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Women's Day events | Traveling Easy
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Women's Day events | Traveling Easy

The tendency to buy online travel is growing steadily and rank first in the ranking of products purchased

The secret of success? Speed, independence and security 

Stop to the endless "meetings" into the night with friends to define the perfect. Today more and more people rely on buying online to book their own travel and leisure activities, that this trend stems from a trip to organize independently to measure quickly and accurately. There is in fact that the area of e-commerce at the end 2010 reached 6,5 billion, an increase of 15% and buyers are now online in Italy 8 million (Data Centre of the Politecnico di Milano). 

That the tendency is to plan a solo flight, in pairs to Thelma & Louise or group, the organization is always the most delicate aspect to keep in mind. There are those who propose the weekend in Spa, those who dream of escaping 2 the 3 days abroad with her friends to devote entire days shopping or if you prefer to enjoy a European capital of culture and make Women's Day as a remedy 2011 no bridges. How to find the solution that succeeds in uniting all? One solution is to seek, a site dedicated to travel and leisure where you can find tempting proposals and to suit all pockets.

For Women's Day experts have selected the most tempting destinations and fashion with the best value for money. For those who like to "get away", For example, Spain is still the goal in most, the hand with a mild climate ideal for enjoying the first excerpts of spring. Seville and Madrid are two places of timeless beauty where, with prices, you can spend 3 the 4 nights, visit the city and enjoy the local restaurants in the city. also proposes solutions more comfortable facing the culture, to shopping and wellbeing: Florence is the case where less than 20 € it is possible to tour the city and visit the Uffizi, or spend a few days of relaxing at Montecatini Terme and Abano Terme.

Also this year, MiBAC joining the International Women's Day, intended to celebrate the binomial Women and Art: a combination of inspiration for painters, sculptors, musicians and all those who over the centuries have identified the female figure a muse for their work. They are also many women who have been able to express and, firsthand, their artistic talents, overcoming prejudices and social barriers.

Today, the role of women in contemporary society is an increasingly more in the spotlight debate within the social and cultural life of our country. E’ a highly topical theme in the many facets often run the risk of being subject to easy manipulation.

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