About 90 architectural gems of centuries and styles that allow visitors to build customized a number of itineraries to discover an area rich in history and culture.
Below is a list of resources that will open the day of 24 October. For information on times, Ticket price, rounds of visits, visit

Castles in the province of Alessandria


Castle Cremolino

Castle of Sannazzaro Giarole

Castle Redabue in Masio

Castle Morbello (remains)

Castle Morsasco

CASTLE Rainbow

Castle Pozzolo Formigaro


Castle of Lajone Quattordio


Castello di San Giorgio Monferrato


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Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria for the first time they have chosen to work together and coordinate the individual initiatives to make available the immense cultural heritage. The homes and gardens participating can be both public and private, in which case the openings are occasional and exceptionally coordinated in a single day. Sunday 24 wants to be the day of culture for those who love castles, historic houses and gardens in the north west are unique that the whole world envies us. In Piedmont open structures that precisely the Open Castles 24 closes its October edition 2010; also open the gates 30 public and private historic gardens included in the program of the day "open gardens in the Biella"; in Liguria be visited 9 gardens that are part of the "A Sea Garden" from east to west and provide a wealth of high historical and botanical.

While in Lombardia joined 13 among the strongest and most significant historic houses in the area. We visit spectacular sites like the castle of Vigevano, a small city within a city, Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta with the splendid play of water nymph.

The tours are usually guided, in private places is often the owner to keep entrance fees may apply or not.

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The hills of Monferrato, known for healthy thermal waters of Acqui Terme, home, for the fourth consecutive year, an event dedicated to the art of falconry, which, for many centuries, has enthralled all social classes. The event is organized with the contribution of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria under the patronage of the Province of Alessandria and the collaboration of the City and the site of pro-Morsasco. 

From Saturday 16 October, the castle comes alive to give life to Tournament Falconry Castelli del Monferrato to be held the following day at 15,00. Saturday evening visitors can take a guided tour of the castle at night ((Pila and obtain required)) partly unpublished and watch the flight of owls in the cellars of the castle. The visits will take place from the hours 20,00 all 24,00 reservation is mandatory. Visitors will be able to welcome the good mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.

Sunday morning from 9,30 will open the exhibition on birds of prey for falconry and tools; at 11,00 Tournament Iniza the carnival with Mass in the parish church and the blessing of the hawks and Strozzieri in the tournament. Following presentation of Master falconers Falconry with trumpets and drums of the group Lj Ruset Pavone Canavese.

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