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ideas for Valentine's Day | Traveling Easy

Egyptian Museum of Turin – early February and Valentine's Day

Throughout the month, the museum offers many activities and interesting itineraries ... Valentine's Day with an opening and amazing surprises for lovers! 

In February, the Egyptian Museum offers new opportunities to explore a fascinating world of ancient artifacts that, atmospheres and beautiful legends Pharaoh. All visitors are welcome, in particular the pairs, Children and families, for which they have planned special events and exciting itineraries throughout the month.

On the day of Monday 14 February, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, The Museum will make a 'Special opening hours from 8:30 at 19:30 to allow all, love and, discover the treasures of its rich collection. Throughout the day the Museum will offer - for the fourth consecutive year – l’iniziativa “1 tickets 2”, which will visit a couple rooms with a single ticket: The promotion is valid not only for lovers, but also for friends, relatives and in general for all the people who present themselves as a couple at the ticket. There will also be able to Hours 11:30 and the Hours 17:30 of guided tours through the romantic location "My heart follows your love"To know the love life at the time of the pharaohs.

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Painting and words …; Sweet kisses and soft caresses …

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Calabria, directed by Fabio De Chirico, promotes Two interesting initiatives dedicated all'amore.

Friday 11 February Cosenza, Palazzo Arnone, at 17.00, Painting will take place and words: The Triumph of Love by Mattia Preti. During the event will look at love stories of the most beautiful literature and depicted in the painting taken from the Orlando Furioso of Ludovico Ariosto and Torquato Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered through a reading entitled Incantations of love, by Francesca Spadafora Gariano and Graziella Theatre Company Free Cosenza, is inspired by the madness of Orlando, through the brilliant rereading by Stefano Benni, both the magical and fleeting love of Rinaldo and Armida. An extensive gallery of figurative visual documents illustrates the fortune of the two poems. The initiative by the Mari, Patrick Carravetta, Melissa Frances Acquesta and Mandarin with the coordination of Fabio De Chirico.

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CUPID shoots an arrow ... ATRAPALO.IT care of your belongings and offers the chance to win great prizes LIVING IN PAIRS

ON ATRAPALO.IT Find the best most romantic Valentine's Day: WELLNESS ACTIVITIES, weekend, SHOWS AND MUCH MORE

The 14 February is approaching, lovers are preparing to organize a very special day to give the other half., the site of the "free time at the best price", is the solution for those who still have not found the right idea or not had the time to plan an event to the occasion. Here is a wide range of proposals to spend with your partner an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

He also continues on facebook Tell us about your worst date contest!: on offer for fans Atrapalo travel packages and vouchers to invest on the site.

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Go Valentine's Aquarium of Genoa

For those who are looking for an original way to celebrate Valentine's Day, Also this year the Aquarium offers an exciting. it is a dinner by candlelight in front of the large shark tank. …continue l'Articolo »

”ART TO HANG” GET A DAY IN VITERBO S. Valentino – by 14 to the 20 February 2011

After the Roman presentation held at the Library of Vetralla Rispoli and the Museum of the City and Territory,

APAI - Association for the Promotion of the Arts in Italy submit to the City of Viterbo's fascinating book of poetry combined with many artists from different artistic experiences related to painting, photography and sculpture, created specifically in relation to the poems, published in a book edited by Davide Ghaleb Editore, al Great Coffee Schenardi – Course Italy 11/13 – Monday 14 February 2011, h 17,30

The result becomes a synthesis of artistic interpretation of the written word where the world meets with the sign that takes on the appearance of image.

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Romantic days with

Chocolate Room, rose petals, bottle of champagne, Massage for couples… and much more for a Valentine's good value for money around the world 

Making the Valentine's Day without spending a fortune? have thought of that, devoting special packages for lovers "Romantic Days”. There are many destinations to choose from, designed especially for the 14 February, free service offered by the hotel reservation online for companies and individuals for over 210.000 hotels around the world.

of Prague a Seville through Nice, Cracovia, Moscow, Paris, Berlin and many others across Europe: couples have only spoiled for choice. Each package is made special by the fact that over accommodation offers something romantic: a Price Candlelight, Champagne E Chocolates in camera, bath rose petals or massage torque. These other facilities can be added as an upgrade and free late check-out, to enjoy waking up to the end together. Among the packages "Romantic Days" by everyone can find the ideal solution to spend time with loved or loved one for propane.

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Valentine's day at Cantinone - menu, soft live music, Entertainment. 14 February 2011 - Via S. Lorenzo, Putignano (BA)

The The restaurant Cantinone, where food and love, are united by an unbreakable bond, and are a perfect match for all couples wishing to spend special moments.

Then, what better time of day Valentine's Day to take a cenetta romantica in the company of his "half" in an elegant and refined on this occasion, take a look soft to spend a fabulous evening.

The Candlelight is the cupid that will follow during the impeccable an exceptional tasting menu who will marry the splendid music-pop melodies from the "Reshape Acoustic Trio" to lead such a journey where your senses will be protagonists.

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by 11 to the 13 Livorno in February “Choccolandia 2011″

by 11 to the 13 February, you can discover and taste chocolate in all its forms! Celebrate Valentine's Day in Livorno Choccolandia.

The chocolate world opens its doors, Forbidden pleasure or hidden passion,chocolate in all its forms, its colors and its marks since our children were small and big moments special. The legendary drink of the Maya has long been an entry into our homes, so that two out of three Europeans admit to drinking it every day.

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A romantic getaway…of Richard Gere, in his new accommodation is at walking distance from New York

Richard Gere and his wife are now also hosts exception of a Relay. The goal most romantic Valentine's Day has unearthed Traveller, Condé Nast monthly trip, describing the Bedford Post Inn on the current issue. a romantic getaway, in the heart of Westchester County, property outside New York actor and his wife.

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The Valentine's Day is approaching and couples are organized to help you enjoy. Often thought to treat your partner an unforgettable experience is necessary "sacrifice" the portfolio, but it is not always so!, leader in online hotel reservations, selected and elegant hotel with breathtaking views to stay in amazing rates.

Dine in front of the magnificent Gulf of Sorrento or enjoying the timeless ambiance of Rome's Imperial Forums, toast or with a view of the Eiffel Tower overlooking Central Park in New York: these proposals to spend a Valentine's chic ... but "cheap”.

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