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Venice Carnival 2011 19 E 20 February, by 26 February to 8 March nineteenth – Gives meaning to Sissi – City of Women | Traveling Easy
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Venice Carnival 2011 19 E 20 February, by 26 February to 8 March nineteenth – Gives meaning to Sissi – City of Women | Traveling Easy

Venice rediscovered in 2011 the soul “to issue” its Grand Carnival. Torn between romantic suggestions and yeast Risorgimento, elegant frock coats and crinolines and corset or cylinder, and “Eight hundred” the reason driving the Carnival 2011, scheduled 19 February to 8 March.

In one hundred and fiftieth anniversary Unification of Italy, Venice chases her seductive femininity reminders of the great heroines in post-Romantic nineteenth century which is dedicated to the Carnival, in key plays down the popular and playful fighting between the Austrian officers and committees of the italians for Unity of the Kingdom of Italy, goes back to the Venetians, theaters and museums, in a tete-a-tete done concerts, Theater, historical representations, great dance and film screenings.

The provisional program is described. events, the days and times listed are subject to change. For continuous updates, please visit

GREAT BRINDISI IN VENICE Saturday 19 February, pm 19:00 at 20:00 Piazzetta San MarcoS'inaugura with “Great drink in Venice”, a joyful and elegant “Gin Gin” with which the Venetians and tourists will officially welcome the Carnival. This opens up the dances in San Marco square, the notes of the most famous Brindiam!Italian opera, in a colorful feast in which intrigues with the tails and walking sticks nineteenth-century elegance.

VENETIAN FESTIVAL Sunday 20 February, pm 10:00 Canal Grande Cannaregio districtThe feast of all Venetians, dedicated to citizens and visitors to the lagoon city. The water procession of Rowing Associations Coordination moller of Venice's St. Mark's moorings and sail along the Grand Canal until you reach the popular Cannaregio district, where will march in a blaze of public thronged the banks of the Rio de Cannaregio, waiting for the now acclaimed “CARRY the rat”, at the hands of the Coordination of Rowing. Upon arrival of the boats will open up the stands with the gastronomic delicacies quintessential carnival: venezianissime fritole and the galant and the beloved salted cicheti, offered EYEO.

FEAST OF MARIE Saturday 26 February, by 14.00 (from San Pietro di Castello), arrive in Piazza San Marco to 16.00 About

Tuesday 8 March, pm 15.30 (departure of the water procession from St. James Gold and arrive in Piazza San Marco

all 17.00 for the awards). District of Castello and San MarcoThe traditional “Festa delle Marie” recalls the tribute that brought the Doge annually twelve beautiful maidens and humble Venetian, generously providing them with the jewels for the wedding ducal. The party, a unique to admire the costumes of the Venetian tradition, winds over several days. Opens Saturday 26 February, with the procession of the twelve girls selected in the weeks leading Venetian. The parade pedestrian, accompanied by costumed historical groups of the Committee of European Historical and associations for the Carnival, let at San Pietro in Castello 14:00, driving along the Riva degli Schiavoni and arriving in Piazza San Marco, where will be the presentation of “Marie” citizenship. The prize-giving

the coronation of “Maria” But the winner will be Mardi Gras, March 8, at the end of the water parade leaving from San Giacomo dell'Orio assigned Piazza San Marco. LI, all 17.00, the coronation of the Doge's more gentle and graceful young lady will seal the day dedicated to Women's Day.

The flight of the angel Sunday 27 February, Hours 12:00 Piazza San MarcoThe “Angel Flight”, Traditional reminiscent of the homage brought to the Doge, offers the exciting flight of a secret guest of the city of Venice, from the top of the bell tower of San Marco to the center of the square. Accepted in the crowded
parterre groups of historical re-enactments in costume, CARRY melt tension in the embrace of the Doge and the public, thrilled by the spectacular show celebrating forever, also on national and international networks, Carnival of Venice. The angel, star of the glamorous international, wear a beautiful costume with the theme Carnival.

THE COMMEMORATION Saturday 26 February pm 14:00 Sunday 27 February pm 12:00 Sunday 6 March pm 14:00 Piazza San MarcoThe historical re-enactments by the ESRB. (Union of European Historical) offer the public the unique chance to see the Carnival hundreds of costumes, organized and choreographed to recreate historical situations, in the important moments of the festivities of the Venetian tradition: parades, detachments and welcoming committee, guard of honor, flag wavers, actions of street theater with an ancient flavor, such as the famous Bagordo. at the “Marie Parade”, il 26 febbraio, and the Coronation “Maria” winner, il 6 March, and in conjunction with the “Angel Flight”, il 27 febbraio, for the vThey spFebruaryition 2011 Carnival of Venice you can also see re-enactments in key nineteenth-century. Together with historical groups in costume will parade the beautiful masks of the Friends of the Venice Carnival and the International Carnival of Venice, to be admired, but also to have fun dancing the traditional dances, nineteenth-century waltz and the quadrille.

MORE THE MASK’ beautiful Selections: Thursday 3 March, pm 12:00 alle 14:00 and hours 16:00 alall7:00 Friday 4 March, pm 12:00 alle 14:00 and hours 16:00 alall7:00 Saturday 5 March, pm 12:00 alle 14:00 and hours 16:00 alall7:00 The final: Sunday 6 March, pm 15:00 Piazza San MarcoOne of the most anticipated events of the festival! On the day of Sunday fat, 6 marzo, Piazza San Marco on the stage of the most beautiful masks will parade the Carnival, entertained by guest artists and worldly. Color, originality, savoir faire, but also beauty and poise of the form will be judged by a prestigious panel of experts and celebrities. This year the prize will be split: next to the “Best Costume” absolute Carnival 2011, will be awarded the prize for the best masquerade theme nineteenth. The selections will be made masks, always in Piazza San Marco, from Fat Thursday 3 March to Saturday 5 marzo, in a blaze of deserved celebrity for the most complex anMarchginal costumes. and’ request the entry to the competition, active since
February on our website at

THE SHOW IN THE GRAND FOYER OF SAN MARCO From Saturday 26 Tuesday February 8 March, by 14:00 at night Piazza San MarcoThe Grand Foyer of San Marco will be the stage machinery that will be staged at the center of the square to host major events of the Carnival, traditional ones as the most innovative: by “Angel Flight” To “Festa delle Marie”, From “Best Costume” the performances of the commedia dell'arte. Among the major events not to miss the show will be choreographed companies and circus-theater with international artists, parades and
number of entertainers comedians, concert live music, organized under a full program coordinated by DJs and radio hosts of the national media partner. And yet: the dance - primarily the waltz and the tango - every night, pm 20:00, released by the parterre of the Grand Foyer; entertainment early evening aperitif, with the electrifying DJ sets to packed happy hour Carnival 2011; and the grand finale, March 8, Women's Day and Mardi Gras.

THEME DINNERS TO CASINO’ From Saturday 26 Tuesday February 8 March, pm 20:00 Palazzo Ca 'Vendramin CalergiCasino di Venezia, whose headquarters is located in one of the most beautiful buildings overlooking the Grand Canal, the elegant Palazzo Ca 'Vendramin Calergi, will be the location of the dinner theme dramatized, scheduled throughout the period of Carnival. The spaces of the main floor will be set up with the stages on which the alternate performance art and burlesque parodistic, century by definition show, in this context re-proposed by the best artists of national and international guests of the precious dinners
Casino. A soon as the information for how to book and buy.

VENICE CITY’ OPEN by 26 February to 8 March VeniceDuring the period of Carnival, by 26 February to 8 March, the city of Venice to attend an anthology of events and musical events, theater, cultural, for Venetians and tourists. The performances of commedia dell'arte and historical re-enactment will be staged in the fields of higher transitions, along with performance art popular, circus-theater set up in various districts by street artists, to create a different schedule every day of fun and surprises. A film festival dedicated to films to the carnival setting, nineteenth-century Venetian and will be presented at the Casa del Cinema di Venezia, with screenings of silent films and live piano accompaniment, and unpublished documentary on the nineteenth-century Venice. Special tours accompanied dramatized by actors take visitors curious and creative to discover the hidden corners of the city and the secrets of the Carnival, hidden in the streets by the strange names and mysterious.

