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(Parma, February 2011) – E 'already in full swing the organizers for the construction of the second great event entirely dedicated to tourism en plein air, The saloon of the camper 2011, that by 10 to the 18 September will occupy the exhibition spaces of Fiere di Parma.

L’evento, achieved through a joint venture between Fiera di Parma and APC (Caravan and Camper Manufacturers Association), made its debut in September 2010 with a surprising success: oltre 133.000 visitors, 235 Exhibitors (where 67% Italians and 33% Foreign), 90.000 square meter of space, oltre 5wellhicles on display, 20 foreign delegates (in 4 extra UE) E 169 accredited journalists.

…continue l'Articolo » alla BIT in 34 Languages awaits you at the Bit, fair for the tourism industry worldwide, In Milan from 17 to the 20 February 2011, a portal with even more international and innovative services in the field of online hotel reservations.

Edition 2011 of International Tourism Exchange, submit your web site translated into 34 Languages, result of a massive expansion of content. BIT celebrates the success of an ever more international portal for hotel reservations for over 210 thousand hotels Worldwide, international brand of the German AG, whose objective is to consolidate its reservation service for companies and individuals as leaders in Europe and in many foreign markets.

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Craft Creations Artist .. and flowers at the Castle, 5-6 March, Visconti Castle Abbiategrasso MI

HANDICRAFTS CREATIONS ... and flowers at the Castle Creations designed and produced by women artists, artisans Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March 2011 – pm 10.00 all 19.30 Visconti Castle

Abbiategrasso (My)

L’evento "Creations Craft Artist ... and flowers at the Castle" continue the project "Artist craft in the province of Milan " born in 2007 the idea of two craft and two organizations to join forces for a real project and develop a concrete promovesse crafts all-female.

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Spring is coming Creattivi

Continue the positive trend of Bergamo event Creattiva, registering more and more arrivals from abroad.

Confirmation of 15 thousand square meters dedicated to the event, to give space to more than 250 was e 130 Exhibitors.

Among the new, large area the origami and an exhibition of works Quilt made with Japanese fabrics.

Like a music star or movie, Bergamo Creattiva Back to short for the happiness of thousands of his fans.

of Friday 18 Sunday 20 February In fact, the two main halls and the central gallery of the exhibition center of Bergamo (15 thousand square meters) return to accommodate the intriguing world of the arts and hobby manuals organized by Ente Fiera Promoberg.

For the sixth year to date are 130 Exhibitors from all over Italy (a dozen foreign ones, from Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France) who have confirmed their presence, carefully selected by the organizers on the basis of originality, quality and professional history, in approximately 255 stand, double the exhibition space than at the spring of 2010.

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Appointment with Italy Invite 2011 – Textile International Forum on Creativity .- Parma, 13-15 May 2011

Embroidery, lace, patchwork, quilting, felt, Cross Stitch, crochet, weaving, mesh: am nine sectors of textile creativity millions of people who are passionate and that will be featured in May at Fiere di Parma in Italy Invite 2011, since the biennial event in the industry.

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Swiss International Magic Artisan Crafts valuable

Dall'11 the 13 March 2011, at the Exhibition Centre Fevi Locarno, will be staged Magic Craftsmanship, the elegant Swiss festival dedicated to the promotion of craft excellence national and international.

Goldsmith's, Cabinetry, Ceramics, Tailoring, are just some of the types of processes present within Magic Craftsmanship, flawless gems stand ready to enrich the many places along the way forced the show

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Salone del Mobile di Parma 2011: public + 7%

"We have concluded this ninth edition of the Salone del Mobile di Parma with very positive results. In nine days of the exhibition spaces Fiere di Parma hosted a careful public, prepared, concerned, thereby registering an increase in visitors 7% than last year.”

These initial comments of organizers one of the most important industry trade shows dedicated to the general public, unlike other similar, continues to consents and signs of growth. 

“Abbiamo a wide audience that also comes over the province, that attends this annual event now: visitors were very appreciative of the offer of more than 200 exhibitors from over 42 Province d'Italia have showcased, Parma, il Made in Italy e non solo; their creativity and good taste, together with an effective set design of spaces, generated 'emotions' such as to create the right atmosphere between question and answer. In addition The Salone del Mobile confirms the right platform for the industry so they can diversify their marketing strategies by creating new synergies with a wider audience. ".

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25/26/27 February Agrosud 2011 Exhibition of 'Agriculture

Fair Agrosud, will hold its third edition at the fairgrounds the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples by 25 to the 27 February 2011, spread over an exhibition area of over 10.000 MQ.

L’evento, aimed at an audience of accredited and specialized, represents an established reference point for Southern Italy,able to fully meet the needs of modernization, updating and deepening to the operators of agribusinesses.

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Ristorexpo – Author dinners in Como – Outside the salon Ristorexpo

Training, good food, local marketing of food products linked to the short chain and the entire declination food and wine; This will be discussed during the many events planned to XIV edition of Ristorexpo which will involve Gualtiero Marchesi, MC, and great chefs such as Massimo Bottura, Mauro Uliassi, David Scabin, Ettore Bocchia, or Luigi Ointment, Stefano Masanti, Matthew and Daniel Vigotti Facen.

The relationship between food and Mind will be the leitmotif of many of the initiatives this year. The food is not just a food but a tool to start your brain and all our senses; we discuss this, After months of research and study during the conference on Sunday 20 February from 10.30, promoted in collaboration with Besta Neurological Institute in Milan "Food and Mind. The Pleasure of Health ": why and how the mind affects nutrition? What's new for the research on the topic of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia? Participants Joseph De Leo, General Besta Neurological Institute Milan; Franco Berrino, Department of Preventive and Predictive,Istituto Nazionale Tumori Milan; Ferdinando Cornelio, Scientific Director Besta Neurological Institute Milan. Following a Round Table, during the debates, with Gualtiero Marchesi.

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Returns this year Fair Candlemas of San Bartolomeo

Torna oggi 2 February and tomorrow 3 February 2011 St. Bartholomew the great Candlemas Fair, the traditional market open most characteristic of Western Liguria, which is a point of reference for the trade and popular traditions of the coastal town. A lot of news in the program, for an edition that promises to be full of initiatives, events and renewed by the organization point of view of increasing exhibition.

This year, the number 311, opens under the banner of Green Flag, recently received recognition from the Ligurian town the Italian Farmers Confederation for its commitment to conservation, protection and promotion of the territory and local specialties.

The exhibition will occupy all of Candlemas in the area between the Waterfront Nations and the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Rovere, for a total of about one-third of the city center. With the donkeys from the herd Monte Baducco of Reggio Emilia will be shown "on field" milking techniques, through which you can get the delicious Donkey milk and derived products. For larger lessons on the farrier and the conduct of the donkeys. For the smaller License of test conductor Asinelli, but only for those who can do a fun obstacle course. The 'achievements' will be immortalized by a photo.

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