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a Castle of a thousand secrets and Crossed Destinies to discover. a intrigue by solving with the acumen and insight of the detective dell'indovino. a Special tour one of the most mysterious castles of Parma - the Rocca dei Rossi di San Secondo where legend midnight roams the ghost of a girl with long hair - with a guide from room to room, art, arcana, literature and history. a Price sitting at the table, with buffet menu, where to meet new friends, fun with friends and Party with Murder Murder to play, having fun together.

Here's the formula for spending an evening of original, in an exclusive location,by 20 midnight the chimes will ring when the fatal hour for the murderess: able to unmask and bring to justice? Or let it continue to work undisturbed in your midst?

Party with Murder Murder takes place Saturday 2 April by 20 Castello di San Secondo Parmense. It is titled "Post Mortem"Inspired by and between secret behind an old brooch. Think of a child born in 1769 that in the future would conquer and dominate Europe: Napoleon Bonaparte. Step into a Castle, The castle at San Secondo Parmense, seven kilometers from the Fortress of Sanvitale Fontanellato, where he lived instead Albertina, morganatic marriage of his daughter Marie Louise of Austria (who was the wife of Napoleon) and Count Adam von Neipperg.

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Overnight Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April in a room overlooking the park in the historic residence of the Counts Sanvitale Charming Villa In, opposite the Rock of Fontanellato with complimentary a bottle of wine “Poison Woman

All the world loves lovers, goes the old adage. The heart of generations has beaten in listening to stories Scarlett and Rhett, Jane Eyre e Mister Rochester, Catherine ed Heathcliff in “Cime Tempestose”, Elizabeth and Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice". So here in Castle Fontanellato (19 km from Parma) go on stage Saturday 9 April 20.30 a special guided tour of the manor and told stories of women who - in their novels, poems and odes, diaries - love. That experienced the most beautiful pages of the characters just hatched so finely as to be true and that embedded in the heart of the writers, a long lifetime.

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Saturday 12 February Valentine's fabulous for a romantic dinner. For a romantic Valentine's Day is an event of love indispensable: Thus, a unique setting, fairytale, like a castle is the ideal place to give a dream to your beloved "princess" or turn your rider into a "king", the man of your destiny. Treating yourself to an escape from everyday life with two away, you can choose Saturday 12 February by 20.30 fabulous dinner and guided tour of the manor and animation "Love in the Castle”, in the beautiful fortress Sanvitale Fontanellato. For information and reservations: Iat Rocca Sanvitale: TEL. 0521.829055.

by 12 the 14 February. Sparkling Valentine's Day in Villa Suites In. The luxury of simplicity From aperitif to dinner until nights. Saturday 12, Sunday 13 and Monday 14 February, if you want to devote an entire weekend to the patron saint of lovers to find the feeling of torque you will stay in the magical Suites Nights, opposite the Rock of Fontanellato, In the historic residence Villa, in the circuit charming association Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza. Four of the most beautiful rooms all different styles: Meridiana with four-poster bed and private bathroom with bathtub; Pupitra, Negotiate the, 24 Mesi with windows overlooking the park and private bathroom with shower. There is the possibility to ask the Mini Suite with terrace overlooking the botanical garden. Spaces where the old buildings and modern facilities come together in places every single time: charm and fascination of a genius loci still alive and. Comfort and modern facilities, dictated by a functional human scale. The formula is the hospitality of the nights in this villa: suites designed with attention to location and details, built and furnished with courtesy and respect for the lives of those who must stay, even for one night. The rooms are all on the ground floor, with large and generous facing windows on nineteenth-century park that is the whole quote, yet only steps from the Rocca, in downtown Fontanellato. The luxury of simplicity? Featuring the rhythms and flavors simultaneously simple and sophisticated, high quality but not ostentatious. information and reservations: In Villa La Paltina & Suites Nights: 0521.822100.

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What lies behind the mysterious writing, invocation to the goddess Diana, always protected by the Moon, symbol of femininity and fertility, portrayed on the walls of the dressing room of Diana and Actaeon in Castle Fontanellato? We speak of love, love of hunting, entrusted to the wishes of shooting stars, old and new dreams in the wake of the orbit of the planets Tuesday 10 August by 20.30 when the curtain rises on the "Dream of a Midsummer Night: Sanvitale and the stars. Us and the sky"In a sort of fairy-tale evocation of atmosphere, that fuse the kingdom of Shakespeare's Titania and the Metamorphoses of Ovid cited by Parmigianino in the fresco preserved in the Castle Hall of Diana and Actaeon.

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Saturday 24 July, by 20 until midnight, the court in the summer of Fontanellato comes alive with colorful stalls of organic products - fruit, vegetables, homemade jams and preserves, ancient grains bread, cheese, wine, oil and balsamic vinegar - but also stand potters, woodworkers, wrought iron and straw, Embroidery, master of decoupage. Around the castle, winds, Indeed, the first edition of Night "Rocca and Nature ", the market of biological and crafts years included in regional bio industry.

For once, spending for the next day or the week you it at night with the opportunity to take an evening stroll around the castle or do some shopping. The shops are open with the old town for shopping. The Rocca Sanvitale can be visited at night by way of exception from 20 all 24 lit the twists and candele, with full opportunity to tour the castle or the sole of the fresco Parmigianino illuminated by light coming from an oil lamp to recall when the young artist painted it in 1524.

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