A schedule of Churches also open in the evening, short contemporary and classical music concerts, will lead to the discovery of these places of worship only during the night. The main city cultural circles, from museums and art galleries, participate in the Carnival spirit, extending for a few days its opening hours to allow guests to Venice, and the Venetians, a long day of sightseeing and culture, after dinner.

THE CHILDREN'S CARNIVAL by 26 all''8 February March, pm 15:00 Campo San Polo

by 26 February 4 March, pm 15:00 Chirignago, Favaro Veneto, marghera, master, Zelarino

The Children's Carnival this year will be particularly rich and varied. In city, Campo San Polo spread the afternoon with entertainment companies, actors and entertainers who will play the children with stories and masks of the Venetian Carnival, historical and not. A large skating rink decorated for the occasion and offers the chance for children to play and have fun on ice skates. In mainland, the typical London double-decker bus will visit primary schools to carry around the performances of acrobats, CLOWN, Jugglers, puppeteers.
Garden of the countries flying – 2nd Carnival of Children of the Venice Biennale Gardens of the Biennale 26 February – 8 March 2011, OPENING HOURS 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday 3 opening hours until March 21After the success of 1 Children's Carnival, the Biennale di Venezia, during Carnival in Venice 2011, realizes that the second edition, through a program of creative initiatives aimed at an audience of adults and students as well as children, become the seat of the Gardens of the Biennale in the "Garden Country Flying". The Garden of countries flying up a program of exhibitions, educational activities for schools of all levels, art workshops for families and animated tours for the public, treasure hunts, meetings, shows, concerts and live performances. The activities take place along a path that winds through the Main Pavilion of the Biennale and will continue outward to the national pavilions. The Pavilion will take for the occasion with a fantastic dimension scenarios suspended between reality and imagination, a world full of surprises, within which children, children and the general public may be lost in an enchanted forest animated, the dunes of a desert colored, prairie in an unexpected sounds, the incredible city of visions and creatures in the dark abyss of fluorescent. In the central Piazza of Events "will take place all performances I live to be carried out during the event. All the rooms are heated in the Main Pavilion.

Bookshop, Cafeteria and library space of the Biennale ASAC-open.

For information on the event program: La Biennale di Venezia Educational Promotion:Tel.: +39 041 5218 828 fax.: +39 041 5218 732 

THE's Flight Sunday 6 March, Hours 12:00 Piazza Ferretto, masterThe parody “Angel Flight” takes place in Mestre, the last Sunday of Carnival. Piazza Ferretto fills the inhabitants of Mestre and tourists for a party dedicated to families, the joke without malice. The protagonist of the flight, from the top of the square to mimic the more famous St. Mark's bell tower from which the flies away '”Angelo”, musician will be a very self-ironic then that will play in the square, animated by the presence of real donkeys for

fun of all the public.

THE SILENCE OF stroke Tuesday 8 March, Hours 24:00The wings on the Carnival “Eight hundred” will go down with the big show's final “Rowing of silence”. A long procession of gondolas and rowing boats only will travel the Grand Canal, from the Rialto Basin
San Marco, Early notes from a trumpet placed on the first boat, opening of the water parade. The Grand Canal from pans and candles will be lit in order to recreate the atmosphere of nineteenth-century, and upon arrival in St. Mark's Basin hundreds of small paper balloons will be released into the air with luminous, to seal the demise of the Carnival, and the metaphorical entrance into Lent.

Carnival 2011 awaits you in Venice, The 19 E 20 February and 26 February to 8 March 2011. For   +39 0412412988
The provisional program is described. events, the days and times listed are subject to change. For continuous updates, please visit