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Christmas markets | Traveling Easy

GLI ULTIMI EVENTI DEI MERCATINI DI NATALE ERICE 2010″ 4 December 2010/6 January 2011 Erice

Dopo il grande successo del New Year, la musica continua il giorno 3 January con il Concertino e la Sfilata del Nuovo Anno a cura della Banda “Città di Paceco”diretta dal Maestro Claudio Maltese. La sfilata partirà alle ore 16.00 dal Piazzale Funivia di Erice Casa Santa e continuerà a vetta alle ore 17.00.  Alle ore 21.00 al Piazzale Funivia di Erice Casa Santa “Non solo danza” a cura della Scuola “Crisalide”.

day 4 December, alle ore 18.00, Piazza Municipio ad Erice Vetta continuerà a vivere con Pietro Adragna in Skype Trio. Alle ore 21.00 “Flamenco e Latino Americano” a cura di La Fenice Danza e Fitness al Piazzale Funivia. L’evento dei Mercatini si concluderà con numerose iniziative per i più piccoli. Cantastorie e clown, storie di avventure e di sogni, cabaret per bambini e un tuffo nelle favole più tradizionali ma raccontate in chiave moderna.

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Until 6 January, Cable car to Piazzale Erice Casa Santa, the stands will be enriched by the original case for the Trade, propose antiques, modern antiques, collecting,hobby crafts and bric-a-brac.

The music will continue in the background with the "Echoes from the Middle Ages "with the valiant knight-errant Don Quixote and the association" Societas Draconistrarum ", pm 16.00, the Castle of Venus and in the streets of the old town of Erice (the initiative will continue until the day 30 December).

Also this afternoon, the parade of Santa's Band of the Band "City of Paceco", directed by Maestro Claudio Maltese, scheduled for the day 23 December and postponed due to bad weather.

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Continue until 9 January 2001 “Christmas among the olive trees”
Continue, Until 9 January, the magical Christmas atmosphere absolute protagonist in Garda, pearl of the east coast of our Lake, where the spotlight on the issue 2010 of “Christmas among the olive trees”, the important international event, sponsored by the Consortium “Lake Garda E”, by the Veneto Region and the City and the Pro Loco di Garda. Wine and typical houses Garda days, Garda, and extra-regional foreign. The German city of curiosity Beilngries propose the city museum “Technology Museum”, artwork on Altmühltal Nature Park and typical Bavarian folk music. …continue l'Articolo »
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“WITH A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS MARKETS 2010 Erice″ 4 December 2010/6 January 2011 Erice

As is happening in many Italian regions, also in Sicily and in particular Eric is trying to make the holiday season more special cultural events, wine, music. A good supply in the stands of the Christmas markets of Erice with the decorations for the tree, with the Cribs, with objects made of coral and wax, with food and wine and many other items.

Christmas songs and not just with the pipers and several musical groups took turns on different nights. Undisputed star of the beloved Santa Claus entertained the children. 

Until 22 December, the pipers, Orchestra Folk "Terra del Sole", continue to engage the minds of children, teens and adults, with their famous Christmas, morning school cheering and animating, pm 16.00, the streets of the old town of Erice.

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In Turin until 23 December “The Christmas Market”

Until 23 December Borgo Dora is more festive, colorful and glittering than ever! Back to the traditional Christmas market with lots of gift suggestions.

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A Larciano (PT) is held the second “Christmas Party”

Sabato 18 and Sunday 19 December Larciano for the occasion takes on the classic Christmas colors and atmospheres for second edition of the Christmas Party organized by Proloco and the Town Council with the participation of Larciano Merchant .

To mark the occasion will be set up Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Piazza 4 Martyrs The village of Santa Claus, with the Santa Claus House, Rudolph the Reindeer, the house elf helpers and a special house in which all children can write their own letter to Santa Claus and freeing.

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Tomorrow 18 December will be held in Prato’ Christmas Market  Tomorrow, December 18, Prato (PO), all day, in the square and surrounding streets of Piety, will set up the Christmas market sponsored by the East Meadow district. 

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by 16 the 19 December in Scandicci (EN) “International Christmas Market”


by 16 the 19 December, Scandicci (EN), will be held 'the International Christmas Market Piazza Matteotti, with 20 banchi.Domenica 19 December is also the Art Market and Skill in the city center with 70 banchi.C 'is also a skating rink, in piazza Togliatti, active from December 1 until 16 January. 

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Christmas at the Parco della Musica in Rome

Until 9 January 2011 all‘Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, is waiting for the usual appointment with the Christmas Auditorium. The Music Park will turn into a real village of attractions for young and old. To welcome visitors in the pedestrian an enchanted forest with trees forty lit, Decorated in an original and wooden houses full of sweets and delicacies foreveryone the greedy.

Do not miss theCasa Santa Claus where children can meet the world's most popular Santa and receive the gift of a souvenir photo. Always reserved for children is a daily program of games did, animation, teatrini and a drawing contest.

